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  1. This isn’t related to the nature of the UK’s approach. Stick to the facts – this isn’t playtime.

      1. No. Explain why it is. This is simply what might be expected in such a pandemic.

        I don’t like buffoonery – whether its by Johnson or Skwawkbox.

        A Tory government doesn’t rot my brain.

    1. @RH with respect comrade ..
      Actually no it’s not, as you so dismissively put it , “what might be expected in such a pandemic.”
      Now for information, I suggest you refer to the eminent expertise of those in the W.H.O , who have been critical of the UK Govts approach for well over 2 weeks , they have consistently stated that this GOvts approach will enhance the spread and hence by de facto the death rate of this virus.
      For your ref here is link to factual evidence , you can use your intelligence to deduce the corresponding exponential trajectory of the infection rate in other countries actively combating the transmission rate , compared to the UK .
      They have flattened the curve , the UK for each day Johnson does nothing ( prioritising the well being of businesses over the Nation of people ) ensures the curve steepens and will swamp the already seriously damaged NHS.

      Whatever you think of SB it is at least one of the few channels of information outside of the MSM WM and BBC bubble and the report indicates indeed that the nature of the spread in the UK of the virus is related to the utter lack of action by Johnson .

      One point I give you , he is a buffoon and a lethal one at that.

  2. It is becoming more apparent every day that economics are the driving factor behind government policy not medical or scientific facts.
    Boris Johnson doesn’t want to close schools Why? Because for many children living in poverty their free school dinner is their only hot meal of the day. He doesn’t want to have to meet the cost of replacement meals. Same with lunch clubs for OAPs He doesn’t want to close workplaces – Why? Because he doesn’t want to have to pay benefits to workers who are laid off and so it goes on.
    The EU has I understand offered to help member states meet the additional costs incurred as a result of the virus. However Boris Johnson got Brexit done so to paraphrase him WE can whistle for any assistance . We are on our own and with monetary considerations taking preference over the health of the nation we are facing a major disaster.

    1. Sorry – but that’s wild fantasy. Anyone who’s looked at the options knows that closure of schools isn’t an obvious measure at this time – even if it may be soon. It’s based on analysis.

      Sometimes I think that there is a competition of incomptence and distortion between Johnson and Skwawkbox.

      1. I’m not an expert on the virus but as far as I can see there is no medical/scientific reason for keeping schools open when they are asking people to self isolate etc.
        I suppose my opinion of Johnson and his cabinet is so low that I find it difficult to believe that their motivation is good in this matter when it is so clearly bad in other matters.

  3. The systemic failure began years ago with the ‘peace bonus’ from ‘winning’ the cold war.
    Forward emergency planning was ingrained when annihilation was feared to be a real threat but saving all that money had the establishment rubbing its hands in glee.
    Tories might yet regret the dereliction of all those old command and control centres.
    The infrastucture necessary to keep the power, phones, TV and internet working, as automated as it may be, still relies on human intervention.
    If those humans become ‘unavailable’ and the infrastructure shuts down it’s panic in the streets and reliance on MF/HF/VHF radio.
    We have a PM who likes painting people in the windows of wine box model buses – that’s equivalent to a 4-year-old playing with toy soldiers.

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