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Labour must not oppose Withdrawal Bill today – or it gifts Tories a winning narrative for next 5 years

Labour vote against Johnson’s deal will not only be futile – it will hand Tories victory on a plate in next general election
This Parliament will be dark for the country. If Labour misjudges today, it gives Tories even longer to ruin Britain

Boris Johnson’s EU withdrawal bill comes before Parliament again today – and represents both the opening salvo and potentially a decisive moment in this new – and for the next five years benighted – political period.

Labour took a pounding last week in its leave-voting heartlands because the party moved away, under pressure from its so-called ‘moderates’, from its 2017 commitment to enact Brexit on Labour’s terms.

That move turned the ‘Corbyn surge’ of 2017 into last week’s nightmare – and be in no doubt, in the minds of many centrists that was exactly the aim. But some are still pushing for Labour to ‘resist’ Brexit – even though on the new parliamentary numbers, such resistance would be futile.

Worse than futile: if Labour votes against Johnson’s bill today, it gifts Johnson and the Tories a narrative for the next five years that will make it next to impossible to win back the voters who punished Labour for ignoring their 2016 votes to leave the EU.

The Tories will get their hard Brexit anyway – well played centrists and remain ‘ultras’, you can’t say you weren’t warned – and will be able to spend the rest of the Parliament telling leave voters that Labour was still showing them contempt and trying to ignore them right to the end of the matter.

Labour must back the bill today – and those who cannot bring themselves to do so must at worst abstain. And any leadership hopeful who tries to curry favour on both sides by making a damaging gesture against the bill should see those hopes ended instantly.

Anything else will be continued vandalism to the movement that so many millions in this country so desperately need.

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  1. TOTALLY AGREE BUT ALAS JUST DONE. I despair. Heads up their utopias. So they can’t see.

  2. Labour MUST oppose the Tory Brexit because when it turns out to be a crock of sh.t they must own it fully.

  3. I could have sworn that I heard Jeremy Corbyn announce in the House of Commons that Labour would not be supporting the Tory Brexit bill.

  4. Labor cannot vote for the worst possible deal. Labour opposed the deal because it was a bad deal – it is still a bad deal.

  5. This is not important, because voting for will be remembered by the remain, voting against by the leave, and abstain by both.

  6. Don’t be silly. Johnson dropped key clauses, such as worker protection. Labour of ALL sides has to unite to oppose that. It’s a bad deal. Labour cannot condone it.

  7. I heartily agree with the sentiments in this article but no matter what Labour say’s or does it is always misconstrued by the media.

    So we can’t win either way.

    Labour has been tarred by Blair’s Neo-Liberal brush and the Blairites are giving it their all to once again control the party. Whether we like it or not they won’t give up and so we must reflect on how we now treat them, my view is that every one that steps away from our party policy should forfeit the right to represent Labour. They continue to usurp their privilege of being elected under a socialist banner and should therefore suffer the indignity of the electorate discarding their social democratic views as so many have before them.

    We have now got 5 years to reform our party free of those that continually undermine us, the sooner we accept that although many in number, the real proportion of hard Neo-Liberals could amount to about 30 in number. Losing them would in the long run be of benefit rather than allowing them the opportunity of constantly sniping from the sidelines, and would remind others of the importance of sticking to party policy.

    It has been these treacherous people who constantly run to the media or so say are quoted as Labour dissenters by the media, that cause confusion in peoples minds.

    The EU is now done and dusted, our focus must now be the economic and political implications of the Dark State ahead of us. Once we lose site of that we lose the chance of being re-elected.

    1. Exactly. Whatever Labour/JC does, the saboteurs and the corporate media will find/contrive fault with it. As they ALWAYS do!

      And whilst it’s the case that just under 10.3 million people voted Labour, which is a higher proportion of the vote than in 2015 and 2010, the vast majority of people don’t know that, BUT, the corporate media et al weren’t just intent to smear Jeremy and a few of his close allies as anti-semitic, but the WHOLE of the membership who support him, and also as bullies and thugs etc – ie THAT was all part of their agenda. And it’s one thing looking to the future, but there will be no future for the left unless we FIRST expose the lies and falsehoods and smears of the past four years, and THAT is up to US to do at the grass-roots level.

    2. Sadly, rotzeichen, and many other ‘Corbynistas’ of similar posts, the idea that Labour’s PLP problem is basically only the presence of ’30 or so’ neoliberals , is totally wide of the mark. As is the now well-proven bogus mantra that the post 2015 ‘Corbyn Surge’ Labour membership is a radical socialist majority, held back and betrayed only by a handful of well dug-in old Blairites – particularly at local council level.

      The reality is that the overwhelming bulk of our membership, certainly the activists, are not socialists in any meaningful way, but just middle class Left Liberals, with no understanding of how capitalism works at all , or how a socialist system beyond the power of the market place differs from the status quo. This is why Labour’s mass membership were so willingly and effortlessly seduced by the superficial , easily refutable, pro EU propaganda of the Mandelson/Blair ‘Peoples Vote’ campaign. And in consequence the supposed ‘Corbynite’ majority allied with the equally pro EU PLP Right Wing majority to land Labour in 2019 with a totally predictable (and predicted by many ) suicidal Second Vote and Remain position which alone was the sole key issue that lost us our Leave Labour heartlands, probably forever.

      An activist membership saturated with soft, identity-politics, not class, based politics, incapable of understanding the very rational, experience-based, hostility to the EU and all its neoliberal works, of our former heartland voters, including the unlimited labour supply reality behind the liberal-sounding euphemism of ‘Freedom of Movement, and the reality that most of our 2017 AND 2019 Manifestos could not be implemented within EU Single Market rules, can never rebuild Labour electorally in those lost old Labour heartlands.

      The harsh reality is that the deindustrialisation of the UK by the financialised neoliberal revolution of the last 30 years has destroyed the very ‘big battalion’ , collectivist identity, sections of our class, eg, miners, engineers, steelworkers, chemical workers, dockers, whose trades unions formed the Labour Party originally by pulling union-backed Liberal MPs out of the Liberal Party at the beginning of the 20th century. Now, in service industry, financialised, Britain, the base, membership-wise of the Labour Party is largely white collar middle class professionals – with a distinctly individualist outlook and self-absorbed identity politics scattergun political wish list ideology. Other than the self-delusion of the ‘Corbynite’ section of this membership that they are in some way ‘socialists ‘, there is no sizable genuine base of socialists in our party , and no sizable working class membership, now, and certainly none in the PLP, on which to base a continuation of the ‘Corbynite dream’ of 2015 beyond Jeremy’s now ended term as Leader .

      The Labour Party, even its Left Liberal ‘Corbynist’ component, might as well re-join with the Lib Dems now , as a reborn Liberal Party, focussing on the virtue-signalling ‘social liberalism’ so dear to all their hearts, and at the same time maintaining all those privileges (the real reason the middle classes want to remain on the middle class EU gravytrain ) that the sharp elbowed middle classes always try to conceal behind their ‘progressive liberalism’ banter. Such a Party will never regain an electoral base in our abandoned old Labour heartlands, or be a party of government again (except in dodgy coalitions). Who WILL focus on these areas of low wages, low skills, social decay, and few opportunities ? The xenophobic radical Far Right populists of course , as they have across Europe as social democracy has collapsed.

    1. We’ve certainly been ‘done’. But ‘dusted’? Far from it.

      … unless you believe the SB fellow traveller position.

  8. Labour have sensibly ignored SB’s advice and voted against Johnson’s terrible Withdrawal Agreement.

      1. Much as I hate to agree with RH about anyting, even at Christmas, he’s right twice.
        1. the bill was an insult to workers and death for the NHS, and no leftie with breath in his body (however mildly/deeply Left) could conceivably vote for it. Abstaining is usually cowardlty, and invites that label even when it’s not.
        2. skwawkie’s pro-Brexit hysteria was fine pre-election – the LP was split 50/50, so one must be tolerant. But now he’s ‘won’ – via the evil Johnson – the least he should do is not seek to be triumphalist and seen to be pro-Johnson.
        Brexit is going to happen. Let’s not make it more awful than it must be.

      2. Utter piffle.
        Did you not see the seats Labour lost?
        Or maybe you’re referring to the PLP?

      3. I was always a Remainer, but it was Remainer delusions that lost the election.
        Remainers spent all their time and energy attacking Labour, thus enabling Johnson and losing the election. And Brexit.
        The universal claim of “nothing is more important than stopping Brexit” didn’t stop then constantly attacking the only party that could conceivably stop Brexit.
        And that includes Labour MPs and Labour remainers.
        Time to end the delusions and fight for the party, not against it.

      4. Andrew Heenan – Your attempt at over simplification has led you to reach some erroneous conclusions

      5. The election results speak for themselves.
        If 90% of Labour were Remainers, we’d have won the election.
        We didn’t. We lost. Just sayin’.
        Delusion is no crime, but projecting them onto someone else is a bit sad.
        Go patronise someone else.

      6. Heenan, in your case, it’s reverse projection.

        The Labour leadership never had or followed a principled position, they flapped about like loose sail. We paid the price in the election and as a consequence the country will as well.

      7. The denial continues.
        Labour membership was split: the leadership walked a tightrope to avoid antagonising either side, and still offer a way forward. That wasn’t enough for the Remainers, who continually, day in, day out, attacked the leadership of the Labour party, thus planting doubts in the minds of Labour voters, and ultimately damaging the only party that could conceivably prevent Brexit.
        Remainers were so utterly short sighted that they handed the election to the tories, betraying their own party to do so, and threw away their anti-Brexit dreams at the same time.
        I’m 68, and I have never seen a political suicide like we just saw by Remainers. And they dragged the party down with them.
        Only a blinkered fool – and a tory enabler – could deny the loss of Labour seats as Leavers, who could have lived with a choice, suspected treachery, and took their votes to the tories.
        I don’t blame them (and hope they’ll return), but I will always have utter contempt for the tory enablers, who sold the party for … nothing.
        And that’s you, that is.
        And you are STILL sniping at Labour, still helping the tories.

      8. heenan73 – It would be difficult to put together a cogent argument that the Labour Party’s leadership office team wasn’t characterised by prevarication and indecisiveness. Dithering and evasiveness really isn’t a good look but unfortunately the leadership ‘sitting on the fence’ over Brexit became a standard joke when talking about Corbyn.

        Whether this was the fault of Jeremy, his advisers or both will no doubt be revealed in the fullness of time but unfortunately it destroyed JC’s USP with the voters of being someone they could trust. A straight talking and honest politician. This breaking of trust was allowed to become pervasive and hence too many voters came to the conclusion that they simply didn’t know what or who to believe any more.

    1. First of all – Brexit was a factor, but it wasn’t the *deciding* factor of the election. As Steve has said, the majority for Remain in the Labour support was huge.

      Actuality shows that the unpopularity of Corbyn’s image – constructed by the media – was perhaps *the* single issue – into which was rolled Brexit. Now, most sane people know that image was absolute rubbish. Why would the Brexit case – again formed by the media – not be the same?

      The idea of hoards of knowledgeable Labour voters turning out for the Tories doesn’t stand up to examination – they were gullible swing voters with conservative instincts who had little idea of the issues involved, but who had read the Tory press and watched the TV. Marx had a word for it :’lumpen’. Rattling on about this being simply a mythical ‘working class’ constituency is pure delusion. It’s a older, conservative constituency.

      Stand back : committed ‘heartland’ Labour voters who knew what they were doing would not have voted Tory in this election. Labour needs to look to its real constituency – the younger and the more committed and perceptive, and build on that support for the future.

      1. Heenan, your previous stupid comments regarding how the LP membership was split over Brexit have made further comment from you worthless.

      2. ‘Tory enablers’ = ‘those supporting Tory policy” in my book.

        If the cap fits …

      3. Much like your support for the Labour Party, then.
        Oh wait – that’s negative, isn’t it? 😉

    1. Hate to disappoint. On the subject of ‘bollocks’, Skwawkbollox is excelling itself at the moment with support for the Tories and its arse-covering with fantastic post-hoc simplicities over the election whilst joining the Blairite PLP in abandoning the core membership and indulging in posturing.

      An interesting marriage of irrelevant anti-Labour sectarian interests made in hell.

      The motto of the Tooting Polpular Front :

      “It’s THEIR fault.”

      1. Why don’t you and Jack and your other buddies/personas do us all a favour then RH, and go forth and start your own blog!

      2. Because Allan Howard, white flag man, someone needs to temper the garbage you and others often spout here. Run away, run away, has been your constant refrain.

      3. They prefer to undermine the party from within – they can’t help being tory-enablers. It’s hard-wired.

      4. Mmmm … the deluded LexiTories once again reversing reality … ‘supporting ‘ Labour = backing the prime Tory/Trump policy against Europe.

        Delusion or collusion? Take your pick. But it ain’t socialism or anything like.

  9. Given that we voted against the Bill for principled reasons when Johnson introduced it and given the the Bill is unchanged I do not see how we could reasonably vote for it this time round.

    1. Absolutely. It’s not difficult to work out – unless you put your allegiance to a Tory policy above a socialist perspective.

    2. There are changes – all for the worse – he’s dropped previous guarantees of worker protection. Yet more reason to vote against it.
      I would never advocate ‘blind opposition’ – voting against every single thing on principle – but this is not such an occasion. It’s a bad bill for a bad deal. Shame of skwawkie, who seems to have lost the plot on Brexit.

      1. Yes you are right – the Tories are reneging on workers rights and environmental protection.Thanks for that.

  10. It’s hard to decide which is the biggest lie played on the country
    Get Brexit done or
    The NHS is not on the table
    Do you have a favourite
    The Labour party will have nothing to do with this cheap and nasty Tory party toxic Eton mess
    You own it now

  11. Labour was right to vote against Johnson’s Brexit Bill as it is, quite frankly a crock of shit which will ravage working-class communities over the next five years.

    However, Labour must also now be at pains to confirm that it does indeed now respect the very sound decision of 2016 to leave the EU/ It must declare that it was fundamentally wrong to have reneged on this with the fudge-mudge of the proposed 2nd referendum. During the next five years we can be sure that the shit will hit the fan big time Crumbling towns will crumble further; there will be many more homeless preople on our streets; our NHS will be unrecognisable, if it exists in any way at all, secure employment will be a thing of the distant past, with zero hours contracts proliferating and our democratic rights will be under severe challenge. with the armaments companies and joingoistic English nationalists pushing the drive towards war.

    As I have stated before, Labour should have gone into the EU referendum on a Lexit ticket, putting forward very sound reasons why membership of the neo-liberal EU, in which member states are pressed to privatise and marketise the public sphere, is not compatible with a progressive programme of nationalisation.

    As for the future Labour’s next leader should not be from London or the south; she or he should be a Leaver from a northern working-class community willing not only to make leaving the EU beneficial to workers, e.g. fostering a deal that protects jobs, the NHS, protective regulation, etc., as well as advancing the popular progressive social and economic policies associated with Jeremy Corbyn. Corbyn almost became Prime Minister in 2017 on a commitment to respect 2916. His greatest error this time round was to agree to a ‘compromise’ to accommodate the very right wing twats who now blame him so unjustly for the 2019 election loss.

    1. Are any of the candidates for leader got ‘Brexit’ credentials? That’d be a rarity ..

  12. Brexit it’s a Tory psychodrama which has to play out until they all disappear up their own backsides taking the economy with them
    What is critical is that we agree the manifesto now and sell it over the next 5 years
    This is how we are going to change the country and how we pay for it,
    On the WASPI settlement, why would we not spend most of that money on other more deserving causes
    Same principle applies to tuition fees, there is nowt for owt, bring in progressive graduate tax,
    Stop charging interest on historic loans

    1. Doug, as a man, you seem to think that the ‘WASPI’ women now in their sixties, who have been cynically robbed of their expected statutory pension entitlements without due warning by a decision of George Osborne, to the tune of £35,000, and many more years of work before getting the pension, and in many cases of single women in particular ,plunged into poverty because of the unexpected disruption of their retirement planning, are not ‘a deserving cause’ ? There are 3.5 million of these WASPI women, plus their families. How many more potential or actual Labour voters do you want to piss off ? And as Jeremy explained regarding NOT charging tuition fees, or charging special ‘graduate taxes’ – all of society benefits from having a well educated workforce. Normal progressive taxation deals with those graduates who do well from their studies. Free education isn’t about ‘owt for nowt’, but about opportunity for all.

      1. Jpenny, well said, some of us (1950s women) on here, and as I said to my son, if they are allowed to get away with upping our pension age by 6 years with just 18 moths notice, then what hope is there for the retirement age of any other group of workers. Some 1950s women have been unable to get into work having been caring for much of their working lives. So we are not a worthy cause? Some have had to turn to food banks and have their children house them. Doug, when you get 18 months away from your expected retirement age, and the government tells you to work another 6 years, how will you feel comrade ? This has opened the door to the end of the state pension, which is what this is all about. THEY will tell you when you can have the pension you paid into , if at all. Why did they bring in workplace pensions? Why should you need them? My kids have ‘bits of pensions with numerous private companies through several employments. It’s all in preparation for an end to the idea of a decent state pension.

      2. Carlene/jpenney
        Apologies for not explaining where I’m coming from, I dont disagree at all with everything you say,
        Having spent the last 20 odd years working in the free advice sector it is always about dealing with priorities and where there are more than one, then it comes down to a triage system, which is the most urgent, fire fighting on limited resources,
        It’s where politicians earn their money by making those choices between interest groups,
        My point was which WASPI women should be compensated now and graduates themselves expect to contribute,
        The future might allow us to change those decisions but what this election taught us is the public dont believe you can have ‘out for nowt’
        Regards and respect

      3. Correct J penny. My wife has to theoretically live off one pension mine.six hundred andseventy pounds per month. Yes 👍thats real gravy train world.Some people follow the stupid myth that pensioners are loaded whilst the truth is that its one of the lowest in Europe and doesnt cover the basics even.You can bet that the mps have bigger bar 🍸 bills.?

      4. Joseph

        Luxury! £670pm must go a long way in the Mekong Delta! 😀

      5. In regards to forced later retirement for all of us. The chief civil servant, a chap by the name of Devereux, took early retirement afterwards with a nice seven figure pension.

        I find myself thinking of Carlin, discussing about people who deserve an inoperable tumour…

  13. The Torys own brexit and austerity….Lets keep it that way and always show caution when dealing with them .We now must work against the Torys at every opportunity and act like an opposition party.With all our baggage it will be difficult,but we can only live in hope.!

  14. It’s not the best candidate,
    It’s the candidate best placed to manage MSM/toilet papers, PLP, Vexatious claims of AS, Manifesto, Devolution/PR

    1. No mere mortal could do all that. That requires a united PLP and party machinery – and achieving that will be well-nigh impossible.

  15. Off topic but SB, I wish you luck if you decide to appeal, I’m a Unite Community member and it makes it quite clear when you join it is for ‘un waged’. If you can’t appeal ot still loose, crowd fund the damages mate.

    1. “crowd fund the damages mate.”

      That won’t be necessary Unite have already agreed to pay for SB’s legal expenses.

      1. “That won’t be necessary Unite have already agreed to pay for SB’s legal expenses.”

        That’s not surprising, along with others in these columns, McCluskey, is another supposed left winger with right wing tendencies!

      2. Steve H… Well thanks for that otherwise squawk box would be out of business and we would not have a forum for ideas info and occasionally learning.Disgraceful verdict by the way in support of another piece of work and unwanted baggage.

  16. By the way I wonder why some post on here being as they don’t support squawkbox in any way and have nothing but contempt for socialist thinking and the working classes.

    1. Joseph – I suppose that depends on your definition of democratic socialism. If we all agreed there would be no need for political discourse. This would be boring but would probably suit some in that it would provide a safe space that is nothing more than a confirmatory echo chamber.

      From political discourse and disagreement comes the opportunity to challenge, persuade, learn and formulate new ideas. Surely on reflection you agree that this makes for a far more interesting forum. ☺

      1. Steve H…The explanation for socialist thinking is shown on the back of the !membership card,thats broad enough for me,but some social democrats have crept in and thats the problem inside the Labour party.Divided partys cannot be elected.And I think they have to go and see how well they do playing the second rate Torys.

      2. Joseph – you confuse ‘socialist thinking’ with ‘supporting the Tories’, and ‘working class’ with ‘gullibility’.

        Neither are particularly attractive notions in that dictionary of yours.

        I think ‘contempt for the working class’ comes from those who try to requisition the term as a simplistic virtue signal for their own distorted notions.

  17. For as long as we have an Establishment and Blairette Establishment Tories within Labour, the Servants to the British, American and Israeli Elites, THERE WILL BE NO Socialist Labour!
    NOT EVEN if the remaining handful of Socialists Stand on their Heads, in the HoC Isle and Fart Sweet Matilda throughout the Opening Prayers!
    What have we learnt form the Past 5 years, the Nation especially those who will be eligible to vote in the next GE, are ravenous for Socialism, our ONLY HOPE of achieving that is to get out of Labour and Rip through that house with a New FRESH Democratic Socialist Party!
    A Socialist Party for who the 100s and 1000s of Socialists and Communists who, rightly refused to vote Labour, can ALSO have the Confidence to Vote for!
    IF Corbyn, McDonnell and McCluskey would be a Major part of forming this Party from within HoP and we have Williamson, Pidcock and Wadsworth etc outside, perhaps Walker can set something up something like Momentum, only without ALL the FAKE “Friends”!
    We would Demolish Labour and Claim Back the Name to it’s Rightful Owners THE PEOPLE!
    We could be the First Party to Condemn ALL Fascist Murderous States, Israel, Saudi, Indonesia, etc, etc! All Fascist Movements, EDL, BNP, Zionism, etc, etc! Reject Lords!
    Corbyn can write the Corbynist Manifesto, (just imagine how repulsed all those who named it so would be, they would feel compelled to read it also :):):) ) …elaborate vastly on how that could be applied on a Global scale, McDonnell could do the Costings and Financial Aspect!
    That would wake the Entire Planet up!
    Get input from Chomsky on how people can switch off and out of the conveyor belt of Commercialism and Materialism!
    WE have the Power to bring the Establishment to their Knees, BUT WE have to be serious about wanting to do just THAT! How many, not through Financial difficulties, but as Principle Spent only £10/20 Per Present, Just got a Normal Sunday Dinner instead of the £££££ banquet, in solidarity with the Millions of Destitute this Year!?
    How many of you have ONE Phone and ONE online Device, Or JUST the Safest, Most Basic Car, instead of the Swankiest on the Street! NONE of it is Necessary! ALL of it ENSLAVES us to the Establishment!
    We NEED a Major NEED over WANT Revolution, with ABSOLUTELY NO ‘cheating’. ‘Go to the supermarket to get Tomatoes, only Palestinian Tomatoes Grown and Sold by Settlers available’, you can’t go, ah damn only this one time! NO! You need to walk out and find the next Tomato seller!
    Ah but that is inconvenient!
    Those Palestinians are ‘SLIGHTLY MORE’ Inconvenienced by someone else stealing and selling THEIR Tomatoes and selling them as their own, whilst murdering their entire Families!
    I remember Last year this tome Many of you swore that that was the last xmas that you will spend £££££! Did you manage!?
    We are having a Bangladeshi Take Away, just the usual nothing Special! Just a Normal ‘weekend’ day in the midweek,
    I REFUSE to give those Bastards ANY MORE if my money than I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO! So that they can go and Play War Games with our Brothers and Sisters Lives!
    We NEED Democratic Socialism to Fix a VERY Broken New Order! AND we can not be Half Hearted about it! Staying in Labour will NEVER Produce this URGENT Aim!
    Of course an immediate issue that needs to be addressed is Electoral Reform! I don’t care what anyone thinks, but I believe the Tories Robbed our Votes!
    There is ONE person who loads the Ballot Box/es into their Car, drives ALONE to the Counting Centre and we have seen what happens from there.
    The Seals are Generic and Unnumbered, those that are, are not even looked and and can be Replicated for Pittance! They’re all for sale Online Dirt Cheap too!
    Simple 1 Minute Detour into a Warehouse can give us the LEAST POPULAR Politician in History, Literally either chased out of towns or Asked to Leave as the PM and The Most Popular Politician this nation has ever seen, lose against THAT Inbred Buffoon!
    Nah! ANYONE who believes that is Possible, without Ballot Switching and Miscounts is as much a Buffoon as THEIR PM!

    1. “What have we learnt form the Past 5 years, the Nation especially those who will be eligible to vote in the next GE, are ravenous for Socialism, our ONLY HOPE of achieving that is to get out of Labour and Rip through that house with a New FRESH Democratic Socialist Party!
      A Socialist Party for who the 100s and 1000s of Socialists and Communists who, rightly refused to vote Labour, can ALSO have the Confidence to Vote for!”

      🙄A re-branded Left Unity perhaps🙄

      Good luck with that, you’ll need it.

      How many votes did Chris Williamson get in the GE?

      1. 685, AND you BELIEVE THAT!? Please that is obviously Bollocks!
        How Many times did a football stadiums get up and sing Johnson’s Name!?
        Did he draw 100’s of 1000’s of people, did he receive welcomes by the crowds waiting for his Arrival!
        AND YET! There he is PM of this Nation of Kippers!
        If Socialists want to survive they need to get out of Labour! It is a DEAD weight, a Pool of Negativity! Outside of Labour Away from all the Klingons, we stand a far better chance!
        That is my opinion and I will stick with that, I have a feeling that it will probably take the near decimation of Socialism and about 4 more GEs before someone who can wakes up and does just that and of course it will be too late!

      2. HateHate 21/12/2019 at 9:11 pm

        “685, AND you BELIEVE THAT!? “
        YES, I do !
        Do you have any actual evidence to the contrary?

        Maybe I’ve misjudged you. Perhaps you are not being serious but instead just having a bit of fun by taking the piss. I certainly hope so.

    2. Try doorstepping the duggies who voted Tory.

      Then come back with their committment not to do so in future.

      Then you might have some credibility instead of chronic wind.

      1. The Duggies who voted Tory deserve EVERYTHING they get for being so THICK to listen to George Galloway, spewing his Brexit BS! Galloway would’ve done better thinking the whole thing through! Those Idiots have now voted for a TOTALLY UNDEMOCRATIC AND DICTATED by Abusive Elites Deal! Corbyn has prevented that Fucked Up Dictated Deal to end up on the Table vs Article 50, who do you think would have taken that vote!?
        If they LISTENED to what Cotbyn said ALL ALONG that it was not democratic to just let the Gov Blindly Dictate the Deal, So in the End if we had a Corbyn Gov and A Damned Good Deal next to Article 50 how can ANYONE think that would loose vs Art50!?
        So as far as the Duggies go They can go Fuck them selves! They have dropped Millions of us literally clinging on, just waiting for that Final Brown Envelope! Millions more homeless children, millions more on the streets, NO FUCKING NHS! NO FUCKING HUMAN RIGHTS! These Elections were NOT Brexit Elections, These Elections were fighting for our fucking lives elections! They are NO Socialist there is NO Solidarity in what They or Galloway did!
        AND That is why Socialists, NOT CHAMPAGNE, Socialists need to split!
        Let the Duggies have their heads up the Blairette’s Arses as they now have them up their Elitist Master’s like Gove and Mogg’s Arses and rot up there for all I care!

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