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Labour membership jumps by 20k in less than 4 days. Join them – and bring your friends/family – for the fight ahead

Membership surge ahead of election of new leader and deputy

The Labour Party’s membership has surged by 20,000 in just over three days following the general election result, taking the number of members back over the half-million mark.

In part, this will be a response to the need for an even stronger party to represent the Labour movement in the new and even more hostile environment – and in part a reflection of a desire to influence the election of the party’s new leader and deputy leader.

The candidates who will contest the election for these two positions have not yet formally declared – although a number have indicated an interest – but it is absolutely clear that those who join and support Labour will be key in deciding who takes the party forward for the fight ahead.

If you’re not already a member, join now here – and get your friends and family of good will to do likewise.

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    1. EXACTLY. The enemies of change ANNOUNCED that they would flood the party with ENTRYST, yet we have the absolutely BLIND & DEAF , Celebration of the Trojan horse. A TROJAN HORSE, not disguised, not sent in secret, but announced! It is transparent! Corbyn won the membership that elected him. It won him TWO coups. Yet there is celebration of the arrival of NEW MEMBERS now. NOW! What folly. What incomprehensible folly. Instead if FREEZING OUT ENTRYIST, Jeremy, the NEC and team clap their hands with joy. Extraordinary.

      I’m lost for more words.

      1. Who says they’re entryists? The MSM? The PLP? People who want us to think the fight is lost?…

      2. I would play it safe and use the Blairite claims that we were “entryist”, against them to protect ourselves. We know what we have, not what is coming. Bird in the hand etc. I say freeze now or at a stretch do not allow them to vote until after a new leader. And that should not be rushed. I still believe the areas i have pointed can be remedied without Jeremy leaving. I disagree that the policies are too “left”. ABSOLUTE BILGE. Prob was the blizzard of the whole lot over the weeks of campaign. Sequence & Prioritising was crucially missing. Could say much more, but won’t… need to eat. But to repeat, we know the majority of members we already have. I am anxious. Maybe let them join, but no members after 12th Dec should be allowed to vote UNTIL a new leader with Jeremy’s FULL vision is SECURELY bedded in, so the Blairites can’t exert the pressure of constant undermining they unleashed on Jeremy. It is not extreme, it is being wise BEFORE the event. They must also be FIRMLY LEAVE and must have no affinity with the so called WMD IRAQ warmongering “moderates” and the vision less “centrists” like Brown, Starmer etc like the Lib Dems who pushed remain and lost us this election. The moderate central Lib Dems LOST LOST LOST LOST LOST.
        PEOPLE’s VOTE baby of Campbell and BLAIR as if people did not vote before. ..They have folded. They FAILED LOST BUMMED CRASHED LOST LOST LOST. Many still don’t seem to realise that. We won Putney we lost in almost ALL areas that voted leave. Jeremy should have stuck to his beliefs and spoken up. THAT MUST CHANGE.

  1. humm could this be a mixed blessing , some no doubt will be old Blairites who left under Corbyn , now hoping to ” take back control ”
    Let em try .. and fail , still its good for the coffers
    CLPs watch your backs for entryists on your committees

  2. We’ver got to remember, ours is the GOOD fight.

    For decades, the billionares’ press has been pushing a horrible, nihilistic cynicism on its readers with messages and tropes like They’re ALL the same, they’re in it for themselves…..” Well, that’s billionaire crap and amounts to little more than the BBC’s ‘false equivalence’ to deny Labour its supremacy.

    We’re not all the same; some of us believe in equality, moral princples, fairness and goodness and that makes us better.

    We’re good people, fighting for good and ours is a GOOD FIGHT.

    1. Querboi…Yes 👍 you are right,and new member must be welcome..And like you say ours is a good fight and we the Labour party have the moral compass.But why are we being thrown into a leaders election now?.Sorry but Double barrel Bailey and Thornbury,starmer and Rayner best little friend of Bailey are all non socialist and 3of them are backstabbers,with Rayner being too compliant.We need to cast our eyes on the back benches again to find a genuine leader and a true socialist.This election I do not want and I really couldn’t give a damm about,we must have a leader for the local election.We’ve got one Corbyn.!

        Joseph, DO WE LEARN NOTHING? Even you?
        Nothing? Welcome new members AFTER the new leader is chosen by us surely. WHAT IS THE URGENCY NOW⁉️
        The membership should have been frozen as soon as we lost the election until we who joined to end the same old same old, elected a suitable leader.

        I despair.

      2. Joseph said (for the umteenth time since the GE):

        This election I do not want and I really couldn’t give a damm about,we must have a leader for the local election.We’ve got one Corbyn.!

        In the early hours of December 13th Jeremy announced that he would be standing down (after a period of reflection). Needless to say you are well aware of that, so why do you – and why are you – continually repeating every single day since the GE that ‘we’ve already got a leader, and so there’s no need for a leadership contest’ (or words to that effect) AND that it is Jeremy’s ‘duty’ to stay on as leader. No it’s fucking NOT!

        The reason you and one or two other ‘personas’ on here keep repeating this day after day after day – when you know of course that he is standing down shortly – is so that when he DOES stand down, you im-posters can then spout how he – Jeremy – has let us down and betrayed us etc, isn’t it Joseph!

        And then probably keep repeating it over and over and over again in the weeks following. Right?!

  3. Well they wont have a say in the leadership process until they have been a member for 6 months so they are not able to influence the selection process unless the rules change. I think it’s more the centrists encouraging new people to join. This will once again be a battle for who gains control left or right.

    1. Membership should be frozen now. No ENTRYIST until a new leader is elected. And i agree that there is no rush to push out Jeremy. Yes he should be infinitely more visible, assertive and heard on basic day to day issues, and get a better team. But what’s the rush now???

      1. Funny isn’t it signpost how you are ALWAYS criticising Jeremy, albeit spuriously, and imply – in this instance – that HE has any control over how ‘visible’ he is. And why would you think to say that Jeremy should get a ‘better team’ together when you know damn well that he has said he will be standing down as leader shortly?!

        And what’s this complete and utter garbage you keep repeating about the membership being frozen! Stop talking out of your posterior signpost! Political parties do NOT ever-EVER freeze membership, and YOU know it, so stop spouting garbage!

  4. ‘Capital wants its Labour poodle.
    And to toss a few crumbs I say.
    And the Right are happy to comply.
    Rise like Lions, stop the Donkeys, seize the day!’

  5. This is the most right wing nationalist Neo-Liberal Tory Govt we will have ever faced.
    It pretends to be one nation but has kicked out most of their one nation Tory MPs.
    We need to choose well and I would prefer a gender balance ie Left Woman Leader, Male Dep.
    Unless there is a sudden bye election and we can get Laura Pidock back it may be down to supporting RBL for Leader and Richard Burgon as Dep.

    1. Bazza,

      is this the same RLB who has sold her soul to the Israel-lobby, who accused Christopher Williamson and The Canary of Antisemitism based on the word of the Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friend’s of Israel?

      To be blunt, she’s not worth a dime and will be easy to manipulate by the Power Elite – Laura Piddock, heck yes, but RBL, no way I’m afraid – and this goes for any in the PLP who backed the totally undemocratic People’s Vote bollocks.

    2. So under your gender balance criteria you would be happy with Jess Phillips leader & Stephen Kinnock deputy? A marriage made in h………..

  6. “here come the entryists”. If you told me that there were 100,000 real Trotskyist entryists in the UK I would be amazed. If there were that many their presence would be pretty obvious so I would suggest the number is likely to be considerably less.
    With the Labour Party membership currently at over 500,000 just how many Trotskyist entryists would it actually take to significantly influence the voting in the leadership election? 50? 100? 1000? 10,000?

      1. Yep, john thatcher, it ain’t ‘Trots’, or other ‘Lefties’ of any kind joining. It can only be that this surprising sudden membership surge is by old Blairites who left the Party over the last few years as the Left came to dominate on Policy and the NEC (NOT in the PLP, or the majority of Labour led local councils though – the Right has proved too dug in to shift. Not a SINGLE Right wing MP was deselected) , plus even more dodgy , possibly Tory, right wingers, keen to participate in the forthcoming Leadership contest.

        How could it be otherwise ? Every UK ‘Left winger’ pro Corbynite of any stripe , from socialists to Left Liberals , have been on board for at least a year or two now. Nope, the current membership surge is part of the neoliberal Right’s long running coup to ‘get their Party back’ (to become once again the loyal ‘reserve Party of UK capitalism’, and furnish the corrupt careerists in the PLP with their money-making personal opportunities’). Fortunately there are a very limited number of these bitter old Blairites for the Labour Right to recruit. Especially as , with the loss of our heartland voters, Labour, (particularly under a return to Blairite neoliberalism which would have the electoral appeal of a bucket of cold sick), it is unlikely that the Labour Party will EVER form a government again, so there are few self-enriching career attractions in joining the Party for the Blairite career politicians of old.

        No doubt many lefties on here will claim that within a year or so all those ex Labour voters who abstained or voted Brexit Party or Tory, last week , will deeply regret this when the Tories fail to deliver on their vacuous promises. Sorry, they will indeed regret it – but , from the European experience, those disillusioned and desperate voters will next turn to the xenophobic populist Far Right neo fascists, NOT back to the Labour Party. And that is true even if the Party is led then by some sort of ‘Left Winger’ (of which there is sadly currently NO PLP member of sufficient stature to carry the load. Long-Bailey would be broken by the PLP Right and the press into servile capitulation to Blairism within a few months) . Because the overwhelming majority of our supposedly ‘Corbynista’ membership are so middle class and devoid of socialist politics that their overwhelming response to our historical defeat has been to blame the millions of Labour voters in our old heartlands for their ‘stupidity and racism’, not themselves for utterly failing to understand the desperation of those voters in the neoliberalism-created deindustrialised old Labour heartlands, and their disgust that Labour backed staying in the neoliberal straightjacket of the EU (which made implementing much of our 2019 Manifesto impossible), and whose corrupt old Labour councils implemented austerity since 2010 without demur on behalf of the Tories.

        A Labour Party with any chance of resurrection from our current electoral collapse needs rid not only of our 5th column of right wing careerist traitors, but rid of the pathetic Left Liberal politics that saturates most of our supposed ‘Corbynist Left Wing’. Not going to happen is it ? Yep , I know , Bazza, not the eternal optimism you always seek . But if ever the perennial hope that ‘Labour can be won to the Left as a vehicle for fundamental Leftward advance’ has been tested to destruction, it is surely over the last four years of ‘Corbynism’.

      2. jpenny : the quintessential representative of the irrelevant. Most happy with only a few raddled bystanders in a darkened room just moaning inconsequentially to each other about non-existent ‘Labour Heartlands’, the 19th century working class, sundry ‘traitors’ – and the sunny uplands of Brexit, whilst the caravan moves on.

        We’ve seen it all before. With the same impact.

      3. Just noticed this particular pearler :

        “the overwhelming majority of our supposedly ‘Corbynista’ membership are so middle class and devoid of socialist politics”

        Having eliminated the Tory bit of the working class from supporting the Labour Party, jpenny, the master strategist,proposes alienating the actual support that remains, on the basis that it’s ‘middle class’!

        Fucking brilliant!!!

        How is the weather out there on Planet Zog, BTW?

      4. except they dont get labelled ‘entryists’ concerned former members is a more likely description

      5. Actually, Christopher – you’ve just proved my point with this recommendation!

    1. the flood is BLAIRITE ENTRYST. That’s the threat. They said they would flood the party with 100,000. So we should use their accusation of “entryist” re us Corbynites against them. We know most of the members we have now. We joined to support Jeremy. WE must chose any new leader. THIS IS URGENT! FREEZE membership until we get a new and improved Jeremy. Do not allow the entryist of Campbellends , HarmansCoiledThornyStarmerSAME OLD SAME OLDS, enter them then pollute us with their dodgy stench. PLEASE i am begging. Let a million join AFTER a bew leader if any. I still feel Jeremy’s deficiencies can be fixed. His historical position re Brexit was correct! He needs a proper team to to fix definite gaps. THAT IS POSSIBLE. Plus it would be an excellent way to defy the Phillips and Starmers AND the MSM. URGENT !!! i am begging. LEARN FROM HISTORY.

      The new membership “SURGE” now is UNNECESSARY and DANGEROUS before a new Leader. The Blairites knew that, so labelled us “entryist”!!! WE WON. They are the entryist now. STOP THEM🌹🌹🌹

      1. “the flood is BLAIRITE ENTRYST. …The new membership “SURGE” now is UNNECESSARY and DANGEROUS”

        So flood the Party with those of another persuasion if there’s so many around!

        Or just try politics instead of religion.

        Sweet J !!!

      2. Yep, signpost just repeating EXACTLY what he said further up the page! And he does it all the time!!

        Repetition is a subtle black propaganda technique, and it is in effect a form of brain-washing, and THAT is precisely what ‘signpost’ is doing! And does repeatedly!!

        ‘ I still feel Jeremy’s deficiencies can be fixed.’

        Well given that he’s standing down shortly ‘signpost’, the ‘deficiencies’ appear to be your lack of grasping reality!

  7. jcpenney, you are absolutely correct as usual. The “entryist” ate Blairites. They announced it. New members should be allowed only after a new member or on condition that they CANNOT VOTE UNTIL a new leader is chosen.
    We must learn and be wise.

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