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Video: Starmer avoids question about campaign donors – dismissing “stirring” by “outriders”

Starmer dismisses question – but declarations of funding will not be in time to affect result

Labour leadership candidate Keir Starmer appeared on Sky News this morning and avoided providing any specific answer to a question about the source of funding that has allowed him, among other things, to make a mass mailing of a large poster of himself to those with a vote in the contest.

Instead of saying how and from whom he has raised funds, he gave a generic answer involving “unions, crowdfunding and [unnamed] individuals”.

He then blamed the question on “outriders” “stirring things up a bit” – and said that he would be complying “in the end” with requirements to declare his funding sources:

Of course, those declarations are made significantly after the fact – and far too late to inform the voting decision of the Labour members, affiliates and supporters who will be receiving their ballots from today.

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  1. “Of course, those declarations are made significantly after the fact”

    I guess that’s the fault of whoever wrote the rules.

    1. Assuming the Electoral Commission isn’t competent to rule on internal party matters would I be correct in guessing the rules were written by some unaccountable committee Steve?

      Open to all-member scrutiny and comment before ratification we might hope the decisions of such committees and their unintended (?) consequences might be caught before rules are adopted.

      I’d have leader & deputy leader candidates publish details of funding sources and full election spending accounts in real time.
      It’s not as if MP’s are short of staff.

  2. That’s a fairly pointless dig at … who knows?
    It would almost always be impossible to account for donations in advance, unless you stopped candidates spending money at all, and I can’t see that happening.
    On the other hand, unless he has specific allegations, Skwawkie’s post is no more than innuendo.
    One more smear making the murky waters even murkier …

    1. He knows who has donated right now – not sure it’s legal to accept thousands , tens of thousands , hundreds of thousands ? unless he does.

      He could easily publish the amounts and names in his register of interests now.

      Looks like it’s a breach of the Nolan Principles to me.

      1. RLB should declare her donations now in order to embarrass him.

        He is certainly The Observer’s favoured candidate and now says that Labour should unite. Well, that was not what he said when he tried to overturn the result of the 2015 leadership election, was it?

        Joined Benn’s coup and nominated Owen Smith.

      2. Tony – ………..and Jeremy invited him back into the shadow cabinet and kept him there.

    2. in any case heenan, what sort of person uses so much paper to remind us of what he looks like? Very odd. Has he so little to say? No matter how much it cost, why??? Like Butler, Nandy Murray and Khan he has lost the plot! In fact other than Richard Burgon and Rebecca they have all lost any sense of priorities. Even Rebecca is in peril as i hear she has also signed away her autonomy. I hope i’m wrong and she escapes the fangs of the creatures satisfied with eugenicists in No 10 and and outsourced Foreign Policy to the brilliant private contractor Ms Priti Patel, there are noises that she knows all about counter terrorism too… and terrorised counters and counters and all if it… Ms Patel knows everything. Thats why Starmer thinks he needs only circulate his face to lead our party. Swap his face for Patel’s and hers for Nandy’s and Nandy for Murray and Murray for Hodge and Hodge for Butler & Blair…

      Richard Burgon save us from the jokers🌹🌹🌹

  3. As the person who forced Labour’s disastrous Brexit policy on us, and as a London-centric, pro-Remainer, Starmer is GUARANTEED as of NOW to lose us the next General Election.

    His supporters think he’s “good at the Dispatch Box”. That remains to be seen. And even if he is, being “good at the Dispatch Box” is irrelevant. What matters is being good outside, across the country and for that he’s hopeless: stiff, patrician, distant, middle class, and completely out of touch with ordinary people.

    How on earth has he got himself into the leading position?

    1. Well he’s a member of the Trilateral Commission. Could he be their Chosen One?

      1. I believe you could be onto something here. It would explain the apparent limitless funding for his campaign.
        It would be interesting to investigate as to whatever the Trilateral Commission had any involvement in Corbyn’s downfall. Because from my point of view Starmer was the main architect of the disastrous Brexit policy that more than anything else cost Labour the General Election.
        In my opinion, his links to the Trilateral Commission makes Starmer totally unsuitable for Labour’s leader.

      2. “the disastrous Brexit policy”

        Now … would that be the one that abandoned opposion, endorsed the far right Brexit policy and made Labour a laughing stock in its confused and subservient posture?

    2. Indeed, William Hague was famously and genuinely brilliant at the Dispatch Box. Means less than nothing on polling day.

      Starmer wants to foist on the country the incredibly unpopular Free Movement of Persons (a.k.a. unlimited labour supply) even though we have left the EU! Like the other two leadership hopefuls he supports the extreme woke trans ideology (“trans women are women”) which involves shoving British women under a bus by depriving them of their women only spaces.

      Prepare to lose even more working class seats in the Midlands and North.

      I anticipate an action replay of the Neil Kinnock scenario of Starmer losing two general elections before he resigns as Party Leader.

      1. “I anticipate an action replay of the Neil Kinnock scenario of Starmer losing two general elections before he resigns as Party Leader.”

        Why didn’t you quote the much more recent example of a Labour leader losing 2 General Elections before resigning.

      2. It’s always baffled me that football managers are always blamed for their teams losing.

        By the time of the next Politics Cup the Little England supporters might wish they’d never even heard of brexit – in which case they’ll probably blame the manager that told them the team would do better in a different league.

        Get your expert football punditry here.

      3. Why didn’t you quote the much more recent example of a Labour leader losing 2 General Elections before resigning.

        WHY don’t YOU remind us all WHY Corbyn lost last December?

        Is it ‘mission accomplished’ yet, steve? Or is greaseball starmer the incompleted objective?

      4. “Why didn’t you quote the much more recent example of a Labour leader losing 2 General Elections before resigning.”

        Oooh! You naughty boy, Steve! What has actuality and asking awkward questions to do with winning power?

        You must be a BLAIRITE or a CENTRIST – or even of the RIGHT!!! You could even be a TORY like STARMER – as opposed to a Zionist SOCIALIST like BECKY (the other solicitor).

        Now – just f. off, and leave us to win the next election by using exactly the same successful strategy as we have done for the last few occasions. Because people like you (and most of the Labour Party) are TRAITORS who BETRAY the True b’LEAVERS and our Tory voters in the HEARTLANDS.

      5. Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer…

        …You do an awful lot of both, dicky. And STILL you refuse to remind us of the reason labour lost seats AND the election.

        And as for ‘laughing boy’ steve h…all the spine of a jellyfish; can’t even imagine an answer for himself and try to convince people he’s answered me, now.

      6. Toffee – You already know my answers to this. Sorry but I just can’t be arsed with your nonsense at the moment,

      7. Oh, by the way, dicky-head….

        Want to show everyone WHERE I’ve claimed to support ANY of the candidates; especially missus double-barrelled?

        Go on. I’ve got ALL day long. What’s that? You can’t?

        Strange though, how I can find you claiming to have supported Corbyn yet now shout support loudest for the shithouse that undermined him at every turn; as well as you allowing the slimy fucker to override democracy AND noticing you say fuck all about starmer’s adhesion to tory-lite policies of the type that bollocksed labour back in 2015…


      8. Toffee – As you don’t have a vote, who gives a fuck what you think. Unlike you my opinion will count.

      9. Toffee – You already know my answers to this.Sorry but I just can’t be arsed with your nonsense at the moment,

        What you mean is you can’t defend the indefensible when challenged. Because you’re a coward. Keep staring at your shoes, little boy.

        The ONLY people blaming people who voted leave are the 70% or so of your precious party who were ‘bright’ enough to actually go against common fucking sense and now try to palm the blame off on everyone but themselves while using their usual shithouse tactics to get their man into the top job.

        Well that’s not gonna absolve you of your fuckwittery and it certainly won’t win any elections…

        And guess who’ll be proved right AGAIN.

      10. Toffee – Thanks for acknowledging that the vast majority of Labour’s members and voters supported Remain.

      11. Toffee – As you don’t have a vote, who gives a fuck what you think. Unlike you my opinion will count.


        It was EXACTLY that attitude that you and your 70% took and in doing so shot yourselves in the foot.

        We don’t matter? Our opinions don’t count?

        Er, ok, you complete fucking moron. We’ll see who gives a fuck what me & people like me think come the election. That’s the trouble with arrogant gobshites like you. You take us all for mugs.

      12. SteveH 24/02/2020 at 6:14 pm · ·
        Toffee – As you don’t have a vote, who gives a fuck what you think. Unlike you my opinion will count.

        As long as there’s a hole in your arse you’ll NEVER get it right, will you, you arrogant little bellend?

        We’ll see who’s opinion counts at the next election.

        Lets see how influential your precious 70% of your party membership is THEN, shall we? Y’know like they were bang on the money last time, weren’t they?


      13. Toffee – Thanks for acknowledging that the vast majority of Labour’s members and voters supported Remain.

        Oh, ffs, for the cunteenth time I’ve ALWAYS acknowledged the MEMBERS did from the start, dickhead.

        What I didn’t (And STILL don’t) acknowledge was any sort of vote taken at confernce on whether to implement it AS POLICY


        And that’s why labour was deserted in droves by people who would have ordinarily voted or did indeed used to consistently labour.

        Plus you never had ANY evidence labour voters in the majority supported remain. Had they done so labour wouldn’t be eighty fucking seats behind, moron.

        A fucking dishmop doesn’t have as much trouble understanding that much as you obviously do. Small wonder I won’t join the party if it’s infested with brainless amoeba like you.

      14. Toffee – It’s not my fault you suffer from cognitive dissonance.

      15. …And true to form, it’s back to your default answer with the emoji(s).

        Not even a challenge. Spineless twat.

        Meanwhile, people like me up & down the country are suffereing a toerag goverment thanks to utter thundercunts like you who would be only too happy to see it replaced by a toerag lite one, under slimeball starmer.

        ..And you claim to have socialist tendencies. You claim you’re ‘on the left’.

        Just fuck off back under your rock and stay there.

      16. ” you refuse to remind us of the reason labour lost seats AND the election.”

        Boasting an inability to read isn’t a good look, Toff-Pot.

        I just attempt a fuller explanation than your desperate holding onto the Brexit preconceptions – which factor actually had two dimensions.

        Your frantic accusations of lying (of not supporting Corbyn and supporting Starmer, for instance) against all the evidence is a mark of the bone-headed refusal to get to grips with the reality of what happened and the variety of views within the Party.. You can’t conceive of a world outside your tiny cell.

        The term ‘cognitive dissonance’ is a kind way of putting it.

        When reality doesn’t fit : deny it. It’s desperation and latching onto simplicities rather than argument, and a refusal to face the seriousness of what happened and the actual nature of Labour support and media power.

        That’s what I was taking the piss out of. Not Corbyn, who, as I said, I voted for in each election. As to supporting Starmer .. again, my views have been perfectly clear – as they are about the other two apologies and the choice offered. If you can’t get your head round it – that’s your problem.

      17. Boasting an inability to read isn’t a good look, Toff-Pot.

        I don’t know whether its because you’re an arrogant fucker who beeds afucking good hiding, or a serious metal deficiency you’ve got but you’re in NO position to tell better educated people what looks good and what doesn’t.

        See, you’re the gobshite claims to have supported Corbyn but has allowed starmer to ride roughshod over Corbyn’s leadership AND override democracy.

        You’re the knobhead that refuses to accept blame because in YOUR constituency YOU got a LABOUR MP – Nevermind being continually warned about the result of the shithousery you permitted to bulldoze your oh-so-fucking-genius plan to allow a second ref with a remain option WITHOUT ANY VOTE BEING TAKEN ON IT, AND IN BREACH OF A PROMISE MADE BY THE PARTY AT THE TIME OF THE ORIGINAL VOTE TO RESPECT THE RESULT.

        And you’re the hypocritical bellend that has the temerity to call ME toerag for supporting Corbyn but voting leave (Now THAT’S toerag, innit, dicky-head?) yet YOU shout loudest in defence of the fucking muculent starmer and his toerag policies while thinking you’ve got away with your beyond laughable attempt at a masquerade of being a (former) Corbyn supporter.

        Oh, and you STILL havent shown anybody where I endorsed ANY candidate…Not even Long-Bailey.

        You need to learn when to STFU. In your case it’d be best practice to do so permanently, you contemptible little prick.

      18. Thanks, Toffo, for your confirmation of your not having a clue about either politics or arguing about it.

        “I don’t know whether its because you’re an arrogant fucker who beeds afucking good hiding, or a serious metal deficiency”

        Thanks for that. It saves me having to say more.

        Out of the mouths of babes and fuckwits.

    3. ….. but doesn’t Little Becky who lives in an affluent suburb of Manchester also enjoy what most people would perceive to be a very middle class lifestyle financed by an household income of £200,000+ pa.

    4. We all know that this election has been a letdown for all of us.Sir knightly Starmer was bought and paid for and the election of fake candidates continues.under pressure from affiliated bodys that have no wish for democracy or any form of socialism.So very sad that the Labour party are moving towards a failed ideology of neo liberalism that has been rejected by the public even in the USA.We grasp at straws but there is something rotting at the heart of the Labour party.

  4. When I received said poster last week the first thought was that it was not very green. Considering the recent fires in Australia, the clearing of the Amazon rainforest and recent flooding here, the poster should have lost him votes.

  5. The Trilateral commission for the uninformed was funded by and supported by the Rockefeller’s, who incidentally mentored Henry Kissinger. Moreover, it had numerous members in President Jimmy Carter’s government. For example, Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was his National Security Advisor and advocated drawing the USSR into Afghanistan in order to have their Vietnam.

    In addition, he instigated the recruitment of mercenaries from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia and many other places inside Afghanistan plus Pakistan, armed, plus financed by the U.K., USA many NATO countries, Saudi Arabia and the USA to wage a proxy war there. So they actually they created the embryonic AL Qaeda.

    Furthermore, the Trilaterals are linked to the Bildeberg group again another secretive type of society. Professor Antony C Sutton wrote a very interesting book about the Trilateral commission, The Trilaterals over America.

    Hope the Labour members take into account Starmers membership of this right wing billionaire funded organisation, besides of course his voting record eg refusing to vote against the Tory austerity cuts and supporting the Chicken coup against and his ignoring the democratic result of the referendum. Notice he has a habit of ignoring democratic results before deciding to vote for him or not in the leadership election.

      1. The US has over 4 times the population of the UK but British politicians and journalists outnumber US politicians and journalists by about 3 to 1 in the BAP delegates list.
        US politicians and journalists don’t need convincing of the inherent rightness, godliness and superiority of US neoliberalism and the US world view I guess.

  6. Yes my conclusion Starmer’s Neo-Liberal promoting Trilateral Commssion buddies! Starmer probably with Blair & Manndelson pulling the strings the root cause of Labour’s defeat. And what’s the suffering of millions to them as long as they can expunge socialist ideas from Labour.
    RLB & Burgon last chance saloon for the Left in Labour.

  7. What was his posted out bullshit leaflet saying about integrity etc ,
    Tell the truth Starmer , where is your Dark Money coming from ?
    ‘Stop being deceitful .

  8. Attended hustings in Durham yesterday,
    Biggest cheer was for RLB when she brought up coup against JC,
    Starmer played safe, lights were on but no one in
    Nandy baffles me, we have to get the red wall back but I’m not afraid to ignore the electorate
    Doesn’t Nandy split the Starmer vote,
    Starmer wants to bring back Cockwombles into party,
    Methinks we should get our retaliation in first

  9. Money doesn’t talk it swears…….in USA it’s Billionaire Trump versus Billionaire Bloomberg (can Sanders can break the mould?) Even Premier League Football is controlled by oligarchs…….when Manchester City play Chelsea it’s ‘Gas’ v ‘Oil’.Any competition eliminated. Who owns & controls MSM is difficult to be precise, but I recommend Jonathon Cook’s recent post on the nature of power.

    S/he who pays the piper calls the tune; who funds Starmer will make interesting reading, if only we know the truth.

  10. Exactly Steve; follow the money to see who Starmer represents. A bit like the glossy leaflets produced by Lansman for RLB. Rebecca probably the best of a bad bunch, a legacy of the Blair years. The task is to organise at grass roots level.

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