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New confirmed UK cases surge by 676 in 24hrs in spite of lack of testing

Government slowness to act driving spike that will continue as long as Tories fail to grasp nettle

The UK has seen confirmed coronavirus cases surge by 676 in the last 24 hours. Given the government’s continued failure to test suspected cases that are not admitted to hospital, the real number of new cases will be many times higher.

This is clear evidence that the Tories’ reluctance to act, show real leadership – for example recommending people stay away from pubs and restaurants without ordering closure, preventing businesses claiming on their insurance – or even follow the World Health Organisation’s basic recommendations, is causing numbers to accelerate dramatically.

As symptoms can take days to appear, expect this surge to continue for at least a week after any proper lock-down eventually takes place.

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  1. Blundering Boris prefers to continue to rely on the ‘Nudge Theory’ suggested by Behaviour Insights Team(formerly part of the Cabinet Office) and his Unique brand of Chaos theory resulting in rapid heard immunisation.

  2. It should come as no surprise that the government is totally incompetent and has no value on working class people’s lives. Just to recap, one of the main contributors to allowing these sociopaths in power were the PLP, the “ moderates, centrists “, Blairites, Progress, Labour First, Nathan Yeowell, Luke Akehurst, Hodge, Mann, Phillips, Starmer, Thornberry etc who all refused to accept democracy and all to a lesser or greater degree contributed to these monsters being in power.

    1. I see gobshite Phillips is unusually quiet right now , still sycophanting up to the Tories mind you , latest twatter from her is to the effect that the Chancellor means well but is just misunderstood.

  3. It must have been similar in WW1 when relying on the Generals that eventually the German front would retreat. For the elderly you also get an idea of what it must have been like waiting for the telegram that ordered you to the Western Front and a high probability of death – in order to try and prove the Generals were right. But I do still think the Johnson Regime is closer to Pol Pot when it comes to ‘big ideas’ about populations and eugenics.

  4. The nudge rather that proscribe will allow the govt to wash its hands of the catastrophic numbers casualities. They hope. There is a petition demanding Johnson be gone, which i recommend we all sign. We must be heard, not herd.

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