From 2018: Jess Phillips ‘loses confidence’ of BAME colleagues of ‘dangerous’ abuse leak

First published in April 2018

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Labour MP Jess Phillips during a BBC interview on the night she attended a private Rupert Murdoch party

Jess Phillips has strenuously denied the allegation made against her by some parliamentary colleagues.

According to a number of BAME (black, Asian and minority ethnic) female Labour MPs, in dramatic events today Jess Phillips, the chair of the Women’s PLP (parliamentary Labour Party), has lost the confidence of many of her colleagues, who have blamed her for the leak to the Daily Mail of highly sensitive information involving allegations of domestic abuse against a male Labour MP.

One female MP told the SKWAWKBOX she and a number of her colleagues were convinced Ms Phillips was the source of the leak and added:

She’s lost the majority of BAME MPs because of her lack of support. All from the women’s PLP WhatsApp group. Many women are very unhappy with her leadership and attitude.

Asked whether the anger over the leak was linked to the recent, groundless attacks on Jeremy Corbyn over an alleged increase in antisemitism – according to the data of a hostile campaign organisation, antisemitism among Labour supporters has fallen sharply under Corbyn’s leadership – the source went on:

There has been no due process followed. These women want a witch-hunt. It’s unprofessional and dangerous.

Several other MPs expressed outrage about the leak because it may put the accused MP’s potentially-vulnerable wife at risk, especially as the information was passed to one of the most hateful right-wing rags.

A number of women MPs are believed to have quit the women’s PLP WhatsApp group in disgust – which was reported in error by some mainstream sources as them resigning from the PLP. 

Ms Phillips has been criticised for alleged ‘white feminism’ and a perceived lack of support for black women among her colleagues, such as Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, who during the first half of last year received more online abuse than all Tory and SNP women MPs combined. Phillips also came under fire for her obvious delight when impressionist Jan Ravens mimicked Abbott during an episode of Robert Peston’s Sunday morning TV show.

Phillips also received flak when she was the only Labour MP to attend a private party thrown by S*n and Times owner Rupert Murdoch, at which she rubbed shoulders with the likes of the Mail’s Paul Dacre and various Tory MPs.

Whoever is responsible for the leak – and Ms Phillips has emphatically denied responsibility – it’s impossible to imagine it as anything other than a reckless attempt to damage Jeremy Corbyn in the middle of the cynical antisemitism storm.

There is a recklessness at the heart of the way in which the safety of our Jewish citizens and the integrity of the fight against genuine antisemitism have been put at risk for the sake of manufactured outrage.

Whoever the source of the leak turns out to be, that recklessness is mirrored in the cynical, callous way in which a vulnerable woman has been placed in possible danger – and the trust of women MPs shattered – by the leaking of information that was discussed confidentially among colleagues for apparent political motives.

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  1. Philips is going nowhere and probably won’t stand. She’ll be another Ms 4% or in her case 2%. On reflection maybe she should run so she learns what support she really has, (which is why she won’t).

  2. Diane Abbott is the most abused person in parliament. The way she has been treated is appalling e.g. she once said in parliament that the most frequently used insult she has to contend with is the N word which she said in full. She was then attacked in the MSM for using the N word. Unbelievable
    Jess Phillips is the leader of the Womens PLP. She has not ONCE shown Diane any support – not ONCE. Instead she joined in laughter about Diane on TV and effed and blinded at her in the corridors of the House of Commons. When asked what Diane did when Jess told her to F*** Off Jess replied with a grin ” She F***ed Off” Hilarious allegedly.
    Why would anyone chose such a person to be leader of anything never mind the leader of a progressive left wing party.

    1. Diane Abbott says fellow Labour MP Jess Phillips ‘never told me to f*** off’

      When I posted a link to this article a couple of months ago, wasn’t it you smartboy who posted a Reply saying you’d heard that before – ie that Diane said JP DIDN’T tell her to F off – and didn’t you say in respect of the fact, that she – Jess Phillips – is a self publicist?

      I’m 99% sure it was you, but obviously correct me if I’m wrong. Just seems rather odd that you repeat a story that was untrue.

      1. I have read several reports that Jess Phillips verbally attacked Diane Abbott. I have also seen the interview with Owen Jones in which Jess laughs about telling Diane to F*** off. I have also seen the report to which you refer. The weight of evidence in my opinion seems to fall in favour of Jess Phillips having used foul language to Diane Abbott
        If Jess didn’t use the language attributed to her then she was publicity seeking. If she did then she participated in the bullying of Diane Abbott. Either way she does not come out of this well and I suppose its up to each of us to decide what version of the story we believe.

      2. Oh I see. So when it comes to believing one or the other, you don’t automatically go with Diane? I mean why on earth wold Diane say that it DIDN’T happen if it DID. Doesn’t make sense. I think the vast majority of people on the left would believe and accept Diane’s version of the event over Jess Phillips version of the event any day of the week.

        Phillips is obviously a sociopath, and THAT is unquestionable the case (knives in the front and all that), and given that she was elected as an MP for Yardly in 2015, and given that Phillips made the claim not long afterwards KNOWING of course that it/she would get lots of media coverage, I have no doubt whatsoever that she concocted the story so as to GET that coverage – that publicity – so as to make the public familiar with her. And it was of course done so as to play to the racists and bigots out there.

        If I remember correctly, what you said in fact when you responded to my post was that she – Phillips – is ‘the worst kind of self publicist’ AND, as such, you gave EVERY indication that you accepted what Diane said in relation to the episode AND that Phillips concocted it. And you didn’t express any doubts about it then, as you are now.

      3. I am sorry you have been offended by my comment. I have always held Diane Abbott in the highest esteem and continue to do so.

      4. I’m not offended…. why would I be. I’m just making a valid point – ie that you appear to have done a 180 on the matter since a couple of months ago. As I say, why on earth would Diane say she didn’t if Phillips did – ie lie about it?

        Anyway, I just did a quick search to see exactly when it was in 2015 that Phillips said that she told Diane to F off, and it was in the September, just five months after she became an MP. I then did a search to see when she said that she would ‘stab Jeremy in the front’, and it was just three months later in the December, and it of course received a lot of coverage, as it was designed to do, and to make her one of the more well known (Labour) MPs – ie recognisable.

        I just don’t understand how you could believe such a blatant self publicist – and of the worst kind, as you said a couple of months ago – over Diane, or how you came to change your mind in the course of a couple of months for some reason.

  3. 3 months to secure JC’s legacy
    Methinks JC and John McD should have some fun with right wing and media
    Starting with WAB vote
    Statement should be
    Brexit has come home for the liar Boris Johnson and his corrupt party
    They now have complete ownership of this cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess
    They have no one left to blame
    From now on any of the media reporting Brexit as other than the ‘Tory Brexit’ will be called out as part of the scumbag press

    1. Wouldn’t it be G R E A T if Jeremy +John actually had the chutzpah to say such a thing Doug?

      To his credit, our wonderful Remain-and-Reform Leader is far too professional and ethical to say such a thing, but he’d be speaking he truth if he did. It’s only a matter of time before several multinational car manufacturers/ supply-chain start warning of a regretable danger that they might have to relocate as brexit chickens go home to roost and multinationals relocate (esp when the EU member states 27 start bidding/bribing for their business as soon as we enter the next stage of brexit).

  4. Apologies
    Point is we dont vote for anything Brexit related or Scottish Independence related
    The Tories are pure poison, have nothing to do with them,
    All we talk about in patliament and to the media from today is our mamifesto

    1. There is some merit to that Doug , I did wonder , now that we have so few MPs and Johnson can do whatever he likes ,as to what purpose it serves for our MPs to even bother to attend the HOC or PMQs etc.
      I am not sure if there is some rule or protocol that says our MPs should be there but If I were one of them I’d now be back full time everyday in my constituency suring up the local community against the Tory attacks as they intensify and trying to bolster the community groups that will be the bulwark of defence.

  5. Unnamed sources say Jess said this or that. Not exactly evidence is it? BAME MP (unnamed) says this or that. Sounds like something the Sun would make up.

  6. Labour needs Open Selections to clean out the Agean stables.
    Funny the most Right Wing nationalist Neo-Liberal Market Fundamentalist Tory Govt ever despite kicking out most of One Nation Tory MPs are CONNING the electorate by PRETENDING to be One Nation Tories!
    Neo-Liberalism it is argued is in structural decline and as Streekt argues (with the Tories £435b of quantitative easing since 2010 to keep the economy STATIC) “The rich and powerful are just buying time because they haven’t a clue what to do” but Labour does.
    So they can be crushed intellectually and on the economy!
    Some on the Left are starting to think on the lines of setting up some sort of local grassroots Labour Solidarity Committees with Unions to defend w class communities including in Leave areas.
    These could offer political and practical support and as well as encouraging people to join Labour and unions we could support food banks and community outreach so people on welfare claim everything they are entitled to including pensioners claiming pension credits.
    Like a Syrizia (but not selling out) helping individuals and the local pounds!
    Members of Labour & unions could perhaps make small monthly solidarity donations as well as campaigning with the left behind for change.
    Food for thought indeed!

    1. Bazza
      The rich and powerful are just buying time

      So when the next crash comes the banks are not to big to fail
      No Deal could spark it
      Free advice sector is alive and not so well,
      Shame because every penny put in is worth a pound to the community
      Most food banks have add on advice and support services in house, so would benefit hugely from volunteers and funding,
      Until you spend time with folk who have been damaged by the hostile environment you cannot really understand the term
      ‘Conscious Cruelty ‘
      And how fucking sick the cheap and nasty Tory party really are

  7. From the behaviour she appears to display in pulis settings I have coe to tell conclusion that she is a rather attention seeking person. Not a person who I would think of as a leader. Gut feeling is not to trust her as far as I could fling her.

  8. Philips is just a rent a mouth like Tom Watson .The fact that she will get support inside the PLP and NEC is just another pointer to the ludicrous state of the PLP.The press go to them the likes of Hodge Kinnock streeting Philips and many others sad to say for a quote from these Mickey mouse moderates to slam the Labour party.Why are we rushing to find a new leader when the main agenda can only be democracy inside the Labour party. Thats for Corbyn to leave as a legacy for t build on.Unless his health is failing then he and McDonnell cannot just walk away.They have a duty to the membership in the socialist revival that they started and need to finish the job.!..Just look at the pathetic choice we have in the leadership potential.Whats the rush?

  9. I have not a clue what this article is about. It seems to be attacking Jess Phillips, but does not explain why.
    If the assumption is that we will all understand it because we read the Mail, you have definitely lost me.

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