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Video: Sanders puts down nazi-flag disruptor perfectly – but near-silence from UK right

Social media and website silence in response to foul right-wing display

US presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders was heckled by a right-wing protester waving a nazi flag during a campaign appearance in Arizona.

Sanders took the vile interruption in his stride, delivering a perfect put-down to the man and all his ilk as the neo-nazi was removed from the hall:

But the outrage from the UK right, or support for Sanders – whose Jewishness has been the subject of sustained attack in the US – has been conspicuous by its absence.

Although the incident happened on Thursday night US time, as of the time of writing Boris Johnson’s Twitter account has not referred to the incident and the SKWAWKBOX has been unable to find a mention of it, let alone condemnation, on many social media accounts and websites that might be expected to react in justifiable horror and condemnation.

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  1. The right has no interest in antisemitism except when they can use it to smear the left, that’s been clear for a long time.

  2. Searching for ‘condemnation’ on social media in the UK about an incident at a rally in the the US as an indicator of anything isn’t really scoring a hit.

    What is going to be more indicative of the US electoral race , given the treatment of Corbyn, is the way the AIPAC lobby treats Sanders.

  3. well I hope for his sake he’s got really first class up to date medical insurance , cos I recon he’s gonna need it , I wonder if he made it out of the auditorium in one piece ?

    1. Just came across this by chance from last month:

      UK’s ex-parliament speaker says he suffered ‘subtle’ anti-Semitism in House

      But John Bercow says abuse came from his own Conservative party rather than rivals in Labour, with one fellow member saying he would like to keep ‘people like you’ out of Commons

      Bercow, who left his position last year after a decade as speaker, said in an interview published by the Sunday Times that he was the target of “subtle” abuse from other Tory party members but had never encountered any anti-Semitism from Labour lawmakers.

      1. Whatever you think of Bercow, it is interesting how his authoritative comments about Corbyn’s ‘antisemitism’ have been all but ignored.

  4. Bernie Sanders will never be allowed to become US President…..Israel will stop it.

  5. Bernie Sanders should have known his voters and avoided the death penalty of giving praise to the health and education system of Cuba..He was leading the democrats and like us gave it away.

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