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Anonymous ‘rejoin Labour’ site gathering data without GDPR, set up by centrist with Starmer link

‘RejoinRebuild’ site provides no details of who runs it or who will control member data – but registration details show Labour right-winger with link to centrist leadership hopeful

An anonymous site set up to encourage people to ‘rejoin and rebuild’ the Labour Party was set up by a centrist supporter of leadership hopeful Keir Starmer – who is vice-Chair of Starmer’s Holborn and St Pancras constituency Labour Party (CLP).


Rejoin/Rebuild says it is ‘a group of friends in the Labour Party who believe things need to fundamentally change‘ – yet that they believe in the party being ‘a broad church of members’. It says in its pinned tweet that it is trying to bring in one hundred thousand returning members – and it invites potential Labour members to enter their personal details:

GDPR data protection laws specify what information must be provided to those whose data is collected:

Yet’s privacy policy does not provide details of who the firm is, nor contact details, nor information about who will have control of the data, or about whom to contact if a ‘data subject’ requires their personal data to be deleted:

The site says no personal information will be shared with third parties, but with no indication of who the parties are who will have access.

And although it claims to believe in ‘a broad church’, Rejoin/Reform’s Twitter feed makes clear that it is supportive of the right of the party, while it has shared tweets calling to ‘take our party back’ from the so-called hard left:

Alongside support for right-wingers who have regularly attacked Jeremy Corbyn, the Twitter feed also includes calls to ‘get rid of this awful [Labour] leadership:

Wilder Digital

But while the site and Twitter account give no details of who is involved, a search of the right ‘WhoIs’ site reveals that the site was registered last week by a firm named ‘Wilder Digital’:

Wilder Digital is a firm that says it helps its clients “connect with and grow your audiences”. It lists Tom Lillywhite as its sole director on Companies House. Tom Lillywhite is vice-Chair of Holborn and St Pancras CLP:

Lillywhite’s Twitter feed shows not only regular retweets of Labour right-wingers and tweets in support of them, but also a stream of tweets concerning the constituency’s MP – Labour leadership hopeful Keir Starmer:

The SKWAWKBOX was unable to find any personal contact details for Tom Lillywhite. Calls throughout the day to the number shown on the Wilder Digital website reached a dead line. Emails to his attention at the firm’s email address were not answered.

Keir Starmer was also contacted for comment. No response was received before publication. There is nothing in evidence to suggest that he was involved in Rejoin/Remain.


Any site set up by the Labour right – or by anyone – that does not provide the required information to ensure privacy and protect data should not be trusted with any personal information.

Those who support Labour as a genuine alternative to the austerity consensus should not go near any site run by the Labour right to try to ‘take their party back’.

The battle for the heart and soul of the Labour Party is well and truly underway.

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    1. Blair mk2 minus Iraq war .He and Phillip’s are the centrist dearm team .Peoples vote joing the party in droves to vote for the same . So we will have a party leader chosen by remainers lib dems and Mandelson. Well done NEC for standing by whilst Rome burns .

      1. Liz 22/12/2019 at 3:15 pm

        The vast majority of the existing membership supported remaining in the EU and a confirmatory referendum. The self same membership that voted Jeremy Corbyn into office.

  1. I think Tom Watson collected all personal information about the membership when some person ever helpful left the door open to the main server bank….Now that esteemed knight is trying to go backwards and drag the membership with him. .Keir starmer and the move to dismantle the soul of the Labour party and turn the membership into a money raising forum..Thats the plan for Labour and the psychology of the establishment.

    1. Joseph, those allegations seem spot on. Our data is being used by those who send emails ” €#%€ ‘s MEMBERS “. The obvious has been ignored. Then moans AFTER events. We know the membership we have now. Why risk having “ENTRYIST” now? WHY? The URGENT thing is to FREEZE ALL MEMBERSHIP NOW! ! Even, every single new member from 12 December should be subject to STRICT vetting, Plus not ve allowed to vote in the leadership election.

      1. ps any leadership contender who supported remain should NOT be even shortlisted. They have demonstrated their lack of insight. They have demonstrated their DISDAIN for the areas we lost. They have demonstrated their disdain for a DEMOCRATIC vote. Oh and if “centrism” is what is needed, WHY have the TIGs CUKs FOLDED this very day? If more BLIARISM is whats needed, WHY have the LibDems failed, Why have UMMUNA LOST ? The shiniest of them all… LOST in the City and Westminster. His UNKNOWN replacement in Streatham, WON 🌹

        If Jeremy is anti-semitic, why has luciana berger LOST in HENDON? Why ??? If Our Party is full of anti-semites, then is LONDON FULL of ANTI-SEMITES? … especially PUTNEY ??? Did the Central Revolutionary Republic of PALESTINIAN ADVOCATES – P U T N E Y think the unsubstantiated claims of AS were lies ? WHY DID BERGER FAIL TO WIN HER SEAT IN HENDON?
        While JEREMY got over thirty THOUSAND votes and won AGAIN 🌹🌹 Is Islington full of institutionalised racist❓

        And, the most baffling question of all, while Jeremy’s enemies were on every hour on LBC etc with their anti Jeremy Hatchets , why did i only hear Ken Livingstone defending him❓❓ WHERE WERE JEREMY SUPPORTING MPs❓
        Busy polishing their leadership bids? Where were they? Where ❓❓❓
        NONE of them who hid, are suitable for leadership.
        NONE of them who had the toxic REMAIN fever.
        NONE who undermined Jeremy from DAY ONE

        Lets go for an unknown of ANY gender colour age or other such stuff. We did not lose in the traditional Labour lands because we did not have a woman leader or a young leader or a “centrist” leader. We lost because of the OUT of TOUCH NESS” that makes some still suggest that EVEN after CLEAR evidence.

  2. Although Starmer is the bookies’ (and the Tories’) favourite, it seems to me unlikely that he’ll win, provided the left can agree on a viable candidate.
    It’s much to early to make firm predictions however, so in the meantime I welcome all joiners. Either they support the party they joined (and its policies), or they have just donated money to a party they hate. It’s all good.

    1. Andrew Heenan….You make it all sound so simple?..but it isn’t for the majority because other than old men amongst the current Starrs mentioned there are no socialist candidates and voting for the least worst option will be the death of socialism.We are not sheep and the membership are not stupid to fall for another rigged election.We have a leader and we have an election when there is a proper choice….

      1. Until we know who’s standing (and we don’t) it is pretty simple. After that, it gets complicated / awful / whatever, depending on that list (and your preference).
        I’m hoping that a viable Left candidate will emerge – or a Left candidate who has emerged will become viable. I’m not seeing that yet, but there’s a couple of weeks to go, so no need to panic just yet.

  3. First class journalism IMO. Have just reported the site to Twitter but there was no means of indicating specific reason “violation of GDPR data protection laws”

  4. Here’s the latest post from medialens:

    The Arrogance of BBC News

    And the following is from the wikipedia entry for Jess Phillips (which I was checking out earlier):

    Phillips left the Labour Party during the years of Tony Blair’s leadership, rejoining after the 2010 general election. She told Rachel Cooke in her interview in The Guardian that her departure was because her parents stopped paying her membership direct debit. Her period at Women’s Aid made Phillips “utterly pragmatic… I learned that my principles don’t matter as much as [people’s] lives.”

    Yes, it was the last bit that grabbed my attention!

    1. And if you’ve not read it already, please take the time to read the following ‘report’ – damning indictment – of the Panorama hatchet job back in July. It names the other two people who participated in the program and were presented as ordinary Jewish Labour Party members (and also reiterates the fact that of the other eight, seven are/were executive committee members of the Jewish Labour Movement, and the other one was their former Campaigns Officer). And please share far and wide:


      1. On that issue – it’s noticeable that amongst all the ‘analysis’ and breast-beating on the airwaves, the huge elephant of media bias is getting nary a mention.

    2. The MediaLens article is well worth a read – particularly because it avoids simplistic conspiracy theory explanations, focusing on the real :

      “truly awesome, structural bias”

    1. It is noticeable that the MSM (aided by various PLP apologists) trope is that it was ‘the 2nd referendum wot dun it’.

      Welcome to the consensus of your new, Danny. Rest assured that media manipulation was irrelevant.

      Of course it wasn’t that.

    1. Danny, you made me check the meaning of “gas lighting”. Extraordinary! Thanks! Makes me think of those who still try to brow beat those wished to respect the democratic voice of the constituencies we lost. Think Blair, Campbell etc, who despite being the CORE of their “PEOPLES VOTE”. Rejected. Defeated. Failed. Folded. Lost‼️ Yet they don’t hide. They BRAZENLY set the narrative. They put their nonsense out constantly. We cannot complain, if we hide. Owen Jones appears to be doing the same. I cannot remember hearing him campaign against 2nd Ref.

      Do read this re: gaslighting:

      And an extract from WKiP

      “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation in which a person seeks to sow seeds of doubt in a targeted individual or in members of a targeted group, making them question their own memory, perception, and sanity. Using persistent denial, misdirection, contradiction, and lying, gaslighting involves attempts to destabilize the victim and delegitimize the victim’s beliefs.”

  5. Starmer is a plastic Blairite straight from the dirty tricks factory. There is NO way he will get my vote. No true Socialist would have abstained on a welfare vote that would hurt the poor and vulnerable and slashed a gaping hole in the Labour Party rooted socialist social security safety net policies like he did & that goes for RBL & AR. Yes, he’s good at delivering a speech, he’s from the legal profession so it goes hand in hand, & that is why he was able to persuade and push for the P.V.

    Be interesting to see who his financial backers are

    1. The new people joining are probably non socialists, pleased that Jeremy Corbyn is not now PM. The left supporters must keep together, otherwise will have to form a Labour Party AGAIN!

      1. p000t, some STILL don’t seem to realise the obvious.

    2. exactly. Starmer is DEFINITELY an inserted parasite. Could never understand why advisors gifted Starmer the platform to push the wishes of the People’s Vote, Blairite Remainiacs. Yet another embarrassing attempt at appeasing enemies over friends. Trembling at MSM. Never standing firm for what was clearly sensible, obvious and right.

  6. ‘Right political ignorance shouteth most loudly.
    But for more suffering for the poor they are to blame.
    Left Leader, Dep, policy, act like Syrizia.
    Keep alight the left wing democratic socialist flame!’

    1. Unfortunately all this panicky ‘beware the neoliberal Labour Right from recruiting lots of old Blairites back to the Party to aid their hope of recapturing it for centrism’ , stuff is actually irrelevant unless the Party’s ‘Corbynista Left’ seriously reconsiders its continuing love for the neoliberal Eu and its single market straightjacket on a Left direction for the UK. Because unless Labour can embrace a Left Brexit strategy we will never win back our old Labour heartland voters – and never again form a government. The Guardian’s often incisive Larry Elliott has a surprisingly excellent article arguing just this in today’s Guardian. Well worth a read !

      Even if this fundamental reassessment by our Party’s mostly non socialist , actually merely middle class Left Liberal, membership was possible, a fundamental problem the ‘Left has is that we do not have a single credible replacement Left Leader to carry forward the (deeply flawed) ‘Corbyn legacy’ . Long-Bailey and Raynor are opportunist lightweight nonentities, who would be brought into line by the PLP majority and press pressure within a month. And sorry, but Burgon simply isn’t up to the job either. And Chris Williamson isn’t an MP any more. So there simply isn’t the vital figurehead Left Leader future figure for the Left to organise around . Thirty years of ensuring only careerist opportunists were parachuted in as new MPs by Mandelson/Blair have ensured the PLP has no real ‘Left’ grouping of any size or talent anymore.

      1. Jeremy Corbyn has rebuilt the the democratic socialist Labour Party. He will continue to be the leader while the right wing, like vultures,hang around to get the bits of power. I say keep together and work to put the manifesto into action in our communities, resisting the neo liberal economy, in protest for the climate, supporting BDS, supporting Venezuela .Don’t let the right take over the Labour Party.

      2. jpenney, several things can be true and relevant, indeed URGENT at the same time. Pointless to ignore the basic of preventing Bliar “entryist”.
        We also need not judge potential from a list of familiar names. Hidden talent should have been nurtured. Stated that in my CLP. It was shot down. My philosophy is be on the front foot. Prepare. My URGENT plea to prepare was shot down.

        Think outside the box. Select from the unknown. I heard a marvellous new MP speak on Monday. Why can someone like her not be brilliant at leading, with an effective team? Why not. We need to cease being ruled by peculiar obsessions of keeping “big names” on side. KENNETH CKARKE , NICHOLAS SOAMES etc LOST THE WHIP. BloJohn won WITHOUT THEM. The “big names” lost. Losing side. We must learn from history. BLO JOHN WON.

        Johnson rehired two failures, Goldsmith and a name that slips me. Were it me i would apologise profusely to Chris Williamson, Ken Livingston, George Galloway etc Jen Loach, Brian Eno, give them Cabinet positions. Put them in the Lords. Yes i can hear the horror. I say stop sodding being afraid of a snakes and vultures which are already attacking. Sod the hostile media which us ALREADY hostile. BASH the rats! Bash them HARD with the sticks you hold. Or find UTOPIA and practise fantasies there. Don’t send the address of utopia if you feel you have found it. It does not exist. And if it did, you would not find it. You have failed to see obvious signs here. You’ve turned by every wrong foul wind of rejecting a clear democratic vote. If utopia accommodates that attitude, then it is not for me.

      3. jpenney 20/12/2019 at 11:52 am

        Obviously your assertions are confirmed by the huge personal following that voted for Chris Williamson in the GE.

      4. Ha’penny – your witterings are as irrelevant to defeating the Tories as an incompetent chiropodist is to leading edge cancer surgery.

  7. Keir Starmer , radical, he’s about as radical as an M&S Christmas cardigan !

    1. Dave Putson, may i borrow your line? PLEASE ? ” as radical as an M&S cardigan ! “. ACE😂😂😂

  8. I belong to the Labour Party. I absolutely stand by Jeremy Corbyn and like many thousands of other democratic socialists want the Party to carry out the progressive aims of the 2019 manifesto.

    Any talk of ‘a broad church’ is a distortion by the opportunist right of the Party to capitalise on the achievements of Jeremy Corbyn, who has since 2015, reclaimed and built upon the founding commitment to stand for the working people of this country and work for a peaceful world.

    The breakaway group including Emily Thornberry and Keir Starmer are a continuation of the Blair formula of ‘compromise with capitalism’. in other words -Soft Capitalism. So, a broad church, yes, but of tolerance and discussion but not a sell out of fundamental principles.

  9. I’m not 100% convinced about the ‘broad church’ argument if its a weakness rather than a strength,I am convinced that open selection will ensure Labour is a united & disciplined party

  10. Steve, no-one covers the actions of the ‘moderates’ as well as you do, this is where the Labour left needs to dramatically raise its game

  11. Of course broad churches always mean throwing out and denigrating one side of the church if you can no longer boss them around and patronise them.

    Really broad that.

    1. Diogenes, DavidS, p0000t, Putson you say it better than i do, and with far fewer words. I disagree with the protests bit and foreign preoccupation. We need URGENT focus on winning a RESOUNDING election here. The FACTS prove it is not by protests. Extinction Rebellion was one of the most dynamic and thought through protests. It failed to change the result or this years Climate Conference. The Jillet Jeunes have had spectacular but unreported persistence. Macron is STILL in office. The Macron who forned his party in short time and WON the POWER to do almost anything he wants in France and inflict EVERYTHING WE W E don’t want abroad.

      A period of deep reflection is URGENTLY necessary to focus on quashing myths and lies with persuasive debate OUTSIDE our bubble. ON the hostile media. We must be present, heard by the whole country, not just rallies and protests and niche groups. Groups out of touch with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Attend to the basics, the universal, the immediate, and RESPECT a democratic vote.

    2. For the terminally unsubtle I was referring to the conduct of the right of the party to the left 1985 to 2019.

  12. Open selection and trigger ballots dont work if a cabal of right wingers has your local party stiched up,
    Learn from Blair and parachute in your preferred candidates where needed, it’s a sound principal to bring back party discipline,
    Get rid of those who wake up every morning and plan how they can do damage to the party, members and supporters

  13. Will those like Austin, Harris, Stuart etc who urged a Conservative vote as recently as one week ago be allowed back in?

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