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Video: “A simple flu” – chilling reality of COVID-19 displayed by comparison of one Italian town’s obituary pages

Two editions of Bergamo newspaper, just a few weeks apart, convey reality of coronavirus pandemic

A simple video has been posted by a man living in Northern Italy to tell people around the world what his people are facing in the coronavirus pandemic.

David Carretta took two editions of L’eco di Bergamo just over a month apart – and compared their obituary pages in a shocking and heartbreaking illustration of the stakes if a government is slow to respond properly to the virus.

And his final line is a condemnation of those who failed to grasp or admit the seriousness of the situation – “Una semplice influenza” – “a simple flu”:

Italy’s steps to combat the virus were more sweeping and far faster than the UK government’s response.

We are facing this crisis, governed by arrogant buffoons with a malignant agenda.

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  1. That’s gotta be national deaths, or at least regional, in the 2nd paper.

    There’s been 1441 deaths in Italy from Covid so far – that’d work out to 144 per page; which looked about right, to me.

    1. In fact it looked like a lot less than 144 per page, on still photo rather than video.

      Anyways, something doesn’t strike me as that video being the full picture.

      1. Hadn’t finished…

        If it IS the death toll for Bergamo alone (And I think its most likel for Lombardy region – at the least) then small wonder they’ve shut Italy down as that must be at least 30-40% of the virus’ toll nationwide.

    1. This ‘herd immunity’ thing is as fucking nuts as when they conducted H-bomb testing in the Pacific and had the troops wear bermuda shirts & shorts and a pair of sunglasses as PPE.

    2. The whole ‘herd immunity’ trope seems to have come from Johnson’s incompetent and incontinent babbling. Hancock has contradicted it, I’m pleased to see.

      The article quoted ends with several paragraphs of sound sense, which end :

      “Don’t panic, but do prepare. If your government won’t help you, do it yourself.”

      Take note, Skwawklkbox instead of feeding panic. A government of difficulty-in-arse-finding Spivs isn’t the sort of model to copy.

  2. The bottom line is the the government just doesn’t care. Anybody who thinks they do is not living in the real world.Money making sports events etc were allowed to go ahead despite the risks of infection demonstrating once and for all that the government cares more about profit than people.
    Well this awful government was democratically elected by a landslide so they can and will do just as they like including allowing the pandemic take hold in this country causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of vulnerable citizens. All of us will unfortunately reap what the Tory voters sowed.

    1. Smartboy, you’re right, making money is the first priority with this government. I bet they are rubbing their hands counting the money they are going to save in pensions and welfare payments for the disabled.
      It would make up, for the lost consumers since the ones dying by the buck full would be the poorest, so cannot afford to consume further than the essentials.
      The more affluent pensioners would be able to isolate themselves, since they have the funds to buy in bulk and have it home deliver. It is only a question to leave the shopping bags in the corridor and wait for 14 hours before unpacking the dry products such as tin peaches, long life milk, tin pineapple etc.
      Or order ready meals from reputable restaurants. I am told that in Spain although restaurants have closed their doors to the public that are trading as takeaways; every meal cook to order individually, at a price of course.

  3. fucking hell , well if that little gem don’t bring it home to folks nowt ever will .

    The face of UK local Rags up and down the towns in 3 weeks time ,or will Johnsons Dictatorship “special powers” prevent any non Govt propaganda publications .
    Thank xxxk for the internet and blogs

    Unconfirmed and unofficial reports now coming in of first death due to new variant of COVID19 . is this COVID 20 ?
    I will say no more as I will not be party to scaremongering , but now scouring WHO site for info.

  4. I hate vertical letterbox pictures SO much. Our vision is naturally attuned to the horizontal not the vertical – that’s so obvious it shouldn’t even need stating.
    I hope the phone picture app developers that are apparently trying to impose portrait format on us go down in flames.

  5. I take all the precautions as advised, however, it’s a little ott as I believe there is an agenda from the powers to be, to bring it what hitler was planning and failed, psyop spring to the front of the mind, we’ll have to see if the plans work out by the elite to cull 95 % of the population, I do think that time will tell
    I hope I am totally wrong

  6. Vic they don’t plan to cull 95% of the population, for one simple thing they need workers to carry on producing for them to make profit and consumers to buy their products. Plus they need cleaners to clean their homes, nannies to look after their kids, teachers to educate their kids, doctors, nurses etc.
    What they don’t need is pensioners that no longer produce, or those classified as chronically sick or disabled that don’t produce either and are in receipt of welfare payments and pensions.
    This is why Covid19 is wonderful news for them: the young and healthy only develop mild symptoms, so they can carry on working and infecting the elderly and the disabled. It is a win, win all round; the healthy workers will survive but maybe as many as 50% of pensioners will die and among the disabled the percentage can be even higher, to the 95% you quote.

    1. The entire EU economy, including Germany, is already in recession & totally dependent on cheap labour which is why it plans to spread ever eastwards. Romanian & Czech nurses can already make at least ten times more in GB than @ home, leaving their own health services dangerously understaffed……….but Guardian readers can brag about how international & liberal they are.
      There is an endless supply of young, unqualified, cheap;labour just waiting for the invitation to join the Great British Workforce of ‘flexible’ labour on UBER t&c for Mc wages.aka the Gig economy.
      The sick & the elderly are a liability, but with an endless supply of cheap labour they can dispensed with.
      WHO advise all gov’ts to TEST TEST TEST. BoJo doesn’t feel the need!

      1. Only one problem, no sure the Romanians and Czech nurses will chose to work in the UK, when they can work in France or Germany.
        It is true that UK salaries are higher, but so are the housing costs, plus lack of work security. In the past three years hundreds of EU nurses have left the UK. Somehow, I don’t think they will be rushing to come to our rescue.
        All major EU economies in recession, is the best news Boris could get. Whatever, gets wrong he can blame it on the Covid19 virus and those pesky foreigners that infected us.

  7. the chief Scientist is only a scientist, but the chief Medical Officer is a Registered Medical Practitioner and accountable to the General Medical council for his acts of omission and commission. Not providing
    appropriate up to date advice accepted by the profession i an act of commission, allowing Boris and other MP’s to misrepresent his advice without correction is an act of omission. He should be reported to the G.M.C so they can investigate if he has complied with the code of Conduct of the council and the civil Service.

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