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Exclusive: man shocks passersby with homelessness protest outside Barnet council building

Man to underwear on a freezing day and lies on pavement to draw attention to Tory policies backed by Tory-run council

As people queued at polling stations in their eagerness for real change, a Barnet man took a different route to draw attention to the ‘conscious cruelty’ of the Tories and the massive increase in homelessness and rough sleeping their policies have created.

The man, whose identity is unknown, stripped to his underwear and lay shivering on the pavement outside Barnet House, the headquarters of Tory-run Barnet Council:

Labour activists are out in the borough working hard to get out the Labour vote and remove what one local official called the ‘heartless Tories who are running us into the ground’.

If you’re thinking that the weather is too cold or wet to go and vote, look at this man and think again.

This is the country’s chance – potentially its last chance in at least a generation – for real change.

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  1. If the Jeremy victory i bet on 3 weeks ago, does not happen, then i calculate a TORY max will be 9.9% lead. If our traditional heartlands forgive us then we would have a slim majority or hung parliament. Jeremy MUST INSIST that he leads that. SOD the usual suspects as they are responsible for us not doing as well as we could have, ie extinguish the Conservatives for a generation.

    1. If the “traditional heartlands” had a brain cell between them they’d have seen the MSM propaganda for what it was and we wouldn’t be looking at five more years of a champagne-and-Charlie Tory government.
      “FORGIVE us?” Forgive US FFS?
      You thought ditching the EU was more important than ditching the Tories, dickhead.
      You halfwitted turkeys didn’t just VOTE for christmas – you opened the ovens, wished Boris a merry christmas and threw yourselves in.

      1. Your last paragraph is an eloquent requiem for the utter twaddle spouted about ‘Labour Heartlands’. One thing’s for sure : the lumpen brigade won’t rest in peace. In shit, perhaps, but not in peace.

      2. No, not in peace. They’ll be rioting in 6 months when things still look as shit, if not shitter, and Brexit hasn’t delivered the expected sunny uplands. Woe unto him who too late repents…

        This country’s Stockholm Syndrome, its sado-masochistic symbiosis with its ruling class, is its downfall. And its total failure of vision or courage meant that Labour’s manifesto was just pearls cast before cowed swine.

        Is there much point in this site now? I’d like to somehow find an alternative obsession to politics for some cause for optimism, but I can’t see anything.

        Any suggestions?

  2. If the exit polls are right, then it would have been those like the A R S H McBot BUTTS who refuse to respect our traditional voters. Regurgitated the hogwash of Campbellend Blair and the un liberal non democrats.
    THEY WERE WRONG ABOUT EVERYTHING. They ARE wrong now. And arrogantly, shamefully, they refuse to accept it. FACTS not EVIDENCE poor speculation.
    If even the exit polls are off target, then we could still have done better without the fog.
    JEREMY MUST REMAIN and STAND UP BOLDLY for what he has ALWAYS BELIEVED IN. The same types (Campbell) is now blaming Jeremy for the position he pushed him in. EXACTLY as i expected. Expect COYLE ALL over the MSM no matter the outcome, blaming Jeremy.

  3. BBC gleefully hinting that socialism has been set back a generation – that it’s all over for Corbyn, that Johnson can do what he wants with the Tory party and with Brexit – this all on the strength of exit polls.

    If true the BBC are going to find it hard to resist the drunken urge to claim credit while they party this weekend. I hope they’ll be caught on video.

    1. At the end of the day, let’s not wrap it up – IF correct – it was the fuckwit morons who voted Tory that won it. Nobody forced them; another brand was available. Blame where blame belongs. Stupidity isn’t compulsory, even when encouraged.

  4. I would like to thank Skwawkbox for your journalism and extremely hard work and committment. Let’s just hope the counts aren’t as bad as the exit polls. A number of seats ‘too close to call’.

  5. As predicted, the same people who pushed the idea of scorning the referendum result, are blaming Jeremy and the result is not even confirmed yet.
    Fog is exhausting. BloJob lies were clear. People are not stupid as A R S H BOTS and metropolitans pride themselves in believing. Get busy bots. Argue to rerun this general election because people did not know what they voted for. Argue that pure clear Tory catastrophes should be ignored to promote niche issues about planting trees like the Greens and Limp Dims.

    People are homeless now. Industries are collapsing now. The high street is decimated now. People are collapsing in DWP queues now etc etc etc. The “STRATEGY” of being invisible and silent then launching a blizzard of policies everyday comes out of an out of touch place.

    The “strategy” of allowing myths of AS to be go unchallenged over THREE years and give it legitimacy with tiresome apologies and NOT ONCE taken opportunities to even acknowledge those who have put their heads above the parapet to defend Jeremy against the slanders is unforgivable. NO MATTER THE OUTCOME, THAT MUST CHANGE. Its if nothing else a BASIC LACK OF GRATITUDE. And puzzling in the extreme.

    Politics is about persuading with words, PRESENCE and ACTION, not expecting the electorate to read minds.

    I DON’T believe the exit polls may play out as assumed. But my concern is that the obvious ie the ref result has been pushed out of mind by the most pompous and odious members of the PLP and ARS Hbots here. Intelligent and educated enough but wilfully swept away by a tide of utter remainiac tosh‼️‼️‼️

    JEREMY MUST REMAIN and reveal his best instincts and take new advisors. They have failed him dreadfully.

    DROP THE FRIGGING FOG. You will NEVER please everyone. NEVER. And explain this why put all energy to appease LOSERS, ENEMIES and out of touch creatures⁉️⁉️⁉️

    1. Corbyn’s own mp’s are the ones who forced him to not respect the referendum result outright. They can’t see outside of their little westminster bubble. They are the ones who screwed this all up.

      1. i agree. They should be dealt with later. But i’m ever optimistic. I do not believe the 1st exit poll. So the show ain’t over till the lovely large lady sings. Would have sung better if as i expected, the ASININE “constructive ambiguity” and shutting eyes, ears and minds to the CLEAR LEAVE verdict, would have been ditched. I was wrong about that.

        NEC & JEREMY’s advisors pursued folly to the end. I was wrong. I did not expect that. My Jeremy supporting colleagues here refused to push for clarity. They revelled in pumping out policies, believing that tons of noble virtuous stuff suddenly mentioned during a six week campaign would distract our heartlands electorate from seeing their verdict ignored and them being called “stupid”.

        Think if it, on what basis do creatures here believe that those who take a different view to them are stupid? What evidence. What non stupid person would hold the view that TONY BLAIR holds❓ Surely that should have been a warning. No???

        Draw a Venn Diagram you will see in one TIGHT SMALL SET: these creatures including two of the most OBNOXIOUS JEREMY & LEAVE HATERS on LBC. Incidentally they behave just like the suspect operatives here ie if others are silenced then the silencers have won an argument. In their set are ALL who thought HILARY CLINTON was a great candidate. ALL who thought Trump would lose. ALL who thought REMAIN would win. ALMOST ALL WHO DID NOT CONDEMN THE INVASION OF IRAQ or not as constantly & angrily as their SUSTAINED condemnation of CORBYN. Same set agreed with PFI and killing our industries while chumming up to and subsidising GLORIFIED PONIZI SCHEME BILLIONAIRE ASSET STRIPPING SKUNKS.

        Apologies to skunks. But Jeremy must resist ALL pre planned attempts to hand over the best hope for this country. We can build his courage to offer what we need. The pretenders have nothing to offer. Nothing we need. NOTHING worth building … even for their remain revoke position. PURE LOGIC – THIS VERY NIGHT , the losers are LOSERS AGAIN. JEREMY CORBYN MUST DITCH THEM‼️‼️‼️

      2. Totally agree and their leaders Mandelson & Campbell all over MSM blaming Jeremy. Blaming him for the position he appeased them with. He appease his enemies and those who have lost every argument. He stays silent on key issues until pushed. Then adopts what scroats wish, instead of arguing firmly, CLEARLY, ROBUSTLY for what he believes in, FROM THE GET GO. I feel SURE JEREMY can DO THAT. He has been badly served by his team.

        Eg mentioning something once or twice or like an irritating bot here, feeling that something is in a manifesto is enough. NO! If that was so, business would not be repeated every 15 minutes on EVERY MEDIA OUTLET EVERY DAY‼️

        Some may think i’m too passionate. But better be passionate and clear from the get go. Rather than wait until pushed.

        NB Johnson repeated his clear simple slogan until we who listen ate sick of it. Repeated until those who want it believed it. Repeated until many who did not even know an election was on, know the slogan GET BREXIT DONE.

        We win by facing reality and getting our aims across. We fail not because people are stupid. We fail because we did not attract attention, and convinced , listened 100 times and persuaded that we will RESPECT the sound Ref result.

        Were it not so, LibDems would be romping home with the support of Blair, Campbell, and the other Remainiacs. Very predictable and i posted my expectations here.

        Expect the same ARS H bots to still try to silence the obvious. They like automatons can neither see, hear nor reason. The are triggered according to their programmers, gullibility, compromised reasoning abilities, or if they are human, they are vile haters of our traditional voters and do NOT support Jeremy. They are part of our problem. A big problem. Worse than Jeremy haters without. Jeremy and true Labour haters within.

        PREDICTIONS: BloJob will NOT deliver Brexit in ANY meaningful way. Advice Jeremy should drop the remainiac tosh. Let the spout it themselves.

        PREDICTION: We will have another election within two years when people realise Johnson had no intention of delivering Brexit. Advice: That is what a Jeremy led Labour should keep alive in every debate and ON THE GROUND.
        And drop the remote middle class niche dinner party chattering stuff.

        Highlight the daily basic Tory failings EVERYDAY, not now and then. How many times have the front bench mentioned Carillion ? The body parts scandal? British Steel collapse under the Tories? G4S prison catastrophe etc YES mentioned a few times but NOT ENOUGH to squash the myths of Tory competence. Could go on but multitasking at 01:56🌹

        Finally, will still get some winnings as did stake that Limp Dims would not get anywhere. Bparty would be nowhere once they caved in to BloJo. Think got turn out right also. And a few other bits and bobs. So may be able to console hardworking well meaning colleagues here with a drink or two 😊😊😊

  6. If the polls are right and it doesn’t take that much under the FPTP system, then at least we can all enjoy the shitstorm that will fall on the cheap and nasty paties heads,
    Be it democratic, financial or legal
    What screws me up is the thought of those who always suffer the most, never mind our NHS and manufacturing industry

    1. May I suggest that LP and all forces on the ‘left’ put their full efforts into a save NHS from private profit campaign. The full story needs to be told, including New Labour’s roll, for people to see the picture behind the sound bites.
      There are a few documentaries now out and Pilger’s will be on ITV on 17th December.
      The original still a good starter.

      It’s no good spending weeks blaming everyone and licking wounds, NHS is too important and it is a unifying topic but much of the public doesn’t know the story which began with the Thatcher neoliberal era.

  7. All these people who voted tory will be well pleased to have to wait until they are 76 to get their pension. If they live that long, anyway. Won’t be much chance of that with no nhs. But still, they voted for brexit. They MAY get it in another two years time. And after all, thats something worth giving everything up for. ;( Not

  8. We have lost Blyth Valley, now its clear it’s Leave taking revenge on anti democratic remainiacs
    But dont underestimate what the backlash will be when a hard right cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess plays out

    1. No. Voting Tory is for fuckwits. If indeed they also voted for Brexit, then that’s just confirmation that it’s aTory idea for fuckwits … as is the myth of the Labour ‘heartlands’. No ‘heartland’ would turn Tory. No ‘core’ voter would turn traitor.

      1. RH totally agree,even the language for once in times of great stress.They let the!seves down and civilisation and send a message to the rest of the world greed is might.

      2. Perhaps it was the LP that ‘turned traitor’ as you put it? Last Labour Govs were Blair and Brown, neoliberals to their core.

      3. Oh and this LP decided to give the finger to the EURef for this GE and stand on EURef 2 platform with labour leave or remain. At some point people are going to lose all trust.

      4. Yawn Yawn. Turn the broken record over, hold hands, and get in touch with reality instead of the Tories.

      5. I’ve read some of your endless Remain or die posts for years. Of course you always take the line that people are thick if they don’t vote your way… I don’t suppose the media and state media played a part as well as smear campaigns against Corbyn and LP didn’t have a good enough campaign and thought they could depend on those thickos in the north etc. Sooner or later LP was going to be punished for neoliberalism, wars of aggression and deception and saying f you to their Ref vote.

        “Yawn Yawn. Turn the broken record over, hold hands, and get in touch with reality instead of the Tories.”

        Oh dear, is that all you’ve got… me holding hands with Tories. This is the problem you lot (LP centrists,left liberals and remainer coalition) do not listen and invent your own little narrative of thickos, racists and Tory hand holders.
        I did not vote Tory so don’t include me in your Tory hand holding fairy story.

      6. Sorry that the truth upsets you – but your narrative about Brexit is a Tory narrative. Own it for what it is. No real Labour supporter would support Johnson – Brexit or not. The real thread is, indeed, gullibility in terms of the bog paper press, which supported Brexit and rubbished Corbyn. This links the two votes.

        Your epithet ‘you lot’ is actually the REAL Labour Party and the REAL core working class supporting Corbyn and Labour policy- as opposed to working class lumpen Tories willing to vote for a lying philanderer, and the Toytown left making excuses.

        Sadly, the narrative of the MSM which you support did indeed succeed in rubbishing Corbyn and the Party. It wasn’t those of us who actually supported the Party, flanked as we were by Blairites on the one hand and the empty vessels of the delusional Toytown left on the other.

  9. If we have not won then it damming for the intelligence and morality of the people who voted for greed and corruption.Says more about the people than anything else.Thankfully people here and the squawkbox showed the way to civilisation and morality but if we are ignored what can one do.IT was a test for the public and they make their choice.God save them,because nobody else can.!.

  10. Support corbyn,nobody could have done more than him to deliver the message…IT was ignored and I can only hope for the vulnerable across the Uk who now face a nightmare.The money 💰 markets are celebrating across the world and the champagne will flow in the City tomorrow.The pound is rising whilst ordinary Joe weeps.Do not underestimate the effect this will have across the world and the one percent.Turkeys vote for xmass,and don’t forget we are Labour and we got it correct,but were ignored by haIf wits and we are united under the banner of common sense and decency..Thanks to all here who tried.Flying up and away tomorrow and hope you all have a peaceful xmass….Almost Too astounded for words,and hopefully all is not lost.I think of the genocide of the country Iam returning to and think of the terror the people of Cambodia faced and have now begun to rise from the ashes,then there is hope for Britain and Europe and the world.You on here did the correct way…maybe a lone voice of reason in a world of greed.

  11. It’s funny – watching the coverage of the results – but everyone taking part knows WHY this has happened, but no-one speaks about it. It’s amazing really.

  12. Am I right in thinking that a diamond in the slag heap would be the clear out of some of the usual suspects, who would then be replaced with loyal candidates,
    I’m not sure about this exit poll, it wasn’t my experience in the last 3 weeks,
    FPTP is a fuckwit system designed to give majorities on small swings of the vote,
    This is the 3rd GE in 4 years, none of which were predicted by the polls,
    FFS Cameron wrote his resignation speech in 2015 only to wake up to a majority,
    Electoral reform and media reform will be front and centre next time
    In the meantime there will be some bright spots tonight, keep the faith

    1. Doug – I think that the ‘usual suspects’ will be using this as a means of reclaiming ground, whilst the Toytown left will be aiding them from the sidelines by associating radicalism with wild-eyed failure.

      The MSM/establishment/Israeli campaign clearly succeeded. No point in wrapping it up, and, clearly, the image of Corbyn created by them dominated. I bit my tongue over Skwawkbox’s recent over-playing of his popularity for obvious reasons – but it was wildly out of touch with wider perceptions out there. Sadly. Gary Gibbon (Ch 4) is currently making the point that this issue was way ahead of Brexit in his experience.

      Those Sun/Mail/Express etc. purchases that you see in the supermarket do matter : they are a marker of the capacity for thought and susceptibility to propaganda. Nobody, of course, addressing the issue about the media on the media!

      As to electoral and constitutional reform – I’m sceptical. A regressive electorate and a far right Tory Party aren’t the right environment.

      1. RH
        Brexit is a Tory creation and the Tory party will now take ownership of it
        No Deal will decimate industry and the exchequer,
        the financial system is bankrupt
        This has been the filthiest election I have known,
        But the demographics will change and progressive left wing politics have already moved the dial,
        Johnson will screw his supporters one way or another, let’s see what happens in next 6 months

      2. RH are you kidding,electoral reform,we are back to fuedilis!m courtesy w the electorate. This is not your green and pleasant land. !maybe a knock at the door will give you understanding of your position,Babes in the wood.Ps I flew out of paris CDG today Have you heard of extremism law,!maybe you should study it.

  13. Curtice: Leave vote fell heavily in strong leave working class areas. But everyone else is to blame. Not even the decency to own your idiocy.

    Danny has been vindicated. So has JPenney and many others including meself. There’s no beating of chests, though.

    There IS an expectation that you three imbeciles will fuck off, NEVER to contaminate this site again.

    The suffering of many rests on your watson & starmer supporting fuckwittery. Hang your heads in Shane .. better still, hang yourselves.

    1. And, The Toffee, Mandelson, Campbell, etc are all over MSM blaming Jeremy because of AS & Poor Leadership. QUESTION: Why then did the LibDems lose❓ WHY DID THE BRILLIANT TINGED, CUCK now LimpDim lose City and Westminster⁉️ Why did Labour win Putney❓ Why did Labour win Kensington, Canterbury etc❓Why did Frank Field the Corbyn Critic lose????)

      And why are Jeremy’s team not ALL OVER even the MSM outting our views BOLDLY as we do here… even the ARS H BOTS❓❓❓ Why always timid and hiding??? Views are just that. VIEWS. We should state them clearly then let people decide. NOT hide away hoping arguments will disappear!

      I am positive JEREMY CORBYN MUST REMAIN OUR LEADER. We can all … well some of us can help him project himself positively and be FULLY PRESENT etc so our country benefits from his RARE and PRECIOUS WORTH. If i sensed anyone else had those vital qualities, i would say so. We can help him be his best. The rest have no best to be.

      1. Enjoy your brexit, kippertards, you just fucked up the last chance to achieve socialism democratically, possibly forever.

        In the next 5-10 years jobs will begin going to AI in huge tranches, the rich will get richer faster & faster, the NHS will become TRUMP MEDICAL, social media will be straitjacketed, pension age will rise again, income tax, VAT & employee NI will be increased to pay for cuts to corporation tax and employer NI, energy prices for domestic customers will rocket to pay for cuts to industrial prices.
        Tax avoidance by the 1% will expand, South Dakota being a safer haven than the Caymans.
        Green measures will continue to be promised by the Tories but never implemented. (Maybe we’ll get paper carrier bags instead of plastic but that’ll be it.)
        As for the rest of the Labour manifesto, forget it.

        Oh… and you can stop lying now, it doesn’t matter anymore that UKIP & brexit in the “Labour heartlands” was demonstrably only ever about stopping immigration and nothing whatever to do with the EU strangling socialism.
        The internet remembers everything and your grandchildren will be ashamed of you.
        Good luck with the Tories, “the new party of the working class,” you fucking idiots.

  14. Ruth Smeeth betrays a remarkable lack of self awareness

    Labour’s Ruth Smeeth just told Sky News “I have definitely lost” as she launched a blistering attack on Jeremy Corbyn for making Labour “the racist party”.

    1. She blamed the defeat solely on Corbyn clearly unaware that he was the leader at the last general election.

      I met her once. I do not wish to repeat the experience.

      Hodge could not even wait for the first result before denouncing Corbyn.

      Clive Betts said that people did not like Corbyn but did like the policies.

  15. I’ve always understood the deficiencies of the electorate so it’s entirely my own fault that I allowed myself to feel hope when Labour finally elected a genuine socialist as leader.
    It’s no exaggeration to say he was the best hope for the planet, not just the country. The next manifesto will be insipidly, Mavisly middle-of-the-road with the gloating ‘centrist’ faction bringing ‘grown-up politics’ back to Labour.
    History will record this as the last day humanity could have saved itself, if only it hadn’t turned right when every fucking sign said

    1. Corbyn announces he will not lead party for another GE but will stay on in the interim whilst Labour sorts out its way forward. He will remain MP for Islington.

    2. David we may have been seduced by the dream of socialism and a just society but it was a wonderful seduction and one I will always cherish far more than being elected.Have a peaceful Christmas and no that you are right and the public are wrong.

    1. I was glad she lost not least because of her support for nuclear war.
      Such talk helps create a situation whereby it becomes more thinkable and thus more likely.

      Great to see Zak Goldsmith defeated. His mayoral campaign was so disgusting that even some Conservatives criticized it.

  16. £670 pounds per !month pension and cover for when we,my wife and me are sick…And we are the lucky ones. My luck gave me money and nothing more.My company gave me security to live the way IWant outside of the political system MY background chose my beliefs and morality.The people will pay for the choice today.and the chickens will come home to roost The media are ecstatic and the BBC unable to control their glee.NHS Gone,..welfare Gone Pension Gone.all will be done in the name of the people.and none of us can do anything to stop it.Look at the traitors now unable to pause in destroying the only chance for Britain…..Jeremy Corbyn..I apologise to our younger comrades for the legacy we have left you with….solidarity comrades

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