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Video: reporter for ‘impartial’ BBC says Johnson ‘so deserves’ victory

BBC agenda slips out – and not for the only time today

This has been a day of even greater disgrace for the BBC than has become normal through a general election campaign of staggering complicity.

Below is one example – a BBC reporter telling the BBC News audience that Boris Johnson ‘so deserves’ the victory he is hoping to get:

The media in this country are not fit for purpose. Vote Labour tomorrow to confound and frustrate their objective.

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    1. In a word. “NO”.

      They are all paid hacks of the Establishment. In the case of the BBC this is simply outrageous. It is the UK’s public broadcaster paid for by taxpayers, who as we know, more often than not, do not include the Great and the Good.

      1. you know perfectly well that there ARE BBC journos with integrity – calm down – you sound like the Fox News boreathon on the ‘MSM’

      2. BBC has gotten away with lots, but this is criminal. Undisguised. Have they been assured that no action will be taken against them??? Hancock lies then this? DECISIVE action needed.
        RADIO: most BBC non news is VG or excellent. Yet, ALL news bulletins & programs, Today Prog to midnight, are worse than unforgivable. Their should be straight reporting of verifiable facts. NO TALKING HEADS ie repetition of lies, & giving semblance of independent authority.

        Lobbyist must be off the BBC news progs. Fact checkers must declare ALL interests / connections / funding / past / present – direct ➕ I N D I R E C T.

        FULL ACCOUNTS should be available on the BBC website. NO Non-Dom nor Tax haven individual / lobbyist should be on the BBC.

        These strict guidelines and more are needed. Suggestions welcome. (These spring from having just read Skwawkbox item). These should extend to BBC TV and all commercial news bulletins. Listeners are entitled to know the reliability / bias of anything presented as news.

        Even after a Labour victory, the hostilities will not stop, so clear standards need to be implemented ASAP. If a taxpayer funded organisation could be so CRIMINAL and feel unrestrained, then action MUST be taken.

        NO over costly commissions of inquiry needed for this problem nor most others. Eg Grenfel FLAMMABLE CLADDING , Hillsborough, IRAQ, WMD, Death of David Kelley, Tony Blair, Body Parts Scandal, Carillon, ATOS, G4S, CHRIS GRAYLING, should all be subject to CRIMINAL PROSECUTION just like Jeffrey Epstein across the pond, but without the plea-bargaining. Criminal prosecution should be just as it was for Dr HAROLD SHIPMAN or should have been for ROBERT MAXWELL who “fell” from his yacht.

        And, “JOINT ENTERPRISE” ie “CONVICTION by ASSOCIATION”, should be applied to anyone who , or organisation / corporation which infringes ANY laws incl above, just as it is for the 85% … especially the poorest and most vulnerable. OH! eg, GOVE ADMITTED SNORTING COCAINE in his THIRTIES on SEVERAL occasions, at his socials eg dinner parties. Michael Gove should be interviewed & prosecuted like any other CLASS A DRUG USER with his associates.

        If JOINT ENTERPRISE is good for THE MANY, then let’s have JOINT ENTERPRISE FOR THE FEW… the 5%. Triple penalties for the 1%. They should know better because Stanley and Boris Johnson are “responsible parents” and can spell “LIARS”. And Reece-Mogg, Gove and Pritti Patel have lots of “common-sense” to escape fires. They have no excuse.

        While i’m at it, PRIVATISE SUBSIDIES & DEBTS of PRIVATE companies. ALL past and recent subsidies eg to VIRGIN RAIL and ALL MONIES DIRECT or INDIRECT to OUTSOURCED VULTURES to eg G4S, Carillion, Serco, ATOS etc should be published prominently and clearly on BBC SITES and a dedicated FREE and easily accessible government site. And the mobeys should be paid back at todays value and with relevant past interest rates BEFORE any nationalisation or any other major ownership changes. Amnesty should be given of three months to declare and return any company assets hidden abroad. After the amnesty any loot discovered should be seized or ALL assets here should seized. The tax burden should be strictly on PROGRESSIVE Scandinavian rates – preferably Norwegian and applied ONLY to the top 4%.

        No person in work should need benefits. They must be paid properly and fully. Companies eg Phillip Green’s Arcadia etc which feel they can’t, should be means tested. Not the other way around as now. Company means testing should include assets and renumeration in cash / kind and share options. If directors can afford a yacht or four, like the Greens, then they can afford to pay ALL their staff double the living wage. Threats of the greedy will leave should be tested. Let’s see where they will go. This very month Norway has been declared the most satisfied people. Taxes are much higher than ours and last tine I was there, the place was FULL of very well off people. The threats every election are pathetic. If the 1% are so selfish and unpatriotic, lets see where they will go.


  1. SHOCKING😮😮😮 Bias seems worse than ever, in
    my comparatively short lifetime so far, but surely, that goes beyond basic rules. Gosh … my goodness.

  2. this is nonsense .. she was describing the Tory supporters case, not giving her view. No need to make things up – just report the facts please

    1. I hope they are paying you well,because you are wasting your time here otherwise.General opinion here
      isn’t dictated by the Tory propaganda unit.

    2. “…if he wins the majority he so deserves”.

      Are you deaf, or just politically ignorant? Do one, Bot.

  3. Report The BBC to the electoral commission UK for the illegal breach of article 84 .do not forget to mention reporters names and detail.dont forget to mention Kuenssberg a known criminal offender of electoral law….I have reported this,do the same please…They the BBC may have cost us the election if the voting is close.!

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