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Johnson’s anger as journalist challenges false optimism – but evidence is clear he’s guilty as charged

Anger at question about NHS consultant’s description of Johnson’s ‘falsely placed optimism exposes how blow stung – and video evidence of his performance just 24hrs earlier closes the case
Stung by the truth: Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson reacted angrily today when journalist Sam Coates dared to tell him that a hospital consultant had described the folly of Johnson’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic as ‘falsely-placed optimism’.

A clearly-stung Johnson’s anger grew more and more visible at the exposure of his flip-flopping and unfounded claims – but a comparison of his response with his claims and admissions yesterday showed that the Coates was absolutely right to raise the NHS expert’s assessment:

Johnson’s false outrage cannot disguise his culpability. He has misled the nation – and has failed even at that, forcing him to flipflop from day to day and rely, as the Tories so often do, on the media to cover for him.

But now, lives are at risk on a scale even greater than has been tragically normal under Tory government.

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  1. Did Hancock really speak to 40 UK manufacturers wanting to produce ventilators. A Chanel 4 News interview that same evening was with the MD of the only medical ventilator manufacturers in Britain. A very down to earth fellow, 35 years in the business said he’d received 2 or 3 phone calls from different Ministries but hadn’t been given an order. He also ran through the parts required which came from overseas (Japan, Germany, US) and the problem was there were delays at the ports. And in any case he said a company entirely new to making medical devices and their particularly stringent requirements would he thought take years. Who to believe, him or Hancock?

    1. Paul, you have hit the head right on the nail. Johnson is a proven liar, fabricator and deceiver. Yet, he, and his co collaborators plus the string pullers, who benefiting very nicely from the new round of Quantitative Easing, would have Joe Public swallow the notion that they are telling the truth. Who to blame for this dire situation, look no further than “ the moderates, centrists”, Blairites, Labour First, Progress, Nathan Yeowell, Luke Akehurst, Hodge, Mann and the other doughty despicable AS fabricators who sought to prevent the only decent alternative to greed, avarice and selfishness in 40 years.

    2. The government and the CHI are patting themselves on the back for the offer of up to 2500pounds per month for workers within(WEEKS).Our money being thrown at the Tory CBI and as usual the banks.Once again the devils in the detail and the time of weeks,means over a month..And what should the response be from the Labour party?

  2. Still no figures of those going to hospital and admissions as declared
    in most other countries

    1. At 1:51 it seems pretty evident to me at any rate, judging by the facial expressions, the tone of voice and the hand gestures, let alone the admonishment that ‘everyone’s making sacrifices’ as if he’s scolding a naughty child, that he’s definitely starting to lose his rag.

      If you can’t give a reasonable, measured response to a question, no matter how absurd it might be (and which it clearly wasn’t in this case), then you are not fit to be a leader. I, for one, certainly wouldn’t follow someone who tried to dismiss my concerns in such a manner, especially at a time when many people are terrified of what’s happening, or maybe about to happen, to their lives.

      Let’s face it, few in this country born after about 1965 has any experience of an epidemic of this scale and ferocity. I’m referring, of course, to the Hong Kong Flu of the late 60s, which I went through as a teenager and can still remember the effects of it quite vividly to this day. It wasn’t pleasant at all but at least we knew much more about how to deal with it than Covid-19.

  3. Isn’t this just the old, porridge-brained Boris of old, that we all, apparently, voted for. Strange that The Donald is reacting in the exactly the same way. Thank God for our great dictators, and suppressors of free speech!

  4. At least the 51st State of the USA has had a partial epiphany or perhaps the games over.

    WITHOUT MITIGATION, the new coronavirus pandemic could kill as many as 2.2 million people in the U.S., according to a report from the Imperial College of London Covid-19 Response Team. Even taking critical steps such as social distancing of the entire population, isolation of the sick in their homes, and quarantining family members of the sick, the epidemic will likely soon overwhelm the critical care capacity of American hospitals, according to the report. The British researchers told the New York Times that they shared their findings with the White House task force on the virus “about a week ago.”

    A disproportionate number of those who get sick and die will almost certainly be poor. In addition to a lack of paid sick time and medical care, low-income Americans often have another risk factor that could make the virus more deadly: long-term exposure to air pollution.

  5. We are seeing what is essentially a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY being played out before our eyes and should offend the GOOD NATURE of everyone who has one in the UK.

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