Video: Corbyn calls on members to stay – and join – to resist austerity and Johnson’s politics of fear

Labour leader issues call to action – to join and to fight for the many
Jeremy Corbyn’s call to action: join the Labour Party

Jeremy Corbyn’s latest video includes a call for existing Labour members to stay in the party – and for new members to join – to ensure that Labour continues the fight against austerity and Boris Johnson’s ‘politics of fear’ as a party offering hope of genuine change:

The fight starts now – and will include the election of Labour’s new leader and deputy leader. The outcome of that election will be key to ensuring that Labour continues to offer real change and a real alternative to the discredited austerity consensus.

Join Labour here. Tell your friends and family.

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  1. Too much rush in electing new leader and we know it.Stitch up time maybe and back to the politics of 2nd rate Torys battering the working class. No hurry for me I am going Nowhere and I will not be forced by the NEC into a mad rush to ditch socialism.Corbyn needs to stay in position and ensure a proper election.Mickey mouse candidates and wasting money on choosing who?The front runners are all treacherous.back stabbers that Couldn’t trust them with my cat even.

    1. Apparently Jeremy is meeting with the PLP this evening and they are Furious with him (when are they ever anything else?)about the out come of the election.They also want Seumus and Karrie to be sacked.

      I hope Jeremy tells them where to go and attributes blame for the election defeat where it belongs – to the MPs and exMPs who waged a vicious campaign against him and thereby the party , some from the outset – Wes Streeting, Neil Coyle, Margaret Hodge, Anne Coffey ,Luciana Berger and other lesser known MPs such as Mary Wimbury, Madeline Moon and Emma Reynolds (who resigned from the front bench on his election in 2015 and who refused point blank to work with him.)

      Then we have the “grandees” like Mandleson who admitted working to undermine Jeremy every day and, Blair for whom the outcome of the election is very welcome.Remember he said he’d rather we lost an election rather than won it on a Socialist platform, Peter Hain who as a former member of the Cabinet is well aware of the concept of collective responsibility but who denied knowledge of it and condemned Jeremy when Owen Smith was sacked for breach of it and of course David Blunkett now Lord Blunkett rewarded with a peerage by New Labour for services rendered.

      These people and other like them are responsible for our defeat last week. Apparently they will have the nerve to demand an apology from Jeremy because THEY caused us to lose the election.. Jeremy should take this opportunity to wipe the floor with them. He has nothing to lose .

      1. Reply to Signpostsnotwindchimes
        I am absolutely seething about the way Jeremy is being blamed by the PLP for what they caused. I am a very ordinary and fairly typical member and I truly believe that most ordinary members feel the same way. I can foresee a massive backlash against the Wes Streetings in the party. I don’t think ordinary members will ever be able to forgive them for the way they destroyed our chances of a socialist government.
        I am in an Ok financial position now but I have known real hardship in the past (under Thatcher) and when I think of people queuing at food banks or being reduced to destitution because of PIP assessments it really angers me. When I think that if Labour MPS had united behind Jeremy we could have now be in government and put an end to this cruelty my blood boils.

    2. I agree. And if new members ANTI-JEREMY “ENTRYIST” allowed in, they must NOT be allowed to vote in the leadership election, if any.

  2. Its over for Corbyn. Some one needs to tell him. Its becoming embarrassing.

    1. You have obviously just come on skwawkbox since Friday so as to gloat and try and wind people up, and you obviously derive pleasure from doing so (and no doubt some dosh as well!). Now what sort of person does that. Oh, I know, sadistic and psychopathic fascists.

      No doubt you would have been well at home in Nazi Germany, and quite possibly even got a job in Joseph Goebbels propaganda factory demonising and persecuting the Jews and Gypsies etc, and loving every moment of it.

      Go on, admit that it’s true.

      1. Please leave the troll alone Allan, let it go back under its bridge to rot.

      2. And I assume you include Teresa as well Aidey (and smartboy and Joseph and rob and john, who you will no doubt have noticed after you posted ALSO ‘responded’ to the troll). Trolls like him need to be put in their place. He hasn’t come on here to debate or even try and manipulate people who follow skwawkbox, but just to gloat, like the nasty little fascist he obviously is.

    2. I think a number of MPs who undermined Jeremy and the party and who are in my opinion directly responsible for our defeat want to achieve their goal . From the outset this has been to oust Jeremy. These are the people telling him to go.
      Unlike them he has nothing to feel embarrassed about. He is a strong and determined man who took them on and their allies in the the establishment . He was maligned daily in the MSM and one of the Labour MPs/exMPs was always on hand to take a swipe at him. He was attacked on all sides and accused of being a spy a marxist an antisemite a terrorist supporter a pacifist a stalinist etc.
      Jeremy will now do as he sees fit and continues to have the full backing of the majority of the membership. Your nasty comments prove that he is still feared by Tories and is a force to be reckoned with.

    3. Get Boris done
      Chief cockwomble is going to gaol
      Definition of a cockwomble
      Liar, charlatan, spiv and thief

    4. the only thing embarrassing Richturd oops I mean Richard is your transparent pathetic paid for trolling , now begone ,you are in the company of true Labour supporters and will be gutted on here

    5. Stop wasting your time and ours Mackinnon and go and troll somewhere else.

    6. Embarrassing yep another in the woodpile Corbyn was and is whot many want but then he had all the backstabbing and gutter press BBC itv lesser would have just walked away

  3. New WikiLeaks documents expose phony claims of 2018 Syria chemical weapons attack

    Documents published by WikiLeaks on Saturday confirm that there is significant dissent within the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW), the global chemical weapons watchdog, over the doctoring of a public report on the alleged April 7, 2018 chemical weapons attack in Douma, Syria, which reportedly killed 49 people and wounded as many as 650.

    The latest round of revelations makes clear that the US-led regime-change operation in Syria which began in 2011 has been based on a pack of lies. And the role of WikiLeaks in exposing these lies demonstrates why the US government has been pursuing WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange so ferociously, along with Washington’s partners in crime like Britain and Australia.

    1. Thanks for that.

      Last night on CH4 News, I saw a truly disgusting attack on Corbyn by Stephen Kinnock.

      He said that Labour must trust the British intelligence agencies rather than ‘Russian state propaganda’.

      But anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together would know that there are serious problems with the official narrative of the Salisbury attack.

      As Theresa May herself has said the nerve agent was ‘of a type developed in Russia’. She never said it was made in Russia.

      As for the OPCW, it has had problems ever since it tried to get Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to join the Chemical Weapons Convention. That would have removed the pretext for invading that country.

      And so this happened:

      1. Tony you hit the nail on the head when you talked about anybody with 2 brain cells to rub together knowing there are problems with the official reports on Salisbury. The problem with poor Stephen is he hasn’t. He is a complete Dimbo as his performance on the Summer that Changed Everything showed. If I had been him I would have retired from public life at that time and never showed my face again!

      2. Tony, Kinnock knows that the Skripal poisonings was all staged, but he knows of course that the vast majority of the British public think and believe it happened, and so he is just sticking another boot in, in the aftermath of the GE.

        And for anyone reading through the comments that thinks it DID happen AND that Vladimir Putin was responsible, it is inconceivable that Putin would order such a hit-job to be carried out just TWO days before the ‘celebrations’ to mark 100 days to go until the World Cup Football Tournament kicks off AND just three months before the event itself begins (and which Russia was hosting for the first time). AND to have it done in such an absurd manner! Oh, and isn’t it wonderful how ALL three of the people poisoned survived, and everyone lived happily ever-after!

        And no ducks were harmed in the making of the movie!!

    1. Danny, perhaps if Thornberry got her head out of her fat arse once in a while she might be able to see a bit of actual reality.

    2. and her rubbish is never dumped, except by some of us here. Where are Jeremy’s friends, stating the obvious???

      1. Did you somehow miss the skwawkbox article about Len McClusky’s article in the Huff Post, or the guy on BBC QT calling out the ‘moderates’ for forcing Jeremy’s hand into promising a second referendum should Labour win?

        And have you got the names of some of these ‘hostile presenters’, who you claimed in several of your recent posts couldn’t understand why Jeremy hasn’t taken legal action against any of the people who have called him an antisemite? OR the people who you claimed were talking about planting trees?

        Or did you make it up so that you could then criticise them for doing so, or for Jeremy NOT doing so regards what you claim the ‘hostile presenters’ said. And just WHO exactly were these ‘hostile presenters’ saying it to?

    1. … and being gagged, bound and tied to the US (and the Mexican border) is soooo much better!

      What a silly way to define the EU and the arguments involved! Speaks volumes about the TTLT.

  4. Can we have a petition calling for Corbyn to stay whilst we are given time to choose a proper Labour leader not fake socialist Mickey mouse moderates.Boycott if we don’t get democracy now….Come on Squawk box get behind us and lets have a proper election and some real socialist candidates for change.We are almost becoming a fiefdom like momentim. …If not now for democracy in the Labour party when Will it ever happen?

    1. Joseph OKEEFE 17/12/2019 at 8:50 am
      “Boycott if we don’t get democracy now…”

      Great idea Joseph – That’ll show em. The LW threatening not to vote will really put the fear of god into the RW.πŸ™„

    2. But he IS staying Joseph (until a new leader is elected). And what difference would it make to have MORE time – ie be given more time. Either such a potential candidate is there NOW, or they are NOT! Or do you somehow think this candidate you envisage will just somehow materialise out of thin air if we are given more time!!

      Care to explain?

  5. Has anyone else noticed we are now officially Trumpton on Thames, its Steve Bannons and Dominic Cummings wet dream come true
    First move they make is No Deal, divergence and sell out to Team America
    Can someone ask the NFU and Society of Motor Manufacturers for a quote, should be interesting
    Wheres the Fire Brigade when you need them
    Hugh, Pugh, Barney Mcgrew, Cuthbert Dibble and Grub

  6. Who are our favoured candidates and why,
    Our future prospects are excellent Pidcock and Tarry, rising stars in the well known Geordie firm of solicitors Hadaway & Shite
    Skwawkbox can you on our behalf draw up somthing and send it out out to candidates so we can see where they stand on
    Corbynism, Vexatious claims of AS, sacking and replacing those who bring party into disrepute, miscarriages of justice, manifesto red lines, Israel, media reform and Getting Boris done
    We have 3 months, which takes me nicely upto Cheltenham

    1. Yes to all of that Doug .But I do think that Piddock could be somewhat better than RBL imo only … but like you just don’t have enough info yet.
      Besides the precedent has just been set by the Tories with Morgan despite not being an MP in a cabinet position , there is now no reason for us to exclude really good candidates on the basis they have to be MPs , think about also the way Cummings functions in our democracy now as an unaccountable policy maker

      1. Rob
        Just read a tweet that said
        If you retain one Nicky Morgan does that mean you now have two Nicky Morgans working for you going forward
        In that case I nominate Karie Murphy,

  7. I am truly depressed at the level of hysteria being expressed on here.
    The membership are still in control of the party and will elect the best left wing candidate we have available.
    The manifesto is still in place and will stay there.
    What we need now is strategy.
    I think the best thing we can do is build socialist structures at the local level to disempower the government centre.
    One specific move I think we should make immediately, and I shall write to the new leader on this score, is to appoint a Charedi Rabbi as Party spokesman on antisemitism. Let JLM and LFI pick the bones out of that one.

    1. I think your suggestion about appointing a Charedi Rabbi as AS spokesman is an excellent one.
      I also think he will need to point out that the Establishment including the Jewish Establishment has always exhibited hatred of what Jeremy Corbyn stands for while ordinary people including ordinary Jewish people have not.

    2. To a certain extent Ceredig we are in control but we can only vote for who’s standing , my point is I conjecture that we should now look at all candidates coming forward to pick from the biggest pool and not just the closed club of the MPs .
      After all look at Fartage and the brexit Party , not an MP, and is the leader,, and what an impact his club or party has had .

      1. We cannot elect somebody who is not an MP to be leader.
        Why can people not check the facts and stop living in some fantasy world inside their own heads?
        Even if we could do it, would we elect someone to charge up and down the country frothing at the mouth while the PLP completely ignored them?
        I think not!
        We have a good slate anyway.

  8. Is there a PMQ’s tomorrow
    Will you put into law ‘the NHS is not on the table in any future Trade Deal with Team America’
    Any equivocation and JC has to go with ‘its official you are a Cockwomble and it is our duty as Her Majesties official opposition to make sure you go to gaol for your offences’

    1. I don’t think there is a PM question time tomorrow Doug. They gave a timetable on TV and it wasn’t mentioned.
      Don’t know whether you heard or not- Johnson is now reneging on his promises about workers rights and environmental protection once we leave the EU and that’s just the start of it !

  9. The R McKinnon creep is a Tory troll who used to populate a left wing website a few years ago, he also boasted that the Tories would win in 2017 and he would be back to gloat but soon disappeared.
    He is a political imbecile and best to ignore him or perhaps for Skwawky to boot him off!
    The level of his political intellect is shown by the fact that he once said capitalism existed in the Stone Age!
    Ignore and he’ll slope off back to his cave.

  10. And to achieve something that Jeremy Corbyn was unable to do—a Labour Party clearly opposed to Trident replacement.

  11. LabourList ran a post election survey over the weekend. It has produced some interesting results.

    Who would you like to see become the next Labour leader?
    Only the top 15 responses are shown.

    Rebecca Long-Bailey – 14.4% (2,829)
    Keir Starmer – 13.8% (2,708)
    Angela Rayner – 13.5% (2,663)
    Don’t know – 8% (1,575)
    Jess Phillips – 6.7% (1,321)
    Diane Abbott – 5.7% ( 1,113)
    Yvette Cooper – 4.8% (953)
    Lisa Nandy – 4% (791)
    Emily Thornberry – 2.8% (550)
    Barry Gardiner – 2.3% (459)
    Dawn Butler – 2.1% (419)
    Richard Burgon – 2.1% (417)
    Hilary Benn – 2.1% (412)
    Clive Lewis – 1.8% (346)
    David Lammy – 1.6% (320)

    Who would you like to see become Labour’s next deputy leader?
    Only the top 15 responses are shown.

    Don’t know – 11% (2,155)
    Angela Rayner – 10.7% (2,107)
    Keir Starmer – 9.7% (1,913)
    Rebecca Long-Bailey – 8.1% (1,592)
    Jess Phillips – 6.5% (1,282)
    Dawn Butler – 5.6% (1,096)
    Richard Burgon – 4.2% (834)
    Diane Abbott – 3.7% (736)
    Yvette Cooper – 3.5% (696)
    Barry Gardiner – 3.4% (674)
    Emily Thornberry – 3.2% (633)
    David Lammy – 3.1% (609)
    Lisa Nandy – 3% (583)
    Hilary Benn – 2.5% (501)
    Clive Lewis – 2.2% (434)

    The survey was open from 4.30pm on Saturday 14th December until Monday 16th December at 3pm. The results are unweighted and from a self-selected sample of readers. Thank you to all 19,656 readers who took part.

    1. LabourList, the Centrists thinking persons version of The Sun – its banned so many people, its results are always way off the thought and views of the membership, never mind your average working class person, who were so delighter with Mr Starmer, they voted for The Brexit Party/Tory Party. Indeed, as far as LabourList and the PLP traitors are concerned, Starmer’s a national treasure, a national treasure who stopped a Corbyn government in its tracks – ol’e Watson must be delighted as well, despite his own Constituency now becoming Tory – well fancy that!

      1. …and yet the RW favourites like Lisa Nandy, Jess Phillips and Yvette Cooper aren’t proving to be anywhere near as popular as the RW may have hoped.

    2. I should have also added whilst making note of Watson, what exactly it was it that made him stand down from his Constituency as an MP, have seen off any Trigger Ballot threat, obviously with the aid of friends and family.

      We really must ask ourselves, if he was so confident that his Remain position with his own constituents was so popular, why did he stand down in the manner he did – maybe it had something to do with the fact he was privy to voting data sets from his own constituency that suggested he’d be booted out having pushed Labour to a Brexit position that literally sank like a lead balloon in the once safe Labour heartlands, as with Scotland, Labour has effectively lost any trust it had, its even epitomised in my own Constituency, where the Brexit Party/Tory Party vote combined will overturn our MPs majority – of course, who want’s to look at them figures when the Party piled on votes in London and gain one actual seat, whilst losing nearly 50 Leave Labour seats – a fantastic outcome for the Centrists, not so fantastic for the rest of us.

    3. LabourList is a Progress site so the results are very surprising if they are the genuinely held views of Labour List readers.

      1. Smartboy – I would describe it as broad centre left rather than a Progress website.

        It publishes articles from right across the very wide range of opinion that represents the many very diverse opinions held by Labour members and supporters.

        LabourList is financed by Unite and Unison (not Progress).

      2. Sorry for not getting back to you sooner – Labour List IS a progress site. If you don;t accept this look at the old postings and the contributors. I know it is backed by Unite and another Union – I have never understood why.
        I used to read it and post comments on it in defence of Jeremy Corbyn who was ridiculed and insulted on it by Labour list contributors and posters every day .The anti Corbyn posting became so vicious and disgusting that they had to shut the comments section down . I expect this was done on the insistence of the union backers.

  12. That list reminds me of any tory cabinet from 2010. A woeful dearth of talent; full of slime & sleaze.

    Gardiner & Rayner the stand-out names from a very poor show, but still neither inspire confidence they wouldn’t revert to a bliarist, centrist coterie like the majority on that list immediately would.

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