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Renewed attacks on Osamor ignore litany of reality in standards finding

MSM’s new pile-on against Labour MP grossly unbalanced
Labour MP Kate Osamor

The Establishment media have started yet another assault on Labour MP Kate Osamor, after a lengthy campaign of intimidation led to a parliamentary standards investigation whose report has now been published.

The Commons Committee on Standards (CCS) has recommended that Osamor submit a written apology to the House of Commons for using Commons stationery for a personal letter and for an angry outburst at a Murdoch journalist – not ‘ordered’ as the media have claimed.

And the media’s focus on Osamor’s conduct in a confrontation with a smug journalist has left out the fact that the journalist had just been hammering on her front door for a prolonged period, intimidating her family – then hung around for 20 minutes even after Osamor called the police – and that as the CCS report noted:

The police officer’s written notes recorded that the journalist showed no signs of alarm, fear or distress.

The media coverage has also neglected to mention that:

  • the CCS considered Osamor’s use of Commons letterhead to write a letter to a court on behalf of her son to be a ‘mild’ breach – and only arrived at even that small censure after noting that “modest use” of MP’s letterhead for personal purposes is allowed under the rules
  • the CCS noted that Osamor’s letter was “clearly in a personal capacity and does not pretend to any parliamentary authority” and that “there was also nothing inherently wrong in Ms Osamor stating that she is a Member of Parliament
  • the CCS considered that “it is clear from the contents of Ms Osamor’s letter that she was not seeking to interfere in an improper way with the course of justice
  • Osamor had suffered anxiety and sleeplessness for months because of the media harassment and didn’t even dare visit a doctor in case the media turned that into further abuse
  • Osamor had immediately accepted that she broke the stationery rules and apologised
  • that Osamor had snapped at the Murdoch hack “in the heat of the moment” “after a month of… media harassment of myself and my family and neighbours“. This “targetted, invasive and potentially dangerous” campaign included “a series of incidents” involving persistent doorstepping of her 80-year-old mother and ‘journalists’ hiding in bushes to spy on Osamor and her family
  • the right-wing press had published pictures of Osamor’s home, putting her and her family at risk – which the Commissioner for Standards said made her “mindful that Members have, in recent years, very regrettably, been subjected to harassment and, in some cases, violent attack
  • the Mail and S*n, according to a judge, had tried to obtain Osamor’s letter on behalf of her son without following the usual procedure of contacting her or her son first
  • the CCS considered at least some of the coverage of Osamor’s and her son’s cases as inaccurate and unfair
  • the CCS agreed “that what she said was a hot-blooded reaction to a difficult personal situation, and should be judged in that light
  • that police had provided extra security for Osamor’s staff since an incident involving a threatening visitor to her constituency office – but Parliament had not offered Osamor any additional support except a generic helpline number

The UK may be in the grip of a crisis threatening hundreds of thousands of lives under a dithering and misleading prime minister – but the UK’s media will always find time to ignore a litany of facts for a pile-on against a Labour MP on the left of the party.

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  1. The Free Press like the Free Market does not exist, both need regulating or closing down

  2. IT looks like initially the reporter went for the jugular in claiming that the mp had caused him “Alarm and Distress” which is the lowest Tort in law of “assault” .The mps job and her family have been intimidated and the reporter walks away after not only causing the mp alarm and Distress,but intimidation of her family.That murdoch scum could have cost kate her job and left her with a criminal record.

  3. And the MSMscum move to distract from Johnson the clowns utter floundering with Covid 19 .
    Expect more in the coming months and the scale of the death toll becomes apparent due to Johnsons delay and lies .

  4. THIS – the bullying of any sincere socialist in Labour – is the reason that many misguided members are going to vote for Sir K Starmer. They wrongly think that appeasing the establishment by voting for ITS PREFERRED CANDIDATE will end the atrocious smearing and misrepresented AS accusations against Labour.

    To those who have not yet voted but are inclining towards Sir K, I ask you to stay true to the reasons you voted for Jeremy and resist this outright bullying by voting for one of the other two candidates.

    In fact, I strongly hope Sir Kidder Starmer does not feature in any of your selections. He is bad news for Labour, its electability and for the working class.

  5. Hmm KS is a downright Tory in a red tie but this mp should have a resounding applause for standing up to the bullying of these so called papers whose only goal is to keep the Tories in

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