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Johnson already breaks promise to ‘restore’ nursing bursary – while media help him pretend he’s keeping it

Tories promised to restore nursing bursary – but instead are creating a shadow of what was removed
Nurses’ pre-election skepticism about Johnson has rapidly been justified

Boris Johnson’s promise to ‘restore’ bursaries for student nurses has been exposed as a sham less than a week after the general election – but true to form, the Establishment media are helping him cover up.

Headlines claim that Johnson has restored the bursary of ‘up to £8,000’, but the reality is that they are a token compared to what nurses had before the old bursary was abolished:

Nurses will still have to pay tuition fees, which they did not previously – and ordinary student nurses will receive only £5,000, with an additional £3,000 only for those in certain specialist disciplines.

Nursing students can incur up to £60,000 of debt during training.


The shameless Tories have wasted no time at all in proving that predictions by the SKWAWKBOX and many Labour politicians and campaigners were true: their promises are a scam – and you can never trust a Tory with the NHS.

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  1. So lets see – in the 6 days since their election the Tories have reneged on
    the Nursing bursary
    post Brexit environmental protection
    post Brexit workers protection.
    What next I wonder?

  2. They even rigged the !markets ,and now reality bites and Tory money !men. pannick .The pounds tumbling and the markets flat after the celebrations have finished….The Torys have no plan for brexit or industry and now its just…walk away and sing Jerusalem!

    1. I was desperately hoping we could have deselected the Remain fanatics, BEFORE the election. Alas too late now. NEC ignored complaints of the worst offenders. NEC saved them. Those saved are putting all the blame on Jeremy who caved into their pressure. Compare old posts with ARS H Bots. Check CONSTITUENCIES we lost. They ALL voted LEAVE. I argued months ago B4 the GE, against TROLLS here + in our Jeremy supporting groups.

      Ridiculous responses included totting up ASSUMED Remain %s from a GENERAL election. The clue is in the name… GENERAL. I posted here, WE WIN BY CONSTITUENCIES, N O T by totting up percentages.

      Ps won a tiny sum. Predicted LimpDims would lose with a max 15% vote. Need to double check, may have been less than 11%. Still awaiting other stakes to complete. Saw none for my prediction: BREXIT will NOT be delivered in ANY meaningful way, ➕ DEFINITELY NOT by Johnson. May be wrong as depends on No10 fight. Who wins – CUMMINGS the true leaver OR the charlatan Boris Johnson the epic EPIC Europhile❓

      We should have left the Conservatives with their long running EU argument, by: 1️⃣ Free vote. 2️⃣ Jeremy argue for LEAVE thereby 3️⃣ educating the young people… even me, who were not old enough to engage with 1975 ref of our grand parents and parents. I’ve had to search the history. 4️⃣ Whatever the result, it would have been a TORY PROBLEM.
      5️⃣ We should have listened to, and PRIORITISED our TRADITIONAL LABOUR HEARTLANDS and selected preferably FIVE ( max seven ) fundamental policies that spotlighted Day to Day BASIC needs and concerns: eg
      B – HOMELESSNESS incl tents in woods in wealthy south
      G – EXPOSE MYTH of TORY being good on ECONOMY.

      Those should have been our focus THROUGHOUT the last fours years, not just at campaign. Ideas take time to take root, even basic obvious straightforward ones.

      One only need take note that, even now after the election, ARS H BOTS STILL HAVE’NT GOT A CLUE. It’s not crass stupidity. No humans are that brainless. No. Their controllers / handlers are determined and SUPER funded propagandist. They have enough staff to read every post they claim are too long to read, (LIE) and which they claimed they do not read (LIE). Who can afford 24hr staff to check whose getting likes or not❓ The rest of us type with one finger on a phone, while as now sitting in my kitchen, radio station swapping. Now listening to EDDIE MAIR ON LBC at 18:49 . Missed 13:10 – 15:50 as had to concentrate on other things.

      ps maybe i’m wrong. ars h bots r probably only sad rabid fevered remainiacs, too unwell to grasp evidence by looking at the election mapped results. OR, tis FACT that we ALL have different strengths. ALL of us have talents, abilities … STRENGTHS. BUT – Acute observation • Clear reasoning • Appreciating history ➕ the present • and incisive analysis • are most definitely NOT strenghts of A R S H Bots. Persistence? YES…in spades!!! Full marks. We ALL NEED THAT…especially now✅
      Common-sense? Humility to admit when wrong? Understanding? Insight? Oooooo NO. A R S H bots haven’t got a clue.

      1. signpost’s off again sticking the knife in! And he doesn’t give a flying fox about sticking his mammoth long diatribes near the top of the comments above a bunch of other posts, and he’s done it repeatedly AND deliberately of course.

        Not that I imagine many people bother reading them! And I can assure EVERYONE 500% that just about ALL the Likes he gets are fake.

      2. “I was desperately hoping we could have deselected the Remain fanatics, BEFORE the election.”

        Roll of the eyes! You really have to bepretty blind not to notice what *actually* happened to the Labour vote in terms of finally ditching the ‘respect the referendum’ nonsense and beginning to represent Party members..

        It went up. But too late – after too many real votes had been lost.

        Actual lesson : shadowing Tory policy is not a good look.

      3. Signpostwindchimes I voted leave in75 and we lost.The common market was even then moving towards a cartel and a capitalist lobby group.Being the son of a shopkeeper I believed in competition and freedom.The common market is now a bloated beast,that could be reformed but not under the corruption of the EU government for the few at the expense of the many.The brexit debate is over and the survival of the socialist Labour is on the choping block..We cannot leave the future of this country to the NEC and the moderate Mickey mouse brigade.We should be thinking of boycotting any election for leader after such a catostrophic defeat.The candidates so far are not leadership material and I believe that there maybe someone on the backbenchers suitable for the job.This election cannot be hijacked by the same people who lost us the election campaign.Time for a firebrand leader and a true socialist democratic Labour party.

      4. Joseph, i agree with all you say, except “the brexit debate is over”. It is and it isn’t. Posted before that the tighter ENTANGLEMENT into the EU ball, from my reading + listening to insightful people who lived the 75 debate, like yourself and Tony Benn, was pushed by CONSERVATIVE PMs. You, Tony Benn, Jeremy and i now realise, the parents and grandparents were all CORRECT. You all have been PROVEN correct. Cameron tried to end the Conservatives’ infighting by call the Ref , hoping to stop the infighting to get what he, Clarke and many more wanted – REMAIN. Theresa May CRIED with real tears, when leave unexpectedly won. UNEXPECTED to them. Not me, had not even began posting here.
        Jeremy was dragged BY HIS ENEMIES, who are now still attacking him and giving him the blame… dragged into the long grass to retrieve the spiked and poisoned TORY Remaiac ball.

        WHY? To appease his enemies. And using the failed fantasy… “to the bring the party together”. “To bring the
        country together”. It IS a catastrophe of failing to learn from history. In micro situations, eg in synagogue, or at Christmas FAMILY Dinner, or at the allotment, appeasement may work. It often does … ish. The same arguments rage, the next synagogue, the next Christmas, the next messing about with potatoes and rhubarb. Just as one is putting in the runner beans, Arstair and WM D Liar throw their weeds unto your beds. Say nothing. WM D Liar may stop his errant behaviours. He may leave soon…find a new allotment in Putney. Yes they have them.

        In MACRO situations, one is responsible for others, a zen approach is self-indulgent. Counter intuitively self absorbed…. remote… blank. The other allotment holders feel let down… ignored, except WM D LIAR & dog Arstair. The Lying creature and ALL its dogs, are ALWAYS appeased.

        It never works. It never will.

        Joseph, the only other disagreement is re “boycotting any election for leader”. No Joseph WE MUST BE FULLY INVOLVED. As DETERMINED as WMD Tory BLAIR and its dogs.
        We must assess the effectiveness of protests. Iraq Invasion – still invaded. CND – Trident still there. The oppression of people everywhere. The Green Party – a fringe protest group, how ever virtuous. This years Climate meeting ended as another meeting fest. Nothing achieved. On Monday i was at a social that included Climate activists. The LOVELIEST most intelligent and polite people you could meet. They were planning in a fun way, slogans for the next Climate conference in ONE YEAR. Joseph we must not move on from Brexit. We must focus on how such a calamitous approach was adopted and is STILL being adopted. An obsession with owning a Tory argument. While printing in a THICK manifesto ALL concerns we say matter more. Think of it the TEAM around Jeremy failed him MISERABLY. The whole approach, is ENTIRELY illogical.

        Finally, posted recently that i too am EXTREMELY KEEN to have phoenix rise from the ashes. An UNKNOWN from the back bench “suitable for the job”. We must drop the obsession with known NAMES”, big names, LOOKS, gender … The noise for those prove we are slow to learn. We need leaders who can see the bleeding obvious. SHUN the PPE brigade and those who prioritise theory over EVIDENCE. RUN from the lawyers. They have done ENOUGH DAMAGE. I am sick of Starmer and Thornberry . They are part of the very embodiment of our problem. The other part includes the worshippers of “labels”, “atomisation of people” and instead of looking at ourselves, some claim the “people did not know what is good for them”. No idea of sequencing, prioritising NOR scenario planning. No idea of the need for visibility, repetition and keeping the spotlight on GLARING day to day TORY fails eg Cancer treatmeant figures at record low, Carillon, and Chris Grayling to name just three. Could list three hundred more. But this post is long enough. Must get the hair done , we all should , it lifts the mood , we all need it .
        lots love 💦💈✂️

  3. There’s a reason why the Tory manifesto was light on detail. Johnson, like all those who intend to deceive, fears scrutiny.

  4. And look who picked up this years Darwin Award
    The Middle East Peace Envoy

  5. Boris Johnson and crew are inherently sadistic, and it’s all fun and games to them and amuses them no end, just as with those who attacked Jeremy at the PLP meeting yesterday evening (and those that have been doing so courtesy of their media buddies since the early hours of Friday morning, like Alan Johnson).

    It’s so alien to ordinary people they probably can’t begin to get their heads round it. Attack him – Jeremy – until he falls, and then scream at him that it was all HIS fault! Nasty, vicious psychopaths EVERY single one of them.

    In the final analysis it’s war-mongering, hate-mongering, fear-mongering bully-boys and bully-girls beating the shit out of a man of peace AND enjoying every second of it, as they have done for the past four years or more.

  6. 337,000 nurses promised by cheap and nasty Tory party by 2024
    Today’s announcement double whammy for recruitment and retention
    My experience is nurses are exhausted and demoralised and getting out

  7. Chelsea Manning must not be forgotten!

    Yesterday, December 17, whistleblower Chelsea Manning spent her 32nd birthday alone in a prison cell in Alexandria, Virginia, where she has been locked up for nine months for refusing to testify in a grand jury proceeding against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

    By imprisoning Manning, the American ruling class is striving to establish the dictatorial principle that the world’s population has no right to know about imperialist war crimes and no right to voice opposition to the wars themselves.

  8. I was thinking the other day about the election in 2017 and can only conclude that the election was lost because of the blairite right wing of the Labour party. From 2015 until 2017 they tried everything to undermine him, if they had put there egos and love of apartheid Israel to one side the election would have been won. A divided party never wins an election, shame on them.

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