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Fans from Madrid COVID-19 hotspot are in lockdown in Spain – but govt allows them to come to Liverpool as BBC flippant

Mortality and infection rate soaring in Spain – yet Johnson makes no move to prevent Spanish fans from Madrid hotspot flying into UK for football match
One of many tweets showing the mass of fans in Liverpool from hotspot Madrid

The COVID-19 coronavirus infection rate – and the mortality rate among those who contract it – have soared in Spain, with Madrid in virtual lockdown and fans barred from attending football matches as the Spanish government tries to slow the spread of the virus.

Yet the UK government has allowed thousands of Atletico Madrid fans to travel freely to the UK with no checks or restrictions – fans who have spent the day sightseeing and partying around the city before walking to Anfield for tonight’s game:

The tweet translates as “If they infect half of Liverpool I’ll be satisfied”

Local press and MPs – and national reporters based in the area – have reacted with horror at the Tories’ lack of action:

But the BBC and other broadcasters, though covering the result of the match, have cast the event as ‘keep calm and carry on’ by Liverpool fans, rather than mention the obvious reckless endangerment of UK citizens by the potential boost to the pool of infection in a major city.

An endangerment whose consequences are all too clear – and frightening:

The Establishment media continue to cover for the idiocy and foolishness of Boris Johnson and his ‘government’.

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  1. BBC2 Newsnight as their first news item has just been highlighting how out of step (inadequate and complacent) the UK’s response is in comparison to many other countries.

    1. Thatcher wanted ‘managed decline’ for Liverpool. Johnson is going for decimation by disease with his complacency.

  2. Were the local fans complicit in going to the game? Was the club complicit in going ahead with the game and doing a Cheltenham?

    Where’s the adult in room?

  3. They’re fans – without football they’ve got nothing – what do you expect?
    People who push into the back of a standing crowd and cause a Hillsborough without police supervision can’t be trusted to act responsibly even in a pandemic.
    They leave whatever crumb of adulthood they might possess at home when they leave the house on match day.

    1. … which makes it all the more inexplicable that such mass events aren’t alraedy shut down.

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