Video: Starmer dodges question, says donor info published next Monday. It’s not good enough – why not now?

Delay means many will have already voted. Why not now?

Keir Starmer on today’s Peston

After failing to give a direct answer to a question about his donors on Sky News on Monday, Keir Starmer again avoided answering a question about who is funding his campaign for the Labour Party leadership today.

Asked by ITV’s Robert Peston – after Peston had asked viewers to suggest questions and was swamped by the same one – who his donors are, Starmer shifted responsibility onto parliamentary authorities to publish details, which he says ‘should’ be by next Monday:

But of course Starmer does not have to wait for the parliamentary authorities to publish the information he has given them. Rival Rebecca Long-Bailey has already done so unilaterally.

But by acting as if it’s up to Parliament to get round to doing it, instead of disclosing the information himself, Starmer gains another five days – or potentially more – during which votes are being cast.

It looks like a slippery answer – and avoiding the question again merely creates more suspicion that there are donors that Mr Starmer thinks will cost him votes.

So the question – which a journalist would have asked as a follow-up to his answer – becomes: “Why not now – what are you afraid of?”

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  1. For goodness sake, Starmer hasn’t dodged the question, he has quite clearly stated that details of his donors will be published on Monday. I’m baffled why you think that KS should dance to RLB’s tune.

    1. RLB isn’t making him dance to her tune he is dancing to OURS and our demands for honesty and would one not think that a man who purports to want to be Leader would have the foresight and nouse to have this info ready at his finger tips in anticipation of this very question arising .

      Can you imagine at the Despatch box , Johnson poses a question and Starmers response … ,, ” just a min I’ll have the answer in 4 days time “.

      So what conclusion can one draw from his mishandling and in fact creation of this perception of deceit and obfuscation , even if nothing untoward transpires his inability is laid bare for all to see .
      Lacking , below par and not up to the high office of Leader

      1. Actually I’ve every reason to be happy, the person I currently support for the leadership has a decisive lead in the polls.

    1. labrebisgalloise v erudite. attracts the best perceptive salt of the earth folks who keep this country afloat, despite the deadweight of Starmer… But still we live in hope… SO – STARMAR MAN! OY!! WHO IS FUNDING U? Arsetair Campbell end Tony Blair? Mandelson? Jeffrey Epstein’s estate? Prince Andrew? Twatson? Carl Beech? Hodge? Harmann? Ummuna? Philip Green? To whom have you pledged your soul SIR Starmar man? Arms dealers? Opioid crisis makers? The Harold Shipman Appreciation Society? Industrial child traffickers? Illegal settlement builders? Caterpillar? ? ? It is quite simple. tell us who is willing to dole out tons of money EVEN to spread your huge face on good paper. Who has so much money and so little sense of priorities and no dignity Sir starmer ? ? ?

      SIR k starmer, as you dodge and delay, we have to be curious. Your squirming and avoidance causes JUSTIFIED speculation, SUSPICION, concern, DISTRUST. You sir, are a slurry of question dodging. How can ANY sensible person trust you when you refuse to give straight answers to straight questions?
      W H O I S B A N K R O L L I N G S I R S T A R M E R

      to whom does SIR k starmer OWE his allegiance … ???

      Until you give a CLEAR straight answer, it is our right to distrust you. If you cannot be open and honest now, then what are you hiding? Who has insisted you keep quiet?

      We need a clear HONEST answer. N O W 🔴🔴🔴

      1. signpostnotwindchimes – For goodness sake chill-out and relax, learn to be patient. You’ll find out who his donors are on Monday when you’ll have ample opportunity to manufacture some more faux outrage.

      2. SH sensible curiosity leads to human progress. Blind acceptance preserves ignorance and enslavement … stasis at best … decline or utter degradation at worse.
        ps Outrage is good. We could do with more of that. It is the lack of outrage that has allowed the stench that is Blair, to blow and inflate more stenches eg your new fondly idolised inflatable novelty – Sir K Starmer

      3. On the contrary I’m not the one indulging in idolatry here, I’m taking a much more pragmatic approach and holding back from voting until a couple of days before the poll closes. There are several weeks to go and a lot can happen in that time.

        I see nothing to be gained by jumping up and down in faux outrage before you know if there is anything to be outraged about. Besides anything else you risk making yourself look more than a little gullible if come Monday you can’t find anything of substance to be outraged about.
        Jumping onto every passing bandwagon without having a clue where it’s going just looks political naive.

      4. ignoring risky question dodging starmer IS politically naive. Suppose he is funded by Epstein’s estate for example, hypothetically speaking, or by the first Harold Shipman Scholarship or worse yet by Tony Blair, would you still support him ?
        I feel it is better to present the names of his funders now. TONIGHT!

      5. signpostnotwindchimes
        Instead of indulging in rather silly ‘hypertheticals’ I suggest your time would be better employed watching Kier Starmer’s full interview on Peston. It is generally better to know what you are talking before mouthing off.

        As for whether I’ll continue to believe that Keir is the best that’s on offer well I’ll do the sensible thing and make my decision when I have the facts.

      6. Ooops
        It is generally better to know what you are talking about before mouthing off.

      7. Hmm SteveH that would be “hypotheticals” I presume?
        Your desire to let Starmer delay is completely irrational unless it stems from abject slavish subjugation to a political master

      8. Andy, re: SH it must ache him. So engorged with admiration for a sir. Starmer can bend SH. It is like that with some. They bend this way and that with no moral compass and no vision to seek the least worse option. SH it seems, is mesmerised by starmer’s huge face on the poster. It is pinned above his bed under Mandelson and WMD Blair… the creature … the Iraq invading mosquito net empire planning Blair… Blair the fawning “g-dfather” of Rupert Murdoch’s daughter with Wendy Deng… for SH its are his masters his heroes. The Blair creature tried to keep his prancing about on the River Jordan, dressed head to claw in white, pretending to be Jesus at the baptism and even then betrayed even Murdoch. Think of it, money is a b i g BIG obsession for the Blair creature. Blair worships rich men and still betrayed Murdoch. It matches the betrayal Starmer did to Jeremy. Starmer possibly hopes Campbell will guide him to lots of dosh too, just like the Blair creature. Are Starmer’s funder’s, Blair funders??? That is the question.

      9. SteveH 26/02/2020 at 11:56 pm · ·
        ”On the contrary I’m not the one indulging in idolatry here, I’m taking a much more pragmatic approach and holding back from voting until a couple of days before the poll closes. There are several weeks to go and a lot can happen in that time.”

        …And THEN you’ll vote starmer anyway.

        Stop treating people lke they’re mugs. Stop insulting people’s intelligence by trying to give the impression you’re undecided.

        It’s no more convincing than you or the other div claiming to be Corbyn supporters. You’re NOT and neither of you EVER were.

        Are you not in the tiniest bit ashamed to carry on with your risible charade when everyone – but EVERYONE – sees through it?

      10. Toffee – Stop treating people lke they’re mugs. Stop insulting people’s intelligence by trying to give the impression you’re undecided

        I’m not undecided but I am also not dogmatic. I intend to wait until near the deadline before voting just in case anything comes to light in the meantime and so that I have the option to change my mind if I want to.

        Why are you so obsessed with my vote, is it because you don’t have one.

      11. ”Why are you so obsessed with my vote, is it because you don’t have one.”

        Oh, dear lord.

        A woeful attempt to try to get a rise so you think I’ll start ‘ranting and raving with expletives’ which YOU think will make my case invalid. Once again you’re gonna need another go…

        I’m not remotely arsed about YOUR vote. But you’ve already told my my opinion doesn’t count. It WILL at the ballot box, so the ”dealbroker” you want (And why you’re trying to kid on you’re NOT 100% behind slimeball starmer, is anybody’s guess but fools nobody) won’t be getting the steam off my stinkiest shite, nevermind my vote.

        A bit like the last election, when your choice bulldozed through a 2nd ref/remain option without it going to a vote.

        How good was your 70% then, plums?

        Cat got yer tongue? Ok, I’ll tell you.


        Why haven’t you learned not to persist in second-guessing me? Are you some sort of masochist?

    1. Crawling to the BoD and JLM? Cuddling up to Lansman?

      It’s a crap tune backed by sythesized leftie mood music.

      It’s the ‘push come to shove’ that reveals backbone.

    1. Ray – “why else wait”
      If you want to actually know what you are talking about then I suggest you listen to Keir Starmer’s full interview on Peston and then you’ll know the answer to your questions.

      1. Steve H I do wish you would give Sir keir Starmer his correct title.Many people were sacrificed and much money 💰 changed hands to get the title of Knight of the realm and your man to go to for dodgy deals.

  2. I just watched the video answer to Peston’s question and I feel like I’ve just been played by an arrogant, smug lawyer who thinks he can can out-slip a snake.

    ‘Parliamentary authorities’ have to give a ‘green light’ to a submission of money received list??

    Even David Milliband or Tony himself wasn’t that clumsy in taking the piss.

  3. I have no illusions about lawyer Starmer.

    … and I have absolutely none about the other lawyer, either : we already know who she belongs to!

    1. BUT at least we know who funds her RLB that is and that is not the case with Starmer , more to the point , and this is for SteveH as well , would one believe him when he does disclose on Monday .

      It stinks , to high heaven despite what Starmer rabbits on about in his Pestilence interview . This is what was so positive about Corbyn , we the membership , didn’t have to worry about who owned him NOBODY DID , least of all any Corporates .

      Starmer has failed utterly to build any trustworthiness over this and this leave a HUGE question mark over his suitability to be Leader of the Party , one would always have the nagging doubt , that little warning voice in your head about decisions he would be making .Is he really doing his best for the MANY or just for the FEW ????

      1. “BUT at least we know who funds her”

        Knowing who *funds* her is but part of the problem. We also know who she is at pains to associate herself with.

        I can guess that the establishment money is on Starmer.. Not actually much new there – it will always back winners. I know that other dodgy influences back RLB, even if no money changes hands.

        It’s not much of a choice.

        The focus is always on individuals, but the problems are systemic. So Blair makes a Faustian pact with Murdoch – then keeps his side of the bargain and screws the rationale for winning the election. Corbyn doesn’t, and gets roasted by the massive juggernaut of the propaganda machine on its well-oiled wheels..

        The one thing Blair is right about is that you need power as a precondition of change. The conundrum is whether the successful pursuit of power automatically corrupts the pursuers (that’s why labels don’t impress me much). But ideological purity is certainly no substitute.

        I don’t have a simple answer – but it’s why I’m admittedly intolerant of comforting nostrums that don’t even recognize the nature of the problem, and the hard fact that our children – heading towards middle age – have never experienced a progressive egalitarian government.

  4. The question is ‘are labour supporters better off with Starmer who could possibly win a general election or RLB who couldn’t’?

    1. Base on what FACTS exactly P.C , this is nothing more than your opinion , I could say precisely the same in reverse . The factual issue here is trustworthiness and honesty and Starmers ducking and diving demonstrates none of those qualities . The Country already has one utterly corrupt PM leading the UK.The next Labour one has to be as good as possible and Starmers performance so far is deeply concerning .

      1. I have not disclosed my opinion, do we want power or purity? Would a plank like Keir who could possibly pull off a GE win and therefore be a stepping stone for socialist control of the means of production etc be a better bet than Rebecca Wrong Daily who won’t win a GE?

  5. “So Blair makes a Faustian pact with Murdoch – then keeps his side of the bargain and screws the rationale for winning the election.”

    The idea that Blair felt he had to deal with Murdoch is misleading. He did it because he wanted to.

    1. He was godfather to Rupe’s daughter

    2 He gave message of support to Rebekah Wade after it was revealed that the newspaper she edited had tapped the phone of murder victim Milly Dowler.

    Truly sickening behavior not motivated by necessity.

    1. Who’s arguing?

      … but the initial cuddling up to Murdoch – like RLB’s cuddling up to Lansman and the BoD – was a ‘logical’ decision for political advantage in conflict with principle.

    1. And Cooper and the rest still lost, Ummuna pulled out, and Jeremy crushed them all. The MSM commentariat and the gullible who believe the propaganda MSM men in suits spout regurgitate like plain citizen the tosh fed to them. Takes lots of time, but we must crush the myths and lies. Scrub them out, plus disinfect their trails with the sunlight of facts. If we ignore them, they will not disappear, they spread like Reec Moggs.

      So crush them, Scrub them out. COMPLETELY OUT. Bin them with the rest of the trash. Let their Tory chums give them peerages. It will show what they always were. Then we abolish the whole lot of them. The Faulking Faulkners, Adonis the single clawed debunker of nominative determinism, Mandelsonn, McNic, the lot!!! Scrub out the muck. Establish TRUE LABOUR once and for all. Whats the point of apologetic halfway transformation? If we’re doing it, Let’s do it! Nicky Morgan Zac Smitthy Duncan Smitthy al the other smithy smiths, Richard Burgon will help RLB develop courage to rip up the selfish ghastly nasty pledges that aim to stifle … suffocate equality for all people. Worse yet eroding the image of all of us with the absurd claim to represent people who have as many perspectives as the sand on Brighton Beach. The claims of an unelected nest of heartless hypocrites who care nothing for truth or justice are beyond laughable. No unelected group has any claim to represent anyone. No MP, should sign any pledges of any undemocratic unrepresentative group, no matter how intimidating. Make the intimidation public. Call a press conference. Read out the odious threats, for that is what they are. They get away with it because those who shoukd be leaders, let them! Every decent sentient citizen of our country will agree, the demands are unique in their brazen selfish divisiveness. In fact they may have been deliberately produced to provoke the public so as to then accuse the justly outraged of racism.

      Courage and clarity will win. Cowardice and appeasement NEVER has. Cowardice and appeasement never will. Never. New leadership must nip these ploys in the bud, not hope they will disappear. TRUST the British public. There are enough decent people in this country who will stand on the side of sound reason and principle that NO group or individual should have exceptional rights. Whats good for Peter is good for Paul. Whats bad for Peta is bad forPaula. Simple! EQUALITY for ALL.🌹🌹🌹

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