Video: ‘Devastated’ Jess Phillips’ reaction as election night disaster unfolded – and she hopes to be Labour leader

Jess Phillips has indicated she wants to lead the Labour Party – and make it in her image. Her reactions on election night must be seen by Labour members who will vote in that contest

Jess Phillips has given a strong indication that she intends to stand for election as Labour leader – and was filmed on election night talking repeatedly about her popularity. Her opponents in the West Midlands have nicknamed her ‘Mimi’.

But as the grim results came in, she also appeared on Channel 4 – and host Krishnan Guru-Murthy asked “How are you feeling as these results unfold?”

Her reaction – which included more talk about how people like her – must be seen by every Labour member who will vote in the coming contest:

Ms Phillips did wear a sombre expression in other parts of the interview and talked about the ‘devastating’ results and their impact on local people – but her merriment on a grim night for Labour and millions of vulnerable people must not be forgotten.

It’s essential that Labour members not only stay in and ensure the party is not dragged back to the ‘all the same’ right – but also recruit friends and family to make the party even stronger for the long fight ahead.

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  1. She is a non-starter for me anyway. I would automatically disqualify all those who have done nought but undermine JC. The ‘chosen one’ would need to be a person we trust to continue where JC left off. We must not allow a return to tory-lite.

    1. STOP PRIORITISING THE MEDIA . That led to Tony Blair’s IRAQ WAR, Blair’s PFI. Blair’s deregulation of the City. Blair’s bail out of the banks. AND our losing our TRADITIONAL LABOUR HEARTLANDS VOTING LEAVE.

      The voting CONSTITUENCY shows LEAVE was the decider. NOT JEREMY. EVIDENCE why did he get THIRTY THOUSAND PLUS VOTES⁉️ Stop believing myths. We leave because of the ARROGANT REMAINIACS. NONE of them must have ANY PART in our LABOUR Party. They deliberately orchestrated this situation and JEREMY’s team including McDonnell FAILED to recognise that.

      We need a leader that can recognise that. We need MPs and spokes people who can assertively crush the myths. Labour declined under Blair to Brown to Millband. We need a team that can state the OBVIOUS : eg SCOTLAND was lost B4 Jeremy‼️ Membership crashed B4 Jeremy‼️ The so-called fetishised SOGGY “CENTRE” LOST the Brexit debate with ALL the “CENTRISTS” ➕ FULL SUPPORT of ALL media.. CHECK the facts EVERY SINGLE REMANIAC SHIP JUMPER LOST THEIR SEATS‼️ LOST LOST LOST. Remaniac ARROGANCE lost our heartlands. WE SHOULD HAVE RESPECTED THE VOTE from the GET GO.

      There has been TOO MUCH HIDING. Too much hesitance. Too much failure to dispute RIDICULOUS CLAIMS of us being “FAR LEFT”. Too much PRIORITISING LABELS over SUBSTANCE as if LABELS and Political Theory sells on the doorstep. Too much protest culture. It is in my opinion DEFEATIST. Yes defeatist. It comes from feeling ignored so kets make a noise and get “those people” to listen to us. We need to be “THOSE PEOPLE” who bring what we want to fruition.

      IF ALL PROTESTS were effective, Blair would not have Invaded IRAQ, The people in Palestine would not be in the same position as since my childhood. The miners would not have bee crushed. No???

      And another pathetic defeatist fallacy, “LETS FORM A NEW PERFECT PARTY”. Not even some of the stupidest “centrists” were stupid enough to leave the party. Only those with self regard exceeding that of Thornberry Starmer Coyle, jumped ship. UMMUNA a good example. CENTRIST REMAINIAC LOOSER LOOSER. DUDS‼️ A batch of BLANKS in a SAVILLE ROW SUIT. Who with all his well exfoliated legal acumen LOST in the City and Westminster. Too many with right on our side fail to see that our TIMIDITY to express these things LEAVES A VACUUM that has been filled with lies. We URGENTLY need to fill the space with FACTS.

      Just a little of what MUST be done‼️ We do NOT need a KNOWN NAME to do that. The so called “EXPERIENCE”. PLEASE people, OBSERVE ⛔️ LEARN ⛔️ Hillary Clinton with experience and better POLITICALLY known … she LOST ‼️ Jeremy WON the leadership and TWO COUPS despite the FULL COMBINED FLANKS OF the Chukka Ummunna, MSM, Blair etc. STOP over rating those things.

      EVERY UNKNOWN should throw their hats into the ring and demonstrate that they recognise that. A FULL SET OF HUSTINGS – BEYOND MARCH is what’s needed. What’s the rush❓ Is an election looming❓ NO‼️ FULL SET OF HUSTINGS. FREEZE “ENTRYIST” NOW⚫️ N O W ⚫️ Let us show the “CENTRIST” IA that we do take their concerns of entryism on board. We LOVE that bit of their advice. SOD THE MEDIA FEAR FOR ONCE JENNIE FORMBY. STOP ENTRY ISM NOW. T O D A Y .

      1. ps Sabine, my post agrees with yours. Only meant to say that, but heard some tosh on the radio so it set me off… as usual😂😂😂

      1. She will – at least Liz never said she would stab Jeremy Corbyn and never boasted about telling Diane Abbott , the most abused and insulted woman in parliament, to F*** off. No wonder the BAME Womens PLP called Jess a “white Feminist”.

    2. Get Boris done

      You are a liar and a charlatan, you lead the most corrupt party in western europe,

      We no longer trust the MSM and toilet papers to hold you to account
      It will be our primary aim now to send you to prison and establish a fair and free press

      Zero cooperation with media until they put there houses in order,

      How we prosecute BJ not sure, do not allow the voters to forget how filthy this election was, aided and abetted by the media, discuss

      We can no longer allow our leader to be shit on from a great height, discuss

      Demand a fair hearing on anti semitism a Panorama/Dispatches programme shining a light on our accusers, JVL can oversea it and become our affiliated to party
      Ditch JLM and LFI, call out rabid rabbis and withdraw whip from Pantomime Dame, bring those who suffered miscarriage of justice from party back in,
      Threaten Israel with sanctions if they interfere in our democracy,

      The crook Boris and his fundamentally corrupt party now have ownership of Brexit, refuse to get involved in this Tory psychodrama ,
      He has no one to blame now, force media to adopt this ‘Tory Brexit’ story

      Let’s continue to debate who will carry on Corbyn and which parts of 2017/2019 manifesto are non negotiable

      We should as a matter of priority draw up 5 basic yes/no questions for candidates

      Heres mine
      1) are the media part of the Tory propaganda machine, including the BBC
      2) did you support the Corbyn project
      3) will you affiliate JVL and get rid of JLM and LFI
      4) will you expel disloyal MP’s and members
      5) will you keep the best of the 2017/2019 manifesto commitments.

  2. Big job needed to clearout this RW. Labour party mps Corbyns duty to stay till we get a socialist leader that the press havnt chosen I havnt seen anyone yet who fits the bill..

  3. Jess Phillips clearly does not care about our defeat. It appears she is happy because it is was what she wanted – Labour defeated,Jeremy gone and the possibility of advancement for herself. Never in a million years will she be Leader of Labour. Her disgusting record of abusing Jeremy and Diane Abbott disqualifies her. She is also mistaken about being liked – she isn’t.

    1. mimi as her other nick name ( gobshite otherwise ) is sooooo happy not just that she managed on the back of Corbyns policies to get re-elected but that Labour lost .Just what sort of sick self centred personality could actually be happy with that ?
      Mind you I guess 99% of the PLP are “Happy” and that twatmaister Twatson is beaming ear to ear .
      Have to say the image that was caught on twittter and reported here on SB , of him and Starmer closeted together in a cafe somewhere , plotting always come to mind . Politics such a foul dirty underhand trade , and for what , and Corbyn was a shining light in comparison to many others in honour dignity and honesty , exemplar of a good politician and the standard for those in our party as well as others to try ( and for some fail miserably always ! ) to achieve

      1. Quote from this university sector journal published earlier in the year.
        “Phillips is being groomed by an intrusive corporate media as a ‘future leader’ neoliberal replacement for Corbyn. Yet she seems to have little connection to the traditions of Labour or to feminism—even though she uses the latter label as part of her personal political marketing. Historical Labour icon Beatrice Webb supported the cooperative movement, and championed trade unionism to the point of coining the phrase ‘collective bargaining’. Phillips, by comparison, does paid side work for Michael Ashcroft, the Conservative peer, former deputy Tory party chairman and party donor, and infamous offshore tax avoider. Phillips, like a number of her femocrat contemporaries, is an advocate of the Western imperialist agenda, which she spins as ‘intervention’. When Tory prime minister Theresa May ordered air strikes on Syria, Phillips boasted, ‘I regret that were wasn’t a parliamentary vote on this issue. But I wish to tell the prime minister and the house that she would have had my vote had I been asked to give it’. By contrast with Phillips’ agenda of Western expansionism, Sylvia Pankhurst, representing that deep feminist tradition of peace and female solidarity, has a memorial in her name in Addis Ababa and was made an honorary Ethiopian for her role in championing the country’s resistance against invading Italian fascist forces.”
        See link –

  4. I am not a fan of Jess Phillips, that’s an understatement, but I’m going high where she went low.

  5. Mimi, doing what she does best, showboating !

    I haven’t cracked a laugh since 10pm 12th December, not even with my grandkids and there she is like the cat that got the cream. Disgusting.

    I recall Mike Sivier/ Vox Political posting an article about her doing something damning during one of the Labour leaders contests. Can’t recall which one (2015 or 2016) but she was asking on her twitter page for her fans to join Labour so they can vote and if they joined she would ‘buy them a drink’. Completely illegal in regards to the Electoral Commission. She soon deleted it once the article went viral but Mike screenshotted it. A nice little save.

  6. Why is anyone surprised about mouthpiece’s reaction?

    I’ll bet she wasn’t the only one to have a laugh when the cameras weren’t on them. Careerist twunts one and all.

    Rees-smog’s friend. That simply MUST be the rock philips’ bid perishes on. (Should’ve been it’s seat, the goadawful coo).

    That message HAS to be hammered home. Tory’s friend. Quaffing champers with the elitist set while people are being forced into abject penury.

    THAT is philips all over. One horridable, self-serving twunt.

  7. I don’t think Jess Phillips was alone in her joy at the GE result .. Stella Creasy, Stephen Kinnock, Wes Streeting, the list goes on. And Peter Mandelson/Alastair Campbell’s satisfaction at the success of their 4y campaign to remove Corbyn/McDonnell and re-NEW Labour.

    1. so why does labour continue to carry this baggage? Open Selection has to be a priority for the next leader, Jez was far too soft on the plotters

  8. What is clear is that it’s not easy to find a leadership candidate that stands out. There may be talent, but its hard to see, and whilst Long-Bailey – the current bookies’ favourite – has some virtues, she doesn’t fit the bill convincingly.

    I think that putting gender ahead of all considerations is particularly foolish in this situation, given the defeat and the long-term hollowing out during the Blair years. It can’t afford identity politics preciousness when looking for acceptable talent on an essentially irrelevant basis.

    It is notable that being female has certainly not been a guard against the egregious adoption of the antisemitism scam : there is no automatic virtue in gender, and certainly none in excluding half the electorate from consideration, and I don’t fancy raising The Mouth’s chances by going down that road!

  9. I definitely won’t be voting for RBL, she caved into the AS thing without doing her homework. Up until then she had my full confidence.

    I’d love to see a male & female from the midlands or north as leader & deputy.

    I’m looking into MP’s voting records and their platforms etc I’m thinking Andy McDonald or Ian Lavery with Angela Rayner. Both Ian & Ang have strong accents, they could pave the way for when Laura P gets back in, & she will.

    1. RBL is my top choice until now , a friend mentioned the caving in so that counts against her, as Jez found out to his cost the pro-Israel lobby cannot be placated

      1. Double barrel Bailey undermined Corbyn with once a knight starmer at the brexit negotiation with the torys..We need to get back to the back benches to find someone not corrupted by power.Rayner could have been okay,but don’t like the crowd she hangs out with. friendships are often a good judge of a person.

  10. Phillips, a Right Wing political moron with no political brain is exposed.
    2 of the Remainer architects of Labour’s defeat, right wing useless Starmer and centrist political lightweight Thorberry who when there was no need to stabbed the Socialist Govt and w class in the back in Venezuela when they were and are under threat.
    Angela Rayner, a capable and decent w class lass but perhaps lacking some depth?
    Rebecca Long Bailey, a good real socialist w class lass.
    For Deputy, Richard Burgon, a good socialist who is well read and has a socialist analysis plus a potential prize fighter.
    So RBL for Leader and RB for Dep.
    A good socialist duo and good cop, bad cop!

    1. RBL later pushed for the 2nd ref so I can’t see members voting for her tbh. I had high hopes for her as she’s a proud socialist but she doesn’t stick firm she allows others to change her mind to the point where it’s not a compromise anymore. Jeremy always stood his ground and his principles.

      I think Richard is a cracking & loud MP but he does my nut in when he starts. talking. like. that. all. the. time. The papers will have a field day with how he talks.

      I noticed Andy Mc on the war path with the BBC today, he ripped them several new ones. He’s going up in my estimation.

      I like AR but there’s a slight Blair thing about her, it’s niggled at me from 2016 & I can’t quite put my finger on it

  11. I like your logic there Bazza I have similar concerns about Angela Rayner, Labour needs to be really careful when selecting the next leader

  12. Of the 5 Labour members of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, only John Spellar was re-elected.

    The defeated members:

    Ruth Smeeth (Stoke North)

    Graham Jones (Hyndburn)

    Madeleine Moon (Bridgend)

    Phil Wilson (Sedgefield)

    All of the members of the committee supported the Trump administration’s decision to withdraw from the 1987 INF missile treaty. All endorsed Trump’s false narrative that Russia was in violation of the treaty.

    All of them, by their reckless actions, helped to make the world a more dangerous place and put our very existence at risk.

    Former weapons inspector Scott writer writes:

    1. It is also noteworthy that the 4 defeated candidates were virulently anti Corbyn. All have insulted and undermined him. Clearly their nasty behaviour disgusted the electorate and as a result they were dumped – cause and effect. Its not rocket science

    1. Hell will freeze over before I allow the Labour right to turn me into a political refugee again, so no to Phillips & no to Nandy

  13. NOT to defend the odious reprobate, but her laughter is propably an INVOLUNTARY nervous reaction.

    In support of this, the fact that she had not collected her thoughts sufficiently to IMMEDIATELY mount a (probaly) vicious attack on our amazing and superb leader and his tranforative and radical policies proves that she was not actully responding to the situation, but, instead, reacting nervously to the dreadful news that the exit poll disclosed.

    I still would prefer that Jess and her type did not make up as much of our PLP as they do.

    1. That’s a wise comment, qwertboi. I’ve looked at the clip several times with the same scepticism that I use on any media extract subject to editing.

      Nothing would persuade me that The Mouth is fit to lead the Labour Party – but there is no evidence that her grin was anything to do with celebrating defeat.

      The only way of approaching media stuff is with a totally objective and forensic critical eye; using the same dodgy dealing as the MSM is pointless.

    2. That is probably the best thing to come out of the election defeat qwertboi – the electorate dumped a large number of the anti Corbyn/ right wing/New Labour MPs . They brought this on themselves by their constant sniping at Jeremy Corbyn – nobody likes blatant disloyalty or frequent and vicious personal attacks on a party leader – and their non stop undermining of the party .
      They were under the impression that they could accuse us of being rabid antisemites, marxists, scum, bullies etc and there would be no comeback. How wrong the were. People including Labour members and supporters were totally disgusted with them and showed it at the ballot box.
      We now have a chance rebuild the party as a truly socialist party and we must ensure that those right wingers like Jess Philips who constantly undermine the party and insult the membership are never put in positions of power again.

      1. Just came across your post Smartboy (whilst doing some research) and I don’t follow your logic. Unless I’ve somehow misunderstood you, what you’re saying is that Labour voters (to some degree) dumped these MPs because they were disloyal to Jeremy etc……. Well in the first place how would you know THAT, and in the second place, why would they vote for another party and run the risk of Jeremy’s LP losing the GE. In other words all these people had the following mindset:

        ‘It’s absolutely disgraceful how my (Labour) MP has viciously attacked the wonderful Jeremy Corbyn, so I’m not going to vote for him/her or JC’s Labour Party.’

        Yeah, it makes a lot of sense! And needless to say completely illogical!

  14. Philips being the next leader?
    Not as long as she has an hole in her arse!
    She, being one of the reasons along with the tory press and her ilk spreading their filthy lies about Jeremy!

  15. NOTE FOR SKWAWKIE: Steve, I’d really appreciate it if you would run through the 25 new MPs that joined our PLP last Thursday.

    LabourLists is claiming that 16 of the 25 are definitely left wing (proper socialists?), but I’d really appreciate your perspective on them as I know I can trust your sources and you analysis/PoV (I’ll make appropriate allowances if or when remain/leave is a key factor – ).

  16. One thing is for sure – the priority given to traditional sectarian navel gazing about who’s in, who’s out – in evidence here – isn’t going to reverse *any* Tory coup. Although there are limits, the Labour Party is dead if it doesn’t have a broad base to work from.

    Nor will rattling on about ‘Traditional Labour Heartlands’ achieve anything. They’re obviously misnamed – or they wouldn’t be Tory. Nobody with a Labour heart would vote for the Tories. They are actually old industrial constituencies with – as we have seen – a ready pool of conservatives open to a Tory con. Working class solidarity and education was irreparably (?) damaged at the same time as the industries and the social/workplace networks were devastated.

    It’s time to get real instead of just hanging onto a sentimentally deluded MSM trope.

    I’ve lived and worked in the ‘Heartlands’ all my working life, came from a working class family, and have a present extended family, *none* of whom would dream of voting Tory on the basis of a shallow con about Brexit.

    Time to rethink outdated illusions if the Tories are to be defeated, and what comprises the younger real ‘Heartlands’ – then perhaps the shy Tories in those areas can be persuaded to see where their interests lie.

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