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New coronavirus fatalities are 20, not 18 – Hancock ignored Welsh and Scottish deaths

Highest daily toll so far

This post originally stated that there had been eighteen new deaths from COVID-19 in the last 24 hours.

The true total was twenty – but Health Secretary Matt Hancock unconscionably left out deaths in Wales and Scotland.

Another twenty people in the UK have died in the last twenty-four hours as a result of COVID-19 coronavirus disease – the highest number so far.

Boris Johnson is still not following WHO recommendations to “test, test, test” all those who might be infected – let alone pursuing the joined-up, coordinated use of all the measures available: test, trace contacts, quarantine (not self-isolate) – and close schools and other gatherings.

Things are going to get much worse, very fast – and Johnson and his cronies must be held accountable for their wilful slowness to act.

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  1. When you’ve committed to letting the virus run free there’s no point spending all that lovely money on testing – far better to ‘Conserve’ it.

  2. I am suprised that Hancock includes the elderly pensioners in that count Maybe they will soon be seen as natural wastage and y net plus for the austerity measures that will save billions.You get what you voted for and thats the establishment and Victorian values of caring but never sharing.

  3. While it’s pretty shameful that Hatt Mancock omitted the Welsh and Scottish fatalities, neither actually fell within his purview, Health being a devolved responsibility to the Scottish Parliament and the Senedd, so you can see how the mistake could be made.

    Still doesn’t stop him being an utter dick, though – the little NHS badge to remind him what he’s meant to be running into the ground pisses me off inordinately. There was a care minister on Channel 4 News on Sunday who had a little Care badge, too. Boom times for the badge makers though, I guess

  4. Update , WHO stats , as of 16.3.20
    The United Kingdom
    1395 total confirmed cases
    251 new confirmed cases
    35 total deaths
    14 new deaths since 15.3.20

  5. Inert Vaccines are used to create ‘heard immunity’- no deaths.
    Live viruses using a laissez faire model (neo liberal approach.Heard immunity is achieved when 90% of population has the virus.The maths 90% of 60 million say 50 million x death rate in Italy 3-5% best outcome 1.5 million deaths thank you Chief Medical officer and Chief Scientific officer.
    The less people infected the lower the death rate.

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