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Italy’s chief medical officer fighting coronavirus dies of coronavirus

Tragic death highlights grave threat to the UK’s medical personnel and general population – made worse by Johnson’s ‘let it run’ ‘plan’ and an NHS already on its knees under Tories

The medic leading the fight against the COVID-19 virus in Italy has been killed by virus.

Roberto Stella, president of the Medical Guild of Varese, suffered respiratory failure after contracting COVID-19 last weekend. He was just 67 years old.

Stella’s death again highlights the terrible risk faced by the UK’s medical and hospital staff if the coronavirus takes hold in this country as it has in Italy. The UK is currently ten days or so behind Italy in the spread of the disease – but is likely to catch up more quickly given Boris Johnson’s reckless decision not to close schools and adopt other ‘social distancing’ measures.

Instead, Johnson plans to have more people catch the virus in the hope of developing ‘herd immunity’.

Johnson’s chief scientific adviser has said publicly this morning that the government intends 40 million UK residents to be infected and claims that this level of around 60% of the population will be enough for ‘herd immunity’.

Even on this figure – and even assuming the virus kills ‘only’ 1% of those infected, that means 400,000 UK deaths.

However, medical experts have told the SKWAWKBOX that in reality around 90% of the population need antibodies against a disease to reach collective immunity – and the virus is killing 3.5-5% of those infected in hotspots like Italy.

That means potentially millions killed and – at the typical rate of 20% of sufferers requiring hospitalisation – our fragmented and underfunded NHS facing ten million or more infectious patients before anything like immunity might be achieved.

In our NHS, that translates to the deaths of tens of thousands of nurses, porters and clinical support staff, thousands of doctors and many more other staff.

And the UK situation may well be worse than other countries have seen so far, as staff shortages, bed shortages, fragmentation, privatisation and underfunding add to the toll in a health system already in crisis long before COVID-19.

Such numbers in the NHS or the general population are unthinkable – and such levels of immunity are normally only achievable via a vaccine, which doesn’t exist.

And yet Boris Johnson has admitted he is not only thinking them, but positively planning them.

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  1. I hope it gets his dear old Dad. Sorry but I have no sympathy at all for Johnson nor for the man who sired him.

    1. I’ll go further and won’t stop at de piffle senile…I mean senior.

      There’s far too many of the arld bastards clinging on to life from thatcher’s cabinet that I would like to see cop for it…And some I wish were still alive so they could cop it, too.


  2. And as soon as people start to cotton on to the fact that de piffle’s putting profit before people, the toerags will all be carted off (with their famiies, of course) to govern from a military installation somewhere (As I predicted a while back) because there’ll be a shitload of severely pissed-off natives all wanting to do something a bit more ‘satisfying’ than #sneezeonatory.

  3. I’m not sure that ‘herd immunity’ even exists for this kind of virus. The common cold has been around for many thousands of years, with no herd immunity, and you could probably say the same for flu.
    Thing is, these viruses evolve pretty much continuously, and a year has proved to be enough for all previous immunity to be history.
    As it happens, Covid-19 is thought to be ‘slow evolving’.
    But slow evolving ain’t ‘not evolving’.
    I suspect it’s all bollocks.

  4. Roberto Stella was 67 & no underlying condition reported. Coronavirus is just nature’s way (sorry, the Tory way) of eliminating the ‘baby boomer bed blockers’.
    Usually it’s warfare that the Tories use to control population, as the canon fodder are usually young working class lads, but now the Tory Malware is using a virus to dispatch the sick & elderly. Herd Immunity or just washing your hands.

  5. …..and supermarkets running out of many basics. This isn’t because shelves are being cleared as fast as they can be stacked, but because suppliers are failing to deliver, according to staff members there.
    I wonder if the corporate media will show empty shelves here as they do when showing Venezuela. I seem to remember the ‘outrage’ being reported that people over there couldn’t buy toilet paper.
    In Asda yesterday people were buying, including myself, kitchen roll instead as there wasn’t any toilet paper. I’m wondering when the outrage will hit here as the population realise we have a genocidal Govt. Cancellation of democracy also seems to be a virus seeping further into the LP. The rt wing are now trying to stifle debate as they know that they can no longer win the argument. If they could win the arguments, then they wouldn’t need to do this. The further in this direction they go, the more they expose themselves to everyone for what they really are.

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