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Tories break another election promise within first week – on minimum wage

Boris Johnson has broken yet another election promise, before the first week of his new government is even up.

Johnson promised low-paid workers a significant rise in the minimum wage by 2024. This was less than Labour was guaranteeing:

But even that promise has hit the waste basket with shameless speed.

Johnson has now said that the rise will only happen ‘if conditions allow’ – which of course, his big business donors will tell him they never will.

The Tories’ claim to be the party of working people lasted only as long as it served to get Johnson back into power. Now the full force of the Tories’ contempt for the working class is going to rain down on the heads and backs of those toiling for next to nothing.

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  1. Get Boris done
    Election fraud, what me de pfeifel old etonian, born liar and a charlatan
    Who would have thunk it
    Now what are going to do about it, wht do we play the game, why are we not shouting corruption from the rooftops
    Does the Electoral commission not draw up a report after every GE
    Or how about making the news by calling out MSM and toilet papers, cheap and nasty Tory party have not stopped lying, ask the interviewer why they are not challenging this,
    BBC yes you are one of the worst offenders there are reports by academics on it, its that bad,
    Who and why from editors to chief correspondents and when are they leaving
    Talk over them when they frame the story against JC, party, members, supporters,
    Draw up a list of acceptable Labour spokespeople, stop paper reviews, by definition they are the spawn of Cockwombles

    1. Many people overlook the racist, sexist, homophobic writings of the prime minister and see him as a ‘one nation’ Conservative.

      He is a not. He is indistinguishable from Victor Orban (with whom his party was politically linked in the EU): a fascistic, hard-right populist.

      “Hungary (Trump and the Conservatives) needs Russia.”

  2. I wonder if those voters in the mythical ‘heartlands’ who voted against their family’s future wellbeing and prosperity by voting for the most RW Tory government in generations, a party that is led by the amoral Johnson are now reflecting on the wisdom of their decision.

    1. They deserve the biggest share of the coming shitstorm.

      “Heart” lands? Don’t make me laugh. That’s a sick kind of love right there.

      But their love-that-finally-speaks-its-name for the Tories is a case study in Stockholm Syndrome!

      1. timfrom, do list the friends you have and people you admire who insult you, condescend and ignore you. It may help you to understand. Why they voted as they did. Go and see the state of their high streets. Boarded up! Industries wrecked!! And, now to be told with breathtaking arrogance and DETERMINED IGNORANCE, that if we respect their vote, their lives will be worse. WORSE THAN WHAT timform. Worse than what. We should have respected the vote and now WE would be implementing the Brexit. Now because of the mind boggling arrogance, Johnson has won. He won because of you and NOT the heartlands. Those who ignored the heartlands, GIFTED VICTORY to Johnson

      2. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have respected the vote. Their wishes should have been acted upon. But to vote for Johnson was an act of mind-bogglingly selfish bloody-mindedness. What was required was a perhaps unreasonable amount of forebearance on the heartlands’ part, of looking past the smears and sticking with Corbyn. He had kept the possibility of a Brexit in play, after all.

        Instead they decided to fuck shit up. Stupidity is the supreme unforgivable crime.They have helped into power the most dangerous Prime Minister in our history (to think that was the accusation made of Corbyn, irony-fans!) and will very shortly regret it, as will we all…

      3. timfrom, my last few post before polling day, you can read, that with humility, i was BEGGING our traditional voters to forgive us. And, we should then fight hard for a best Brexit from the lifelong Brexiteer Jeremy Corbyn. What was EVENTUALLY offered, did NOT keep the “possibility of a Brexit in play “. It penultimately offered the “AMBIGUOUS” the remainiac’s words SO THEY KNEW it was a FUDGE, a FOG, ambiguous, arrogantly believing it would fool the voters whom you have above accused of “Stupidity”. Again i ask, do you have any friends or admires whom you think regard you as being “stupid”? Would you vote for a party that openly attempts to disregard one member one vote? Their votes being of lesser value compared to ours in London?

        The penultimate offering was “negotiate a another “deal” “, then campaign against it for Remain. It then morphed into “new deal” and “remain” would be offered. I am sorry timform, even I, ex Surrey, Kent, ISLINGTON now more central London… i can see the wheel if i step outside, on a quiet night i can hear big ben chime, the roar of the crowds after the New Year fireworks… Even i can see that the final offer IGNORED the democratic result LEAVE.

        So it is not they who have cause our loss. The cloth eared “centrist” PEOPLE’s VOTE BLAIR REMAINIAC tools who dragged Jeremy away from his historical position aligned with Tony Benn, Clement Atlee, Kate Hoyee excuse spelling, George Galloway etc It is the DEMONIC REMAINIACS who caused this.

        You have sited the cockroach infested plight of the homeless which existed BEFORE the election of Jeremy, before the Referendum, before the EU elections and BEFORE THIS Election. Yet we RAN INTO THE LONG GRASS TO RETRIEVE A CONSERVATIVE THORNY BARBED TOXIC BALL. And still still some cannot see that. It is beyond baffling. A good PURE rest is needed by us. With humility, I am BEGGING again. THINK on your own for the next three weeks, in silence. Ask yourself, would you vote for people whose actions and words OPENLY CONFIRM that they think you stupid??? Neither would I. Plus i do not believe people are stupid. We have different experiences, nature nurture which inform our diverse views. People are not stupid. I reserve my harsh words for the obvious trolls, RH the best example amongst the fewer than a handful. And, even then, only after abusive language. And you know what? The trolls and their controllers are NOT stupid. Reflect and put your self in the cockroach infested homeless situation and think honestly, how would you have felt???

      4. Well I’m sorry but what other word than “stupid” can you apply to down-trodden people who think that ANY Tory government will improve their plight, let alone one headed by someone with such a proven track record for lying as Johnson. They ought to know that’s bullshit without having to think for longer than…ooh, about half a second. This is the damage done to class consciousness in our country since the Thatcher years, alas.

        But if a friend of mine told me I was being stupid (one whose opinion I respected, of course, otherwise I wouldn’t give a toss), and
        explained his reasoning with me, I’d at least give some thought to whether they might have a point. Then raise my hand and say “My bad”.

      5. So if as you say the “homeless” family are NOW in a cockroach infested place” and “down-trodden” NOW. And they have voted Labour since Noah built the ark, then what did we prioritise over since 2017 and during this election? By prioritising i mean repetition as frequently as “Get Brexit Done”.

        How do you feel the many, as you highlight, “homeless” and “in cockroach infested” dreadfully spirit sapping circumstances NOW would feel when they hear in a campaign, millions of trees will be planted? Free broad band”, Climate Crisis… we have 10 tears to save the world, but you can stay in your “cockroach infested” & “homeless state”.

        What exactly get worse for those you describe? When you find someone who would vote for people who thinks them stupid then form a party and lets know of your success at winning them over. You and they would be amongst the most remarkable people in the history of they world. But the people who voted leave and rejected those who thought them stupid, voted for the Tories not because the preferred them. It was a protest vote as when in the Local Elections some voted Lib Dem. It was a protest vote that was ignored… AGAIN. Also, i heard lots of the need for “CLASS CONSCIOUSNESS” at an event on Monday, and since getting engrossed in my CLP to vote for OPEN SELECTION. lots Lots LOTS PhD’s about. But timfrom, i say it is not that they lacked class consciousness. They have CONSCIOUSNESS. They are conscious of their circumstances NOW

      6. Labour has a excellent Housing Policy. A policy that they would have directly benefited from. I can’t see the logic of them cutting their nose off to spite their own and every other vulnerable persons face.

        It’s strange that in such along post, where you so dismissively refer to the GND (a key part of Labour’s policy offering) that you don’t link this to the housing policy, and the training, and the well paid employment that would have directly benefited this and millions of other vulnerable families

        Have you ever bothered to read the manifesto?

      7. Have u ever bothered to consider that we have MANY EXCELLENT policies? POLICIES PLURAL? None got the amount of repetition and EMPHASIS THOUGHT the last THREE years. Instead they were DUMPED like a STORMS of delicious ice-creams in a 6 week campaign. Every few days a new flavour. The GND was one of the first and most highlighted of the very many policies. Not once was it treated as a focus on which to concentrate AND REPEAT EVERY DAY plus link EVERY HOUR to all the issues you mention, housing, training, well paid employment to benefit millions.

        It is a failure of being out of touch and dismissive like you SteveH, that makes you convinced that it is a WINNING STRATEGY and acceptable to tell the “homeless”, the “vulnerable” and those timfrom mentions “cockroach infested” accommodation…to read about our GND in our over 130 page manifesto and to consult our great book.

        Have you ever bothered to think afresh before you spout, Have you understood the subtext or even the supra text of what you read? Will you ever bother to realise that the facts, the evidence – our losing this election is due to the the likes of you, confident and arrogant without much to be confident and about which to be arrogant?

        Will the likes of you ever learn???

      8. I agree that we should lay a good proportion of the blame at the door of those who were employed to formulate the party’s communication strategy.

      9. Well if I was living in a cockroach-infested hovel, I agree, free broadband wouldn’t mean much to me, but I’d probably be very conscious about getting ill and about the worsening climate and likewise for any kids I might have, so I’d have to be on some kinda death trip to vote for a party that would make these worries worse.

        And to emphasise, they weren’t “stupid” for voting Leave, they were stupid for voting Tory, especially if living in reduced circumstances. But many of these “heartland” voters are on good pensions and did well out of buy-to-let/selling their council house. In their hearts, of course, they were always Tory.

      10. timfrom, “In their hearts, of course, they were always Tory”. Then why did they vote Labour since the dawn of time❓ “but many of these “heartland” voters are on good pensions” – Go see how that sells on the doorstep, then feedback, so we can all learn. And, are those in “cockroach infested” hostels on good oensions❓ “did well out of buy-to-let…”❓
        “…make these worries worse” – Worse in what way? More cocktoaches❓

        You are putting the speculation that things will get worse, over the REALITY NOW that they are DREADFUL despite voting Labour for GENERATIONS. And now we have a rare ray of hope , Jeremy , his light was too often under a table , or worse up a mountain beyond the mist and THICK fog. And, his communications and strategy team decide to promise broadband and millions of trees.

        timfrom, in desperation, people grasp at anything VISIBLE. … straws even. Tories even. In frustration at being taken for granted, people do cut noses to spoil face. What else can they do? Choose more years of being taken for granted? “WORRIES” NOW , LIVED worries now, will ALWAYS be more tangible … more persuasive than IMAGINED speculative theoretical worries HOW EVER VALID. LABELS of TORIES and “class consciousness” carry no clout if the MPs for decades had the Labour labels and shoos ate boarded up, people are in cockroach infested hostels. Yes, funding was squeezed by Tory Central Government, but it needs repeating, that basic needed to be repeated EVERY WEEK over the last four years, EVERY DAY as various elections threatened, And EVERY fifteen minutes on EVERY RADIO station, especially LBC’s Iain Dale, NOT any of the others, and to a lesser extent Talkradio’s Mike Graham Program. Presenters who at least have the manners to listen to an answer, no matter their position. Mike even had someone back a 3 or so weeks ago as he thought he had given him a bad time. Ignore the obnoxious presenters. Starve them of publicity.

        We must listen more. And when we fail as ourselves what can we do better. Not people are stupid for voting this way or that. Think of it, surely if we were so smart and “they” so stupid, then surely smart people should persuade the “stupid” No??? And if Trump is a fool, how did a fool defeat a Rhodes Scholar , Hillary Clinton? She declared his supporters mainly from the “Rust Belt” , a “BASKET of DEPLORABLES”.

        How did that work❓ If we are sooo SMART, then smart people observe and learn and change… No ??!

      11. i’v not clicked on the link but the title screams that redmolotov is definitely not what True Labour needed, nor needs now. We should avoid that attitude like the plague. I am always asking myself and asking others to tell me how i can improve. My points are put forward as best as i can (except the typos… always in a rush… don’t be fooled by the length 😊) Yet i see them as only my view. I don’t NEED to be proved right. I want to find what is accurate & EFFECTIVE, no matter the source. So, redmolotov is WAAAY off the spot. Waaay off the money. Failed to learn? Prepare to fail AGAIN.

      12. It’s a t-shirt company. You won’t get a virus by clicking on the link!

        No Amount Of Evidence Will Ever Persuade An Idiot (T-shirt design)

        A quote often (incorrectly) attributed to Mark Twain, but one which goes a long way to explaining a multitude of denials despite being in possession of all the facts; be it politics, religion or any number of conspiracy theories: No amount of evidence will ever persuade an idiot.

      13. timfrom, I neither believe those who voted leave are idiots, nor racist. Though we are admirably straight forward on , were we keen to win any election, it seems idiotic to call potential voters “idiots”. Are you happy for us to lose again? Are you as angry and frustrated as they are? Maybe i too am not smart enough to understand wanton insult of our electorate who were taken for granted.

        Do share when and where your seeds of scorn have produced even one tiny fruit of success….Or if anyone else, anywhere at anytime, has reaped success with a similar approach.
        With thanks in advance,

      14. Circumstances NOW are infinitely more relevant and URGENT than fears based on SPECULATION of what MIGHT happen. We seem to not learn. Hillary Clinton called the people in the “RUST BELT”, a basket of deplorables… ie stupid. CLINTON LOST.

        Now instead of serving the “FLY OVER COUNTRY” the Democrats are focusing on Impeaching Trump. PREDICTION: Trump will therefore TRIUMPH at the next election.

        Tony Blair and the usual VILE SELF-SERVING DUDS, who deceived people everywhere, including Sedgefeild, prophesied UNTOLD CALAMITIES if we did not join the EURO. The WMD DISGUSTING CREATURE excreted the same empty regurgitated sewage. THANK G – D for Gordon Brown who kept us out of the Euro. We did just fine thank you very much.

        I was quite indifferent re the EU in/out until i listened to what passed as argument from those i now brand fevered rabid renainacs. From then to now, i have not heard a SINGLE sound point. Anxiety, yes. Speculation, yes. Hysterical nonsense, yes. Neither hard nor even soft evidence, yes.

        No facts no OBVIOUS evidence. Eg the FACT that two countries Norway and Switzerland neither of which are as entangled as we are, have this very year outdone us AGAIN A G A I N re life satisfaction. No problem with the extremely long Norway Sweden Boarder…I’v crossed it with ease many times. Switzerland – No problem with the several countries bordering. I’v crossed those as well many tines. Have already posted about South Korea and the Ukraine AND TURKEY managing to pour steel into the EU while our British Steel collapsed EXACTLY as CLEMENT ATLEE prophesied in the 1950s and to the end of his days. BRITISH STEEL RESCUED BY CHINA… all the while we have been in the EU. The DOINGS of CONSERVATIVE PMs.

        All before my time but easily available in books. Good old fashioned libraries and books. You can research subjects anytime anyplace, so no one has any excuse to be ignorant of FACTS… HISTORY. The only stupid people are those who fail to make use of available information and ignore facts. Those who worship “class consciousness” but ridicule the CONSCIOUSNESS, the LIVED EXPERIENCE N O W , of those the call “stupid”. Johnson and Cummings took the election victory from us without a struggle. We gifted it to him with the best wrapping. We hunted down their barbed, toxic CONSERVATIVE BIG ball of TORY long running argument, HUGGED it tight till we have all their barbs, all their poison, they have been brought together, we are divided, they can do anything, while we call for more protests at those to whom we have gifted victory. Happy to protest to ask governments to do this and that instead of putting all our thought into how we can be the government. More talk of class consciousness, more of the same defeatist complaining noise.

        No deep reflection, no incisive honest humble analysis of what we can do differently. Because we feel we are so smart, there will be no change. More of the same. Don’t blame the people you failed to convince. Blame yourselves for failing to convince.

      15. SPNWC

        “The only stupid people are those who fail to make use of available information and ignore facts”.

        That’s EXACTLY who I’m talking about! And as someone who’s been on/off the dole most of his life, I’ve lived the experience (and am capable of the deep reflection) you say I lack. Perhaps it’s because I do more reflection than most, that you’d never catch me voting Tory in a million years, even if I felt as suicidal as these scabs clearly do!

      16. All I can take away from this is that you believe people are idiots much more than you believe electoral fraud…

    2. I don’t think they have yet realised how they were conned and just what they have let themselves in for.
      I remember before the election the father of a homeless family living in very poor temporary accommodation said (between displaying photos of the cockroach infestation the family had to endure) that he “liked” what Boris had to say. Another “ex miner “was voting Tory, I remember men sneering at us in the local Working Mens Club – all taken in by the Tories and unable to see that they are held in utter contempt by them.
      The sad thing is that having given Johnson a landslide victory they will soon find out that he can and will do exactly as he likes. I am absolutely certain that when the reality of this hits home there will be many regretting their decision to vote Tory. However it is too late now for regrets and they and the rest of us will have to live with the consequences of their misguided actions.

      1. ‘I don’t think they have yet realised how they were conned and just what they have let themselves in for.’

        Well given that it’s only been one week, it does seem highly unlikely.

        And just out of curiosity, how was the father of the homeless family ‘displaying’ the photos of the cockroaches? And how many men were sneering at you in the local Working Mens Club? Presumably they knew you (and your friends/colleagues)?

      2. And THAT’s to SteveH as well – ie given that it’s only been ONE week, it does seem highly unlikely.

        Funny how certain posters keep attacking and/or blaming the victims – ie the victims of the propaganda (both black and white) – disseminated by the corporate media and the BBC.

        I can’t help but wonder how ANYONE could entertain the thought that the people SteveH and Smartboy are referring to could or would be ‘reflecting’ or ‘realising’ after just one week! I mean it’s not as if THIS is all over the MSM – ie that the Tories have now said (as I have no doubt they always intended to from the outset once elected) that they will do it only “if conditions allow”, so it’s unlikely that many of the people SteveH and Smartboy are referring to have heard about it.

        PS And I don’t suppose anyone knows if the Tories put this ‘caveat’ in their manifesto?

      3. 🙄 Allan – I appreciate that you are trying to prove a point but unfortunately I’m just not clear what that point is. Are you?

      4. Still up and about are you! Always seems to be at least one of you doing the night-shift!

        My point was of course that you are spouting complete testicles. WHY would they be reflecting on their decision after just ONE week?! Of course they wouldn’t, and you know it!

        And it was hardly a decision made as a consequence of knowing the facts.

      5. “WHY would they be reflecting on their decision after just ONE week?

        I would, wouldn’t you?

      6. ” father of a homeless family living in very poor temporary accommodation said (between displaying photos of the cockroach infestation the family had to endure ” When did those conditions exist? Who was the MP? Labour or Conservative? Was it when we were IN the EU ? Will leaving the EU make them even MORE “homeless” ? Have a bigger “cockroach infestation the family had to endure “. Please pause and reflect. Analyse your “logic”. Your confident logic.

        Who won? Who lost? Who is now implementing Brexit? Pause, question if you may be wrong. Do not jeep repeating that which failed.

      7. Regarding the father of the homeless family – he was showing pictures on his phone of a cockroach on the mattress of a double bed. He also showed a picture of some sort of bug being squashed.
        In relation to the working mens club patrons when I said they were sneering at us I meant they were sneering at the party on TV. (the news I think ) They were not sneering at me personally nor were they known to me personally. Hope this clarifies my post.

      8. Reply to signpostsnotwindchimes
        I have no further information about the homeless father except that I saw him on TV and was shocked that despite his living conditions he appeared to be going to vote Tory.
        As far as I recall he had moved ( from Kent?) to try to enhance his chances of housing/work and it hadn’t worked out and he was living in temporary accommodation with his wife and I think 1 child. The accommodation was highly unsatisfactory and he was showing the interviewer photos of infestation.
        In relation to my logic I cannot ever imagine voting Tory and certainly not if I was living in dreadful conditions with no hope of improvement under a Tory government..
        I think this man and many,many others were fooled into voting against their best interests and I do genuinely believe they will live to regret it over the coming months and years.
        Additionally my comment was not about Brexit . It was about the electorate e giving Boris Johnson a landslide which will enable him to do exactly as he pleases.

    1. Apparently the rules say that we now have to wait until the new HofC committees have been elected before it can be released.

      1. Steve H
        Methinks two investigations into ex lover and funding, certainly one police investigation and one i think London Assembly

      2. With everything else that’s going on I’d forgotten about those. We’ll have to try and make sure that everyone else doesn’t forget about them too.

  3. Of course the Tories have begun breaking promises..But the ‘Labour Heartlands’ in their wisdom voted for it So it’s OK. 🙂

  4. Ah Pinocchio at it again promises hay are made to be broken by this charlitan

    1. C’mon. You know it was really all the fault of those bastards that actually voted Labour. You did the right thing – any LexiTory will tell you that.

  5. If you have 280,000 nurses now and over the next 5 years you hope to retain 20,000 who would normally leave,
    And your target is 330,000 in 5 years
    How many nurses do you need to recruit/retain

  6. It goes without saying that this didn’t receive any coverage by the corporate media AND that once elected they would then say precisely this – ie ‘only if conditions allow’. The fact that they said within five years suggests that they might – and I stress ‘might’ – just do it six months or a year or so before the next GE.

    The only news outlet I found that covered it (that’s anything approaching mainstream) when I did a search was the Huff Post:


    1. “The only news outlet I found that covered it (that’s anything approaching mainstream) when I did a search was the Huff Post:”

      Allan – Unless you posted the above comment several hours after you did your search then this simply isn’t accurate, I suggest you refine your search technique.

      1. Could you elaborate Steve? It’s unlike you not to do so.

        Anyway, I just did another search, and the only other mainstream media in the results was the Indy, and it definitely wasn’t in the results when I did my initial search. Had it of been, I would have said so of course. The point is that the vast majority of the MSM DIDN’T cover it, which is exactly what I expected.

  7. I hope someone is compiling a list of ditched promises following this and the 2017 GE, before and after descriptions, what they promised and what they delivered would be quite edifying as well

  8. sorry. should have read “consult our GREY book”. Apologies for my numerous typos. The spell check which i’v turned off so e of its functions but it still changes “of” to “if” etc plus my own failure to read b4 sending. Always in a rush. ANYWAY yes the communication was and IS WORSE than appalling.

    That is why even now, as i hang up laundry up high in the kitchen (the patents do that… LIVING the GND before Noah went to the builders’ merchants) … while hanging laundry, swapping between LBC & Talkradio as usual, … At around 20:55 lbc č Andrew Pierce, a callers are STILL regurgitating the repeated almost never challenged lies about AS and the manifesto was too left wing. NEITHER us true, but they have ever been rebutted with the regularity, clarity nor robustness matters require HEAD ON & FROM the GET GO. If not they are believed and stick. In medicine / surgery or industry, that is vital. Problems rarely if ever vanish if we hide from them. I still believe that considering our defeat was not worse eg Jeremy getting over 30,000 votes while Ummuna BUMMED. and Lucisna Berger could not even win in Hendon. BERGER was REJECTED BY HENDON. Have to celebrate that with wonderful people from Hendon. To accuse Jeremy of being an A S was beyond evil, beyond the lowest of the low. The BERGER KNEW IT WAS A VILE LIE. All of these plain observation b4 the election and after the dumping of Berger by Hendon need to be repeated every hour everywhere. Similarly so called centrist moderate SWINSON. Swinson lost her seat. Sunk with her Blairite ways DUMPED FAILED CRASHED DESPISED & REJECTED but rightly so. Not aquatinted with grief. Swinson, LibDems and People’s Vote trash ARE GREIF. Oh! and the far left Jeremy Corbyn WON his seat AGAIN with over THIRTY THOUSAND VOTES. His flaw? Caving in to the pressure of those he had already defeated THREE TIMES – REPEATED SHIP JUMPERS and LOSERS. Ummuna, Swinson, Berger, Smeeth, Soubrey…. where are you??? Down the sewer amongst the rats and turds where you belong.

    1. Seumas Milne – Director of Communications and Strategy for the Leader of the Opposition.

      1. There was almost no communication on radio, and shockingly poor strategy. Clips of rallies eg outside the 1st Trump visit were played on the radio. Jeremy was spine-tingly OUTSTANDING. So thrilling that a presenter using yet another double hour slot to bash Jeremy, agreed with me that he was phenomenal. The presenter said his long speech was from memory!!!

        So the ability is there. The thrilling was ALWAYS followed by clips of radio or TV interviews where i would be close to tears at the underpowered, barely audible monotone. Over the years they became a touch less in audible but still as if the speaker did not care a jot. Lots of throat clearing and gasping for breath. All easily fixable, but not. Perhaps pointed out and ignored or the team FAILED to INSIST that they HAD to be fixed.

        During the AS accusations, it was excruciatingly baffling. Months of silence then floods of equally whining painful apologies. Not ONCE did I hear evidence being demanded.

        Strategy overall was ABYSMAL. Incredulously laid back. It showed not the slightest understanding of how humans hear, absorb information and embrace new and potentially challenging ideas. Concepts may be clear in our own heads. After all, we formulate them in our heads over months or years, not in the heads of others. With emotional intelligence, and INTELLIGENT intelligence, the above would be obvious.

        Good or even best intentions are useless without ongoing assessment re outcomes, effectiveness. THREE YEARS and NO change… i have never seen the like. Bafflement remains. But the fault is certainly NOT all Jeremy’s, or leaders would not have teams who are very well paid. The responsibility was theirs to provide “Communication” & “Strategy”. It was Jeremy’s to know it was wanting and so get new defenders. Never too late. Cummings are rare. Jeremys are infinitely rarer.
        ps those who want to be leader are not what we need. It should disqualify them. Among, Jeremy’s best qualifications is his lack of personal ambition. Among his worse, is failing that we must lead OUT here within reality, NOT within utopia. No one knows where Utopia is. The ruins of attempts at creating Utopias can be visited all over the world. Best practise leading here beneath the mists, clouds and thick fog. The passive aggressive, coiled spring tension, combined with excessively inappropriately timed zen… MISPLACED zen, can be changed. Must be changed. The holier than thou approach ie “policies not personalities” is poppycock. The only bit of poppycock i’v heard and seen live emanate from the great Tony Benn. Personalities produce policies to match. The lies of Johnjon nedded yo be repeated every hour no matter how odd it feels. The lies should been linked to him not intending to deliver a meaningful Brexit. FArage as in GArage, Sewage, Leakage, knows that but gave in. Proof that one should never give in. Puzzled, but relieved that we do not have a monopoly of caving in, leaving vacuums and appeasing.

      2. signpostnotwindchimes 11:10 pm

        I must admit to finding myself in the surprising position of actually agreeing with you on this.

      3. Always rewriting ‘history’ signpost, aren’t you! And inventing and fabricating things and then criticising them. I mean your whole post is full of them, as always, but here’s ONE good example:

        During the AS accusations, it was excruciatingly baffling. Months of silence then floods of equally whining painful apologies. Not ONCE did I hear evidence being demanded.

        What do you mean ‘during the AS accusations’? They have been continuous for the past four years or more! And there was neither months of silence *OR* ‘floods’ of apologies. You just make it up so as to portray Jeremy and Co in a negative light.

        The whole ‘anti-semitism’ smear campaign was based on Blitzkrieging the general public over and over and over again. I mean Ken Livingstone, for example – who was the first high profile and close ally of JC’s to be smeared – tried again and again to provide his OWN evidence that what he said was an historical fact, but the MSM knew that anyway and were never going to acknowledge it of course, and just smeared him again each time he tried, as they did with Jeremy regards the ‘wreath-laying’ episode and the ‘English irony’ episode, for example.

        And as you no doubt know, Margaret Hodge submitted 200 claims of A/S by party members to the LP/NEC which turned out to only involve 20 party members, and the MSM happily reported the 200 story, but needless to say DIDN’T follow it up when it transpired that it only involved 20 LP members, and for the glaringly obvious reason.

        Now if some Labour MP appearing on BBC QT, for example, had drawn attention to the ‘Hodge’ disparity, do you think Hodge and her fellow conspirators would have just let it pass. Of course they wouldn’t, and would have jbeen claiming hysterically (albeit fake hysteria) via their MSM chums the very next day that they WERE all LP members AND that the LP/Jennie Formby is lying.

        And you begin your litany of falsehoods with the following:

        There was almost no communication on radio, and shockingly poor strategy.

        Don’t believe a word this guy says folks, because it’s all complete and utter B/S! Funny, isn’t it, that he just happened to start posting numerous ultra-long diatribes all day long every day as of round-about the time the GE campaign began!

        And usually – amongst all the psycho-babble – repeating the SAME things/criticisms over and over and over and over again! Needless to say, he has a bank of TV screens watching all the different news channels simultaneously whilst listening to all the radio news stations on a bunch of radios at the same time. It’s ALL complete testicles!!

      4. AND writing numerous ultra-long posts all day long whilst he does so!!!

        Oh, and SteveH agrees with him. How very sweet!

      5. Allan – Why have you spent the whole night trawling through the last 10 days of comments looking for some reason to pick a fight.

        + criticising others over the length of their posts inevitably raises the repetitive issue of your chronic lack of self-awareness.

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