Video: 2016 – leadership hopeful Phillips laughs along with Tory Soubry as Abbott mocked on Peston

Birmingham MP launches leadership campaign with video promising to stand up for those who can’t stand up for themselves

Jess Phillips launched her campaign for the Labour leadership yesterday with a slick video in which she promised to ‘stand up for all of those who feel they can’t stand up for themselves’.

In 2016, Ms Phillips appeared on ITV’s Peston programme and laughed hilariously alongside then-Tory MP Anna Soubry as impressionist Jan Ravens mocked Labour’s Diane Abbott:

Ms Abbott is among the most abused and threatened MPs of any party. Ms Phillips is also said to have told Abbott to ‘f*** off’ in 2015.

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  1. What we do know is when they leave their poison follows them and they destroy whatever they join
    Off they must fuck

  2. Perhaps Ms Phiilips should take her own advice given to Ms Abbott

  3. Wasn’t it Jan Ravens who threw a spectacular hissy fit when voted off ‘Strictly’? What was that about giving it out, but not being able to take it?

  4. Jess Philips is a disgrace.
    Although she is from a well off family she pretends to be working class She uses foul language and slang because that’s how she thinks we speak .
    She claims to be an anti-violence campaigner but said she would stab Jeremy Corbyn.
    She says she is a feminist but has never shown any solidarity with Diane Abbott who is the most abused woman in parliament. Indeed she joined in mocking laughter about Diane has boasted on a number of occasions that she told her to F** off. She claims to be an anti racist but again has never supported Diane who is subjected to the most disgusting racist abuse every single day This has led the BAME women MPs to call her a white feminist.
    She ducked out of a Womens PLP meeting which she was due to chair to attend Rupert Murdock’s Christmas party a year or two back . She preferred the company of the dregs of society to her fellow Labour Mps.
    She has threatened to resign from the party on at least 3 occasions during her short parliamentary career demonstrating a total lack of commitment to our party.
    She was filmed laughing long and loud about our election defeat.
    In my opinion the above demonstrates that she is unfit to be an MP much less our Party leader’

  5. Claims to care about the homeless but voted to squander billions on Trident replacement. How many houses could be built for that?

  6. Jess Phillips conduct here is toxic and bullying. It would not be tolerated in the workplace among colleagues. So many of the right of the Party break the rules on comradely behaviour and get away with it all the time. I do not want her as a member, let alone leader.

  7. Racial and other slurs directed towards Abbott are reprehensible. Why doesn’t Abbott stand for leader or deputy? The airtime she will get and interviews with Marr, Neil etc will give her the opportunity to shine and impress Labour members and potential Labour voters with her depth of knowledge and understanding of the major issues facing the country at this important moment in its history. She would be a great proponent of the policies and approach of Jeremy and able to explain the advantages of continuing down this path as opposed to deviating from the approach laid out in our enormously popular and well received manifesto which will be discarded by Phillip’s and co.

  8. Whenever I see that woman i think of Captain Beefheart. I think the album was Trout Mask Replica….

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