Applause for NHS is a people’s gesture – govt’s job is to protect our health workers, not sully it

Establishment media helping Tories divert attention from cuts and lack of preparation that has NHS on its knees

The UK public appeared on its doorsteps at 8pm this evening to applaud the country’s NHS heroes who are fighting to save the lives of coronavirus sufferers.

As the image of the BBC’s coverage above notes, the government has attempted to co-opt the outpouring of popular gratitude – mirroring similar phenomena in Italy, Spain and elsewhere – by ‘encouraging’ people to participate.

But the government’s job is not to try to piggyback on our thankfulness to our NHS heroes – it is to protect them and make sure they what they need to to do their jobs as safely as possible.

The government is still failing to provide proper personal protective equipment to those on the front line in our hospitals and elsewhere – and is still denying them any testing at all, let alone the regular testing they need to protect themselves and their patients. And the damage done by the cuts and privatisation the government has inflicted on the NHS and those who work in it is being exposed by the unfolding coronavirus catastrophe.

Such a government soils what it touches – and has no business inserting itself into the nation’s thanks to its titans in a grubby attempt to divert attention from its sins and failings.

Don’t ‘encourage’ our gratitude, Mr Johnson. Protect our heroes and our NHS.

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  1. Good turn out round here , some neighbours not out but then I know they are Tories . General sentiment on the street is grateful to our NHS workers and Govt is not playing fair .

    1. Not taking part in a happy clappy event that the toerags approve of (because they want to inveigle us into sharing with them, the kudos rightfully and exclusively earned by the NHS staff alone) doesn’t necessarily make people toerag themselves.

      See my later posts for an explanation why it ain’t necessarily so.

    2. Yes. Killing the disabled by removal of benefits.

      Forcing people to work for their benefits AND making them sleep under bridges.

      Preventing local homeowners from earning a few extra Bob by stopping them having advertisement banners/hoardings on their own private property that weren’t from official Olympic sponsors…despite all the shit & noise they’d put up with during construction…

      But hey! Forget all that! Let’s ‘celebrate’ the illusion that all’s ok.

      Well they can fook right off. I refuse to take part in their latest charade.

  2. A filthy disgusting trick to avoid the coming backlash and hide behind the love of our NHS…ITs us and Them and always has been whilst the peasents meekly accept.Meanwhile the Canary highlights my worrys of Charley farlry Windsor a jumping for a test that our essential health workers cant get then ignoring the law of isolation and bolting for his “Holiday home”in rural Scotland with the virus to infect the locals.?One law for US and another for the Privalaged on the backs of the working classes.Wake up Britain you are infected with a lethel dose of pomp and privilege ,knights and Lords Titles and all the other baubles to keep the working class down and out.

  3. Every clap for a heroic public sector worker will become anger at the billionaire-baked Government once the lack of testing and PPE the Government causes produce their inevitable result.

  4. Will be glad when this is over so the Sun,Mail,Telegraph,BBC etc can get back to telling us how uncaring and incompetent NHS staff are.

  5. Indeed.

    Better ways of thanking our NHS staff would be to highlight our anger at the shortage of ppe and the woeful lack of testing kits plus the shortage of staff they’ve made sure of over the years, and hopefully shame the bastards into rectifying their maladministration.

    Now l don’t really give a shite at anyone what calls me for not joining in because it reminds me of that bloke before the Olympics who heckled Cameron about the toerags killing the disabled while paying for a paralympics

    So anyone wanting to say ‘dont spoil it, sir’ can GTF as far as I’m concerned.

  6. “The hypocricy of applauding our NHS workers when the Government has not supplied them with protective equipment is a national scandal” – Richard Horton, editor of The Lancet, BBC QT.

  7. ………not just NHS workers, but those essential workers who work on the ‘check-out’ @ the local supermarket. Respect!

  8. They have and always had my respect and eternal gratitude. But I didn’t participate in the clap because I don’t want do give the tories anything to detract from the balls up they are making.
    I’m by no means a religous person by as I’m often told by practising non church going christians ” you don’t have to go to church to praise god”

  9. And talk in the Guardian the other day about coalition government (so that the blame can be shared).

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