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Ocasio-Cortez takes on silence of so-called moderates over antisemitic attacks on Sanders

‘Centrists’ on both sides of the Atlantic shamefully silent – and challenged: “If you care, please care everywhere”

Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Yesterday the SKWAWKBOX reported the near-silence of centrist and right-wing figures in the UK about the disgraceful scenes of a nazi flag being waved by a right-winger at a rally in Arizona for presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.

Sanders took the disruption in his stride, but many of those most vocal in attacking the Labour Party over alleged antisemitism have been shamefully silent over a the antisemitic, neo-nazi outrage against Sanders, whose Jewishness has been the target of repeated politically-driven attacks in the US and even in the UK.

That lack of reaction by so-called ‘moderates’ in the UK has been mirrored in the US. It has prompted well-known left-wing member of Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to speak out on Twitter to highlight the intrinsically-worrying aspects of this silence – not just about the flag incident but the persistent attacks by right-wing interests – and of the aggravating behaviour of her country’s media:

“If you care, please care everywhere”. Perfectly put.

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  1. Propaganda and the Defeat of Jeremy Corbyn
    If Americans are going to make connections with the British elections they must talk about the assault on democracy from the billionaires and their willing minions.
    One year ago this columnist wrote about the Integrity Initiative, an arm of British intelligence masquerading as an NGO. “The Integrity Initiative is a means of undermining the sovereignty of the British people by manipulating them with lies. It engaged in numerous efforts to libel Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and prevent him from ever being elected prime minister.” There is no claim of precognition here, just an effort to connect the dots regarding those forces that make the word democracy a sham and a lie.

    1. On that i agree with you SH. Especially “connect the dots”. And expose the “shams” and the liars. NEVER assume they will be exposed in time. We don’t have time. Vulnerable people here and throughout the world, do not have the comfortable middle class luxury of time. They are struggling now. They are flooded out now. The Grenfel victims are traumatised and STILL not properly housed now. The list is endless. We need to work together now.

  2. What’s odd is that on both sides of the pond, there is much “busy” running about. Endless virtue signalling campaigns, yet not the slightest grasp of putting virtue in action. Some are frauds. They can be spotted 10 kilometres off. Some are decent but have long taken leave of their spirit. The rest are squeezed between those two. is unrivalled at keeping these fundamental issues in sharp focus. Keeping quiet and submissive does only serves the Tory B sides and the Tory A sides. Speak up. Speak out. Out the slanderous parasites and their toxic tentacles and bin them. They are worth nothing in the battle to save the Labour party. They are worthy only of scorn.

  3. The Right wing shambles behave the same on both sides of the pond.The neocons behave the same inside the democratic party and the Labour party.Deathly silence and 2 partys struggling to survive the RWing onslaught.Coincidence?,or somthing far more sinister?

    1. Joseph and there are still people who think of Hillary Clinton as some saviour, when it is she who helped undermine Sanders. then lost. And the bastards r trying hard to do it again. That is the problem of the virtue signalling. The argue that she lost because she is a woman. No! She lost because she was a dreadful candidate with a sense of entitlement. Where were the virtue signallers when Bill was doing as he still does ie chasing every skirt. What did Hilary do to help his victims? Did she help or hinder them?

      What has she said now that Bill seeks to blame his behaviour on his problems?

      I propose us concentrating on specific clear policies. Dump the virtuous abstracts. A black person or woman, without sound values is no better than one similarly value poor of any colour or gender.

      And tell me, if we tackled poverty, homelessness, justice, ALL racism, equity for ALL in education, the job market and in parliament… if we tackled those would we not be improving the basic needs of black people, women, every other gender, race religion and culture❓ I propose to withdraw immediately from niche and ALL lobby groups. Let them bring their thoroughly detailed and evidenced suggestions, and we IN government government will set in law all that is sensible and decent. Eg EVERY person should be equal under the law. It is unforgivable to imprison poor black boys while having self confessed repeated Class A drug users anywhere in government. Michael Gove confessed to using cocaine on several occasions while he was in his thirties. Around the same time, he wrote that teachers should be dismissed for same. Michael Gove should be prosecuted just like any other person.

      ALL racism should be deplored and be illegal. Those who claim to be against racism, but are livid when “All racism” is even mentioned, and campaign only in our interests and to hell with others, be they Muslims, Buddhist, or Catholics with a propensity for levitation, those selfish people are despicable beyond words. They are an unrepresentative, unelected super organised group. Their organisation is to their credit. Wish the rest of us could emulate that quality. Another worth emulation, is their action… ie they are active … not sitting back waiting for things to go their way. Of course the rest of us should never stoop to their stellar selfishness and wicked lies, or any lies for that matter.

      Their organisation and effort should be copied however. Definitely and ASAP. Other than that, to quote Hillary Clinton, they are a “basket of deplorables”.

      1. “And the bastards r trying hard to do it again.”

        They are attacking from all sides.
        ‘Never Trump’ Republican Operative Known for Anti-Semitic Attacks on George Soros Now Working to Defeat Sanders in Democratic Primary

        “Forty years of dancing with the devil and all of a sudden centrist GOP voters want to switch sides so they can poison the Democratic Party too? Thanks, no thanks.”

      2. they r worse than the worst things u can think of. The DNC prefer Trump rather than Bernie, exactly as WMD Blair, Khan, Faukkner, Straw endorsed Swinson and Johnson. And don’t think Obama is any better. Did u see how Mrs Obama was fawning all over George Bush at the Trump inauguration? as if he is some darling grandfather.

        You cannot imagine how much i’m hoping the USA electorate reject Biden and give Bernie their energised support. Sadly i know many who are hypnotised by the likes of Biden. The MSM tell them Biden can beat Trump. They tell them often and they believe it. Biden and Clinton will never beat Trump. Never. Bernie Sanders would have won last GE. Sadly he gave in to Clinton & DNC bullying. This time it is a bigger struggle, but Biden will definitely lose just against Trump.

        Just as here, the key prob of the “Left” is giving in, appeasing without any sound reason so to do. Appeasing bullies eg even after Jeremy defeated the empty noises eg Eagle, Owen Smith, the whole lot of them, what did JC’s team pressure him to do? Yes appease the bastards who lost. Appease the MSM who lost. Result ???
        So never ever appease. Think, observe analyse, get evidence and ENJOY giving it undiluted to the direct and indirect supporters of WMD wars and warmongers. Give it undiluted to the shallow and hollow virtue signallers. They have never stopped to question their effect. Both here and across the pond, they whine about every latest band wagon that makes them feel good about themselves. When the electorate reject them they claim it is because they are women etc . Ask them to explain their strategy and they can respond with nothing. Emptiness. Noisy but empty.

        A total recalibration is needed on the “Left” and then a clean out of the cobwebs that have built up over the years. Save the spiders but shake out the deadweights and the dust. At best they are hindrances to any progress. At worse they actively work for the Tories and manage to fool enough people.

      3. I have a very good friend who owns the Rio Grande news based on the border in McAllen Texas.He has a theory that Biden is a stalking horse and the real establishment candidate will be mrs OBama and I can see is theory being correct.Biden his a very unlikely candidate.Apart from being old and a serial groper and any child over 13years has to be careful round him,hes been a lacky for the Clintons and even stevens on corruption.Steve Taylor his well connected with the democrats and his newspaper pioneered the Dubya scandel when mrs Dubya killed a pedestrian in a drink driving incident that was quickly hushed up before our fearless ex brit reporter exposed the hush coverup in the world media.So different from the standards of reporting nowadays.Ps he was putting his life on the line for the truth,no wonder hes stayed down in Texas the British media are pathetic.and corrupt.

  4. Growing inequality is the common factor.
    The majorities in both (and all) countries, as they see the trend and see no possibility of it reversing, become less content at their increasing poverty.
    Our difficulty is that the 1% only have to keep us from violent insurrection for a little while longer, by which time it’ll be too late – they won’t need us as workers, voters or even as customers any more.
    In a future blighted by global warming all they’ll need from us is our deaths – probably by disease or starvation. The word ‘murder’ won’t be mentioned – they’ll tell their children who never knew us that we just weren’t up to the challenge of modern life in the eco-bubble.

    Does anyone seriously think the planet has enough raw materials to support a global population of 20 or 30 billion, all wanting more and more and newer and newer phones, air travel, recreation, cars, food and housing – or anywhere to put all our waste products?

  5. Interesting the valiant fighters in the vanguard against AS, Philips, Hodge, the “ moderates, the centrists “, the Blairites the JLM, Progress, Nathan Yeowell, Gurvinder Singh Josan, Luke Akehurst, Labour First etc not forgetting of course the BOD not a peep out of them from a real display of AS. Yet, when it’s tweets from the time of Moses, artistic interpretations of murals or the judgement of Solomon on the definition of who is good and not so good, they are ready to cast judgements like arrows at Agincourt.

    1. they r nasty lying selfserving things. They care not a jot about stoping racism. they get away with it because they r determined, organised but lack any trace of honesty, decency or care for the people struggling in this country or elsewhere.

  6. Methinks Bernie brilliantly pointed out Nazi’s will be on losing side in November

    1. I’m fully supporting brilliant Beenie and the equally brilliant Burgon. RLB as no other choice. I’m hoping she springs a surprise, but i’m not holding my breath. In one stroke she could ignite her campaign by rejecting the handing over of the right to lead the party with all groups given equal respect. And, by condemning the pressure put on the candidates to be partial to racist who want other groups to be ignored and sidelined. Courage is what we need.

    2. I agree Doug and Joseph and others here. Joseph, that has crossed my mind. The others were definitely stalking horses. To their credit (the right wing) that was clever strategy. When u collect diverse small groups behind stalking horses, then they withdraw as they must and endorse eg Biden, tis quite effective. Thing is Biden will lose against Trump. Bernie has a better chance, though not as big, when Clinton and the DNC resorted to stinking undermining.

      If u r right. I believe Mrs Obama could win. I’m no fan of the Obamas but she, more than her husband, has something which few have and H Clinton will never have. H’s philandering husband does have that something. Life is an odd thing.

      Bernie is doing well though. Like Burgon, he needs to go full throttle. There is nothing to lose. Go brave go bold. Then at least you have done your best. Like Jo Bird here, stay and fight. That is what’s lacking too often in those with noble aims. Their niceness snuffs out the drive to win. Me thinks it best to take no prisoners. Excessive caution and misdirected “kindness”, are actually derelictions of duty and responsibility to those who pin their hopes for change in one. It is a detached interpretation of “kindness”. It is a blind cruelty to those most in need of change. It unwittingly treats an unconsidered drifting foggy stagnant misconception of what it means to be gentle way over and above the real, immediate, tangible urgent needs of the most vulnerable. To transform the world we must NEVER prioritise the abstract indulgent cosy obsessions over the urgent need to erase the Tories and all their heartless instincts, acts and plans for yet more ideological cruelty on those most in need and on those who keep this country running.

      1. ‘That is what’s lacking too often in those with noble aims. Their niceness snuffs out the drive to win. Me thinks it best to take no prisoners. Excessive caution and misdirected “kindness”, are actually derelictions of duty and responsibility to those who pin their hopes for change in one. It is a detached interpretation of “kindness”. It is a blind cruelty to those most in need of change. It unwittingly treats an unconsidered drifting foggy stagnant misconception of what it means to be gentle way over and above the real, immediate, tangible urgent needs of the most vulnerable.’

        I take it that you’re referring to your hero Jeremy Corbyn signpost, or ‘our Jeremy’ as you so often refer to him. Is that right?

  7. Another case of ‘wrong type of jew’? Centrists and socialism-haters often seem to apply that filter.

    Laura Kuenssberg and Rachel Reeves MP even celebrate the first female to take her seat in the HoC – despite her being pro-Nazi and a vicious anti-Semite.

  8. “Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose MSM are the corrupt & biased of them all?”.

  9. Israeli lobby will never allow Sanders to become president in exactly the same way that Jeremy Corbyn could never be allowed to become Prime Minister. What is most terrifying is that anyone who points out this self evident truth is immediately branded anti-Semitic.

    1. That is the nub of of the situation. There should be no underestimate of the power of the Israel Lobby as an extension of US hegemony in the Middle East.

  10. Where might this head? At the AIPAC conference last week we were given a foretaste. Ephraim Mirvis, the chief rabbi of the UK and a friend to Conservative government leader Boris Johnson, was warmly greeted by delegates, including leading members of the Democratic establishment. He boasted that he and other Jewish leaders in the UK had managed to damage Jeremy Corbyn’s electoral chances by suggesting that he was an antisemite over his support, like Sanders, for Palestinian rights.

    His own treatment of Corbyn, he argued, offered a model for US Jewish organisations to replicate against any leadership contender who might pose similar trouble for Israel, leaving it for his audience to pick up the not-so-subtle hint about who needed to be subjected to character-assassination.

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