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Video: Johnson gets a taste of his own medicine as Harry blanks him in handshake line-up

Karma in scene reminiscent of Johnson’s swerve to avoid black hands at Tory conference

At last year’s Tory conference, Boris Johnson was filmed moving along a line of supporters and shaking hands – and then skipping two black men before resuming at the next white hands.

But this week he received a taste of his own medicine – as he was pointedly blanked by Prince Harry in one of his last official engagements:

Johnson’s face as Harry moved on down the line suggests he was perfectly well aware of the insult behind the move.

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  1. I suppose the difference is that Boris reacted to being snubbed because was, whilst the 2 men in the video from the Tory conference didn’t because they weren’t.

    1. Or… Maybe they had the class to maintain their dignity and not make it about themselves; whereas the gummidgesque upper-class twunt has no class, no style and no integrity.

      Played, Hank. Your credibility just went from first floor to penthouse with that one. 👍

      1. Toffee – Unlike yourself I’m simply reporting what I can actually see whilst you have had to resort to spinning it with your own un-evidenced interpretation.

      2. You’re reporting what you see, and so am I.

        Where’s your ‘evidence’ de piffle offered his hand to the black lads?

        Answer THAT and THEN come back and spout off your usual fantasist bollocks.

      3. Toffee – What relevance does that bit of nonsense have. I refer you to precisely what I’ve said above and also if you watch the complete footage from when Johnson ends his speech to when he actually exits the auditorium you will see that he shakes the hands of many different skin tones and he also bypasses many. I happen to think that making up ‘evidence’ diminishes an argument rather than strengthens it. Why bother making stuff up when there is more than enough evidence freely available to make the point without the spin.

      4. No answer then, steve?

        Not even go all ‘timewarp’ (Just like you did with your: ‘The NHS founders were remainers’ claptrap) and try to palm us off that de piffle was worried about coronavirus even back then before it existed?


      5. Alternatively perhaps it was about health; Harry knows the people Johnson has been shaking hands with, Health Ministers with Coronavirus.

      6. Shock horror, there is no evidence whatsoever of him offering to shake the hand of anyone who didn’t first offer their own hand. What does that prove?

      7. Paul – The Boris one. There is more than enough evidence of Johnson’s racism. All I’m saying is that this particular incident at the Tory conference doesn’t form part of that evidence and to claim it does just devalues and detracts from the actual evidence against the PM.

      8. ”What relevance does that bit of nonsense have.”

        Once again, you cravenly avoid answering the question. You’re the one making out de piffle’s not racist in that particular example.

        Therefore, I’ll ask you yet again.

        Did de piffle offer his hand to the black men or not?

        No. He does’t, does he? No excuses; de piffle does NOT offer his hand.


        So, who’s ‘making things up’ , do tell?

        I suppose I’ll have ‘made up’ the ‘picaninnies’ and the ‘letterboxes’ next, eh?


  2. It’s a good photo of Johnson revealing his spiteful adolescent side, pure aggression. The journo he tried to get beaten up had a narrow escape.

  3. Errr … but the Groan reports that Harry – as part of a conversation in which he was scammed says “Harry speaks of Johnson being a “good man” “

  4. Just one other thing….

    No handshakes because of the virus, I suppose.

    So bollocks to the both of them (again).


  5. Johnson looks like he’s just swallowed a TURD , marvellous , lets just hope Dorries the Nadine has shook Johnsons hand recently or maybe she might have been shaking something else , either way there is hope of infection

  6. I think it’s amazing how dorries has survived mad cow disease for so long to even get coronavirus.


    1. Cool Toff! I too thought you could only have one virus at any one time but maybe Dorries proves it’s just an urban myth? Shit, I’ve been cultivating a cold to stave off Cory.

  7. No man whether a prince or not who had any self respect and respect for his wife who is a BAME woman would shake hands with an out and our racist like Johnson -remember picanninies, watermelon smiles , letterboxes, hooked noses etc etc

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