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Excl: black Labour MPs slam Murray’s all-white-women Facebook ad – and his choice of white MPs

MPs ask whether Murray’s ‘zero tolerance’ claim for racism means he will suspend/expel two of those pictured

Black Labour MPs have criticised deputy leadership candidate Ian Murray’s sponsored Facebook ad to “Labour’s women” for a glaring omission – and his choice of two MPs he has included.

Mr Murray’s paid advert titled “My pledges to Labour’s women” features nine ‘Labour women’ – but apart from a purple tint to the centre line, all the women shown are white:

Ian Murray’s ‘all white’ ad

Black women on the Labour benches have reacted angrily to the all-white ad’s conspicuous absence of BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) women. One told the SKWAWKBOX:

It’s all too typical of what passes for white middle-class feminism among many Labour MPs that nobody seems to have thought “Hang on, something’s wrong with this picture!”

Labour has so many great BAME women in the Commons but not one appears here, it’s shocking that Ian thought this was ok.

But it’s not surprising. Just look at the lack of solidarity a lot of the back-benchers have shown when Diane [Abbott] or other black MPs have faced abuse or threats.

Another echoed that dissatisfaction and also raised concerns about the identity of two of the faces that do appear in the graphic:

Stella [Creasy] shared a racist cartoon on WhatsApp and Jess [Phillips] boasted that she’d told our most senior black MP to f*** off and thought it was hilarious when she was mocked on TV.

Ian says he’s zero tolerance for racism. Would he expel those two?

A number of other black women in the parliamentary party are understood to be unhappy about the ad.

Ian Murray’s campaign was contacted for comment and asked to respond to the MPs’ concerns and the ‘zero tolerance’ question, but did not respond by the time of publication.

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  1. Im no fan of idpol and you don’t need to go down that road Skwawkie. What if every black female member of the PLP was a reactionary toerag? Would you still be singing this song?

    The problem with these women is that they are right wing closet and not so closet Blairite-Starmerites, the big problem with Murray is that he is not just right wing but that he also crawled out from under a stone without pausing to wipe off the slime. That’s the problem.

  2. Labour is reverting to type, that is, aspiring to be what it was some years ago: Tories mark 2. A million miles from it’s roots, of which we were uncomfortably reminded by the upstart socialist Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party will trade it’s principles, and indeed, it’s raison d’etre, for the opportunity of power that can only be granted, it would seem, by the RW media. Is a pale shadow better than nothing? Some think so. I do not.

    1. Feminists are vital to the socialist movement but that isn’t a qualification created by chromosomes or lipgloss but by political commitment.
      Feminists are anti-militarist given that.women and their children are the first causalities of war, and pro-redistribution given that women’s labour as careers is never adequately rewarded,
      But half this lot have been pro-western-killing in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere, and pro- benefit cuts on lone mothers.
      Jessica Phillips in particular with her fake working class accent and neoliberal careerism is about as much feminist and socialist Labour as Margaret Thatcher.
      You wonder what’s the feminist term for equivalent female ‘uncle Tom’?

  3. I’m not on social media but I keep getting told by friends who are that members are leaving the LP in droves because of people such as those above!

    It’s Socialist women such as Jo Bird we need:

    1. Jack for many people the fact that a R wing Knight of the realm is challenging for the Labour leadership has been the writing on the wall for many.The AS scam just about finishes off the party when it comes to trust and that applys to all of the leadership candidates,with one lone voice of Burgon crying in the wilderness.for deputy leader.5years of experience and Starmer leadership ambitions in front?,God help us!

  4. One only has to take a quick glance at the Conservative benches to see that a darker skin tone doesn’t bestow greater virtue or wisdom on an individual.

    For instance not many would regard Priti Patel as a paragon of virtue.

  5. Murry ,,, thankfully a irrelevance , your Lordship title awaits you , for services rendered

  6. On Sunday I attended the deputy Labour Party hustings at Dudley. I listened to Murray trot out his usual spiel about not allowing MPs to be hounded out of the party because of AS. How he would not allow the scourge of it to effect the party again. Whilst of course telling the spokesperson for people on zero hours contracts how much he sympathised with them because he had a similar job during the holiday vacation at university.

    Forgetting of course all the people who were hounded out of the Labour Party on fabricated AS accusations or Gordon Browns famous boast whilst chancellor of the exchequer of “ our wonderful flexible workforce “. Oh the irony. His spiel was almost a carbon copy speech from the Progress leader, Nathan Yeowell. So much for original thought. With Keir and him running shotgun, the Labour Party won’t have much original thought from these pair , if they win.

  7. Murrey doesnt get out often and hasnt noticed that the world has changed and so has the Labour party.We are the most Anti racist party in Europe and he hasn’t noticed him self being a right wing parasite like most of the PLP..The world for most of his type is painted with a white border and Labour is little more than a flag of convenience for a trough feeder on the backs of the working class of all colours and none .

  8. Forget the lack of BAME women for a moment – where’s harriet ‘wimmin’ harman on that picture?

    Must be fake news if harman’s not there. If it IS legit, I’ll bet she’s fewmin’ about not being on it.

    Double whammy for murray…. 👀

  9. 3 reasons not to vote for Ian Murray:

    1. Tony Blair

    2. Gordon Brown

    3. Ruth Smeeth.

    Yes, that terrible trio have all endorsed him.

    Vote for Richard Burgon instead.

  10. “….until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes, everywhere is war” Bob Marley. Time for the Labour Party to stop positive discrimination……too many bourgeois solicitors.

  11. It’s identity politics rather than class politics. The word comrade should mean something, but the ‘kinder gentler’ people don’t seem to grasp the meaning or purpose.
    It’s the gravy train they’re interested in, with a 1st class carriage. It doesn’t concern them that working class people will have to sit in cattle trucks. They don’t seem to have noticed that the electorate are onto them.

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