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Govt CV experts have not been tested despite Johnson testing positive

The experts leading the government’s coronavirus strategy have not been tested for the virus, the SKWAWKBOX can reveal.

In spite of their regular – and public – close proximity to Boris Johnson, who has tested positive for the virus today, Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty and Chief Scientific Officer Patrick Vallance have not taken tests to establish their status.

The SKWAWKBOX understands that neither are currently showing symptoms. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has, however, tested positive.

The government’s failure to follow the World Health Organisation’s recommendation to trace and test all contacts of those infected goes right to the top.

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  1. Maybe the experts don’t need to be tested because they know the “disclosure” is a crock of shit…?

  2. If I had it MY way, the bastard’d be made to walk around the town, ringing a bell, with a big sign around his neck that reads ‘UNCLEAN’.

    1. I see you’ve now adopted the ‘vinegar’ rather than the ‘honey’ approach over incompetent and irresponsible behaviour.

      Isn’t that a bit ‘arrogant’ when Mr Toad is simply struggling to get a grip of the bleedin’ obvious? 🙂

  3. The virus is going to go right through the population anyway. All any UK governments policies do is to delay it so the NHS can cope and spread the incidence of the disease over 9-15 months instead of 3. The real action is in China where we are going to see if the PRC govt can stop infections and serious illness reappearing, having virtually eradicated it at home its returning infected travellers who apparently are the threat.

    1. Well now!

      The two most scrutinised from the cabinet….Best make a few more cabinet ministers test positive, else the oiks might start to ask questions…

  4. With Boris massaging death figures and Matt ‘face mask’ Hancock displaying empty boxes of protective clothing, it’s no surprise that they’ve dived for cover.

  5. BloJob’s authorised police to fine people on SUSPICION of RISKING spreading coronavirus by breaking social distance rules set by him and his government.
    HAVING coronavirus is conclusive proof he broke the law he demands we obey.

  6. Excess winter deaths are between 8k and 27k over and above annual death rate of 600k
    What is the Covid 19 number

    1. The problem is that the data and its analysis are not at this stage very conclusive – because of the lack of clear definition.

      It’s pretty clear that Covid-19 is highly infectious – but the comparative mortality rate within that infectivity (that will automatically increase the load on health services) is far from clear. One analysis makes the following point :

      “Let us also consider the Covid-19 graphs, showing an exponential rise in cases — and deaths. They can look alarming. But if we tracked flu or other seasonal viruses in the same way, we would also see an exponential increase. We would also see some countries behind others, and striking fatality rates. The United States Centers for Disease Control, for example, publishes weekly estimates of flu cases. The latest figures show that since September, flu has infected 38 million Americans, hospitalised 390,000 and killed 23,000. This does not cause public alarm because flu is familiar.”

      “The data on Covid-19 differs wildly from country to country … that the Covid-19 data we are seeing from different countries is not directly comparable.”

      “Early evidence from Iceland, a country with a very strong organisation for wide testing within the population, suggests that as many as 50 per cent of infections are almost completely asymptomatic. Most of the rest are relatively minor. In fact, Iceland’s figures, 648 cases and two attributed deaths, give a death rate of 0.3 per cent.”

      The point being that mortality rates depend up two bits of information : the number of deaths directly attributable to Covid-19 and the actual number of identified infections.

      The conclusion of this analysis is not to be complacent, but to point out that neither of these two pieces of data area actually known, and that the known sources of inaccuracy place the odds of mortality being lower than many estimates. Not a council of complacency, but of perspective.

  7. I don’t see how at THIS stage, when they have just learnt that they tested positive, that anyone can claim it’s only affected them mildly. The symptoms are ALWAYS mild to start with, but can either STAY mild OR develop into something a lot more serious as the days go by. Anyway:

    Oh how the fascists just lurve concocting and spewing forth their diabolical propaganda:

    Corbyn’s defiant coronavirus rant reminds us why Britain has had a lucky escape

    NB But Tom Harris, the author, isn’t trying to dupe anyone, but amuse his readers, as he knows that the vast majority of them will understand and see the ‘article’ for what it is. I mean people who read the Torygraph don’t vote Labour of course, so it’s not as if they need to be lied to so as to persuade them not to.

  8. If you drive, with your dog, to the beach or the countryside, you are seen to be a liability & breaking the law……but if you drive to Heathrow to pick up friends/relatives &/or travel like a sardine on London Underground? Good to see numerous Chief Constables threatening anyone who dares to breath fresh air. Go play with your drones.

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