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Vital info: 10 seats you must get to tomorrow to ‘get out the vote’

Important announcement for Labour supporters who want to help achieve a Labour win on polling day tomorrow. If you can take a day off and can get there, below are ten priority seats to go to for the ‘GOTV’ (get out the vote) effort:

• Rother Valley
• Bolsover
• Grimsby
• Wrexham
• Bury
• Crewe
• Don Valley
• Darlington
• West Bromwich West
• Stoke North

If Labour wins these, it wins the election – and turnout is likely to be the key factor.

If you can’t make it to the above, find out the seat near you where your time can be best spent here.

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  1. We have ONE DAY to make clear why people have to vote Labour.

    – Only LABOUR ends Austerity.

    – Only LABOUR tries to reverse Austerity.

    – Only LABOUR creates jobs and invests massively in fixing our broken climate which beckons widespread extinction, flooding, global warming and food scarcity.

    – Only LABOUR can create a brexit deal that does not threaten our jobs, our business, our rights, our global influence, our NHS and our futures.

    If Johnson wins tomorrow it is GAME OVER – for democracy, for public investment, for income and wealth equality, even for some jobs, our rigtsfor the NHS and for HOPE. He’ll fiddle the constituency boundaries and restrict unbiased broadcasters and fiddle while tory brexit burns and delivers more despondency. I dread the worst.

    Knock doors or log onto DIALOGUE. Talk to our people and keep them true.

  2. On a different topic, I live in Derby South and have just been contacted by Labour HO. Apparently, they are short of foot soldiers in Derby North and asked if I would help out.

    They asked me to campaign against Chris Williamson and I refused.

    Looks like we will lose Derby North through a split vote, although maybe Chris could win, you never know.

    Oh how the chickens are coming home to roost !!

    1. Yes – it is a really difficult one.

      Head says every seat counts in order to achieve the most important objective – of preventing a Tory majority.

      Heart says f. it, why pander to those who did this self-harm?

      But, like you, I probably wouldn’t be actively campaigning.

      It should never have happened.

    2. Steve good for you well doen , may I respectfully suggest if you can stomach it , and if not already helping CHris perhaps do a little . Iam off to help Denis Skinner in Bolsover tomorrow as that too is a priority marginal

  3. If Mary Wimbury wins in Wrexham, she will join the worst of the worst Labour MPs in Westminster and undermine Jeremy Corbyn at every opportunity she gets. She and her friends in North Wales are responsible for several local suspensions and expulsions and she is pro-Israel in the worst possible way.

  4. Good to see quite a few older people in the crowd and not just young radicals.
    Older voters were said to have won it for leave in 2016, and older folk tend to be a bit Tory – hopefully enough older minds have been changed and enough new voters have come of age to swing this one our way.

    Every Tory/Brexit who votes Labour is worth two lifelong lefties, remember – but just for today.
    A LibDum’s still not worth half a lefty, obviously 🙂

  5. Stoke North is Ruth Smeeth’s constituency!

    That is one that I would stay away from.

    Rother Valley: It is interesting that this seat has become so marginal when that has not happened in the other 2 Rotherham seats.

    Does anybody have an explanation?

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