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Video: Boris Johnson flees and hides in FRIDGE as aide swears at ITV reporter

Boris Johnson continues record of campaigning disasters

Johnson fleeing – again

Cowardly Tory leader Boris Johnson has fled from public scrutiny – again.

And this time, he added an extra layer of humiliation on the eve of polling day – by hiding in a fridge to avoid a Good Morning Britain reporter who wanted to interview him live on the programme.

As if that wasn’t enough, a Johnson aide also swore and moved threateningly to block the reporter as he tried to pursue Johnson and persuade him to talk on air, to the astonishment of the GMB presenters:


Johnson has broken – smashed – Theresa May’s dismal record for most cowardly campaign in this election.

May at least underwent an interview with Andrew Neil, proving she has more balls than her craven successor.

By contrast – and knowing it would be unfriendly, because every interview has been – Jeremy Corbyn has even offered himself up for additional TV scrutiny when he didn’t have to, appearing yesterday in an extra interview on GMB.

Voters who want to be led by someone with a spine need to vote Labour tomorrow.

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    1. That person’s work looks like the tedious shit we used to see on rolls of film that had a shot from a plane, a hotel, a beach, drinks with umbrellas, twenty poolside shots and a pet dog on 35, 36 and 37.
      I’m saying they’re amateurish.
      Ruined my day just looking at that dross.
      Digital photography was supposed to raise people’s game because they could delete the rubbish in camera – this fucker obviously didn’t get the memo.

    1. Cheers quertboi, nice one.

      I wonder why he hasn’t got a show on, say, BBC2? Still, we all saw what they did to Frankie Boyle… 😱

    1. Great, I have shared that. Thanks. I knew that the USA was interfering as my cousin shared an obviously concocted story on facebook about a woman who was “livid” when she saw a long queue of students lining up to register to vote at her LOCAL TOWN HALL. Obviously written by somebody with little knowledge of the system in the UK. Students here, as you know would use their phones to register.

    2. A good link. Of course, the security services and networks have a long history of partisan politics, despite their formal remit. I’ve mentioned before their activities during the Wilson/Callaghan years, which I learned from a senior member of those governments – including illegal entry to his flat.

      If you want to search it out, Consortium News has a good article on the role of the security services in turning The Guardian’s editorial line since Viner took over. Well worth a read.

      The role of Israel as a foothold in the Middle East is obviously central to the ‘antisemitism’ fictions.

  1. Very interesting to note that some people regard it as virtuous to vote Conservative and thus support this bumbling pillock.
    That he is in such a position says much about how much the public is propagandised.
    It is an affront to decency, at the very least.

    1. I think some fools believe that somehow, by voting tory it lifts them out of the ‘hoy polloy’ and invokes in them a sense of being a better class of person than the average working class voter which they despise. Totally deluded. They do not realise that the average tory MP would cross to the other side of the street to avoid having to piss on them if they were on fire.

      1. I don’t think it’s like that : about 50% of working class voters vote Tory – whatever. It’s a vote for SunMail garbage which feeds conservative delusions amongst the gullible.

      2. You have hit the nail right on the head Aidey. I have been making this point to reluctant Labour voters for years.
        These Turkeys actually think they will climb the greasy pole by voting Tory.

      3. Some are outright thickos who think Savile Row suits and plummy accents equal intelligence, some just parrot whatever the S*nMailBBC says, some think the boss is sure to be a Tory so expressing hard Tory views might help their promotion prospects – or at least that it can’t hurt.
        When some put an X in the box that’s actually their signature 🙂

    2. Is this what is known as a bunker mentality
      What is shocking is the concerted dirty tricks by the 5% who genuinely believe they can buy this election
      I know 527,000 reasons why they wont get away with it

  2. The Tories Are Doing Their Best to Mislead Voters

    …………It is telling that Cummings describes Surkov admiringly in the Spectator piece as a “communications maestro”, apparently disregarding the ethics of it all, judging only the tactics, the method, the efficacy. To Cummings, elections are a game, and so politics, bled of ethics, becomes just another abstract system to be gamed.

    For Vote Leave, the electorate were reduced to quantifiable aggregates of psychographic data to be kneaded in order to “hack democracy”. Truth becomes performative, indulging the populist impulse to say anything, including brazen falsehoods, to elicit the required sentiments and feelings. Such glib emotional manipulation is perhaps what led David Cameron to describe Cummings as “a career psychopath”.

    It is this “deregulation” of truth, facts and reality – abetted by legacy media journalists who have become de facto PR representatives of No 10, and a state broadcaster increasingly suspected of doctoring political footage – that is the most sinister element in all this. The properly dystopian, “Orwellian” aspect of Cummings’ reign of disinformation is not that he is knowingly crafting lies for his Tory puppets to parrot. It’s that he is systematically eroding the public’s capacity to distinguish falsehood from truth.

  3. Boris Johnson is a plonker . All the dirty tricks , lies , misinformation, adultation by the MSM and the Tory cheerleaders in the BBC can’t hide that fact from sensible people . The very fact that he is PM shows the absolute power of the establishment and their propaganda machine.
    In Jeremy Corbyn we have a life long anti racist campaigner who is portrayed as a rabid Jew hater who people feel free to insult and abuse as an antisemite, a peace campaigner who is said to be a threat to the nations security by among others that other plonker( to put it no stronger) Richard Dearlove who was responsible for the dodgy dossier which was used to launch us into an illegal and totally irresponsible conflict in Iraq.
    On the other hand we have Johnson who is a loose mouthed racist and bigot and who is additionally as thick as two short planks. He is portrayed in the MSM as a anti racist statesman. His vile comments spoken and in print are ignored by his rich backers in the MSM and elsewhere.
    People need to wake up and smell the coffee. I think they will do so and will elect a Labour government under Jeremy Corbyn this week.The people of this country need him.

    1. We know all that, Smartboy. The important question is about how many of the GBP get the message by tomorrow.

      1. I genuinely think we’ll do it tomorrow. A real Labour government is what is what I have been hoping and praying for for decades

  4. Makes me think that someone should do a photoshopped gif of the scene in the Pink Panther where Cato flies out of the fridge to attack Clouseau.

    Clouseau being the boombling (sic) oaf, de piffle (mais oui). Dunno who could be Cato – ‘brillo’ neil, perhaps?

  5. Trump sabotages Brexiters’ last-ditch safety net

    Relying on the World Trade Organisation for our trade was always a terrible idea. Now that the US president has ripped a hole in it, it’s economic suicide…………….

    …………..Now Trump has snatched it away. It is ironic, even comical, that the Brexiters’ hero is destroying the global trading system they say is the best reason for us to leave the EU.

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