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Video: Labour star Lavery – I’ll campaign to leave on Labour deal that protects my constituents

Labour Party chair Ian Lavery says he’ll campaign to leave under a Labour government, on a Labour deal – and his record proves he can be trusted to do it

Labour front-bencher Ian Lavery has issued a video confirming that he will campaign for the UK to leave the EU next year on the terms of a Labour deal.

Lavery, one of Labour’s working-class stars on the front bench, has already shown that he will fight for his constituents’ interests and wishes – even at considerable personal cost. He is also one of Jeremy Corbyn’s most trusted allies.

The Wansbeck MP and former miner has a consistent track record of battling for working-class interests – and was at the centre of the fight to ensure that Labour stuck to its conference policy of a ‘credible leave’ when Tom Watson and a number of other front-benchers were misguidedly trying to force Labour into a damaging full-remain position.

Lavery’s video explains his position – and his commitment to protecting not only jobs but the people who work in them:

Lavery has shown that he can be trusted to fight for what’s right – and to stick to his word on the EU.

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  1. EXCELLENT 🌹🌹🌹 BETTER LATE THAN NEVER 🌹🌹🌹 Praying more join you Lavery‼️‼️‼️ Len❓❓❓

    1. Some of us here that have been accused of being remainiacs or worse have in the past in Skwawkbox comments argued that Leave should be given a definite advantage over Remain to acknowledge the first result if another referendum were called.

      I’ve argued that to restore the peace Remain should require a substantially bigger margin than 52-48 to win.
      I thought around 55-45, 56-44 or 57-43 would be a sufficiently convincing swing that Leavers wouldn’t feel cheated.
      I wouldn’t object to every future local & general election poll having a leave/remain box to tick so that if and when national opinion changes again it’ll be known and Brexit can be raised again.

      SteveH suggested a fairer voting method – a form of STV if I remember correctly.

      With Corbyn and a good deal I’d probably still vote remain, but leaving would be very different to leaving with a crap deal and a crap Tory government.
      Tories are to blame for our divisions, not leavers or remainers.

      1. David
        It’s an absolute necessity as their are serious proposals to give 16/17 year olds and EU nationals the vote,
        All referendum should have an inbuilt minimum of 60/40 bar

      2. Doug – you are absolutely right on both counts.

        … and part of the reason why the last referendum was a farce. It produced no convincing majority, and didn’t even top the result of the first referendum.

        Thus its lack of validity when you scrape away all the Brexit and Tory bollocks about the ‘Peepleswill’ – confirmed by the hysterical resistance to a proper referendum amongst right wing Brexit supporters. They hate real democracy and love proto-fascist populism.

        Thus the conflict that it’s generated.

        As to the voting age – any referendum on such a major future issue has no validity if it narrows the electorate in order to exclude those most affected in preference to nurturing old farts who won’t be affected. But we need to win an elaection to do anything about either issue.

      3. I want to remain on principle – socialists have a duty to spread socialism worldwide and we can do that most effectively by starting with the EU and using the EU’s own forums – outside we have no voice.
        There are pragmatic reasons to remain too – the pressure for trade deals once we’ve left will be enormous and we’ll be forced into compromises we’d reject out of hand as part of the EU.

    2. Good LEN🌹 DO BETTER🌹🌹 Every word correct, but the heartlands need to know that you, like LAVERY, will campaign to Leave! Do your BEST. Tour OUR TRADITIONAL LABOUR HEARTLANDS, from now till Ref properly IMPLEMENTED… and well after that! SAY WHAT YOU MEAN as you always do. FIGHT with all your might to DELIVER a SOUND LABOUR Withdrawal Agreement.

      THE EU ENABLERS the CONSERVATIVES will NEVER deliver ANY meaningful Brexit. Especially Boris Johnson – “The most epic E U R O P H I L E” ! EPIC !!! to quote someone who knows him well. E P I C EU XENOPHOBIC SUPERSTATE LOVER!!! Don’t be fooled. Only a few hours do your research. Check ex EU big wig then WTO boss Pascal Lamay’s view on Johnsons devotion to the EU. Check Nicholas Soames’ surprise at Johnson eventually coming out for Leave. Johnson is a fraud. He has always been a fraud. He will ALWAYS be a fraud, BOGUS, heartless, CHARLATAN, chancer, and on record an Prime Minster who agreed to give a convicted criminal DARIUS GUPPY, his ETON CHUM who was jailed for CORRUPTION / FRAUD … BORIS JOHNSON agreed to give Darius Guppy, the address of a journalist to give him some bruises etc and broken ribs‼️‼️‼️

      It would be an obscenity for ANY British Citizen to help a Conservative party with the likes of Jacob Reece-Mogg who thinks the GRENFEL victims “LACKED COMMON-SENSE”. MOGG also added that Nick Ferrari, his interviewer would have had common sense to disobey the “Stay Put” order. Chris Grayling… IAN DUNCAN-Smith, DIY ISRAEL FOREIGN POLICY PRITTI PATTEL – FIRED BY MAY – REHIRED by Johnson. The list of Conservative horrors are too long to list, but it is TERRIFYING that anyone would vote for a Johnson who when shown a photo of an ill child needing oxygen on a hospital floor, he prattles and piffles on “get Brexit done”.

      Only HOURS to save our country from that 1% hosting, flammable cladding, Carillon enabling, Universal Credit creating, ATOS enriching, Petri dish of Wahabi TERRORISM, head chopping Saudi Arabia ARMING, Yemen bombing, 4.1 – 4.6 MILLION POOR CHILDREN disregarding. Homelessness spreading, Social Care Crisis causing, Body Parts scandal causing, nasty Nasty NASTY CONSERVATIVES‼️ Theresa May – one of them since aged 15 i think, called it right. The NASTY PARTY‼️‼️‼️

      If Tory May can see that, so can everyone.

      CONSERVATIVES will see any vote for them as permission to have more FOUR YEAR OLD LADS ON HOSPITAL FLOORS🔵

    3. Marvellous! The Lexit campaign Labour should have led in 2016!

      There is no way a Labour government can carry out its programme of nationalisations whilst being hog-tied to the neo-liberal EU.

      Remainers point out that there are publicly owned transport systems in EU countries. The bad news for them is that the bankers and bureaucrats in Brussels have reached the limit of their tolerance and that state railways must start to privatise in 2023.

      In fact marketisation and privatisation run like a black thread through the EU Articles of Association.

      We should also remember that it is not an ‘either-or’ in relation to the EU and Trump. Back in 2013 the EU wanted to clonclude the infamous TTIP trading deal with the USA. This would almost certainly have meant penetration of our NHS by American ‘healthcare’ and pharmaceutical companies, similar to that we will face if Johnson is elected as PM and his abominable so-called Brexit deal is passed.

      No to EU! No to Trump!

      1. “Marvellous! The Lexit campaign Labour should have led in 2016!”

        Delusional. Ditch 80% of your support as a route to victory. Doh!

        Who needs Blairites when the Toytown ‘left’ are around to shaft the Party by supporting the Toties?

    4. redveg & The Toffee. Lavery, Len and all of us who prefer facts rather than swallowing the hysterical speculation of LYING ALWAYS WRONG Blair & Mandelson Campbellend like Neil Coyle, Jon Ashworth, Umm umm pulling out TING CUCKS, should ask them WHAT CAN U GUARANTEE IF WE REMAIN❓
      Also we must let the TRADITIONAL LABOUR VOTING WORKING CLASS HEARTLANDS , that many of us in London do not have the disdainful attitude that “we know best” and “they are stupid” etc. We must distance ourselves from the downright despicable out of touch arrogant attitude of the PLP and the slow to be reprogrammed McARS HBotButts.
      HEARTLANDS we respect you and your democratic decision. Johnson will NEVER deliver Brexit. And, i’v put a tidy sum on that🌹🌹🌹

  2. Surely the whole point of Labour’s policy on the EU is that it is us the voters that will decide. How individual MPs intend to vote is by and large irrelevant. Like the rest of us they only have one vote.

    1. Totally agree with you SteveH. I find it very disappointing that some of our people seem to put Brexit above every other policy- it matters but not as much as a good NHS, Social care, education, homelessness , welfare,etc. I think that our message is getting across and I am very hopeful of a good outcome on Thursday. God help the people in this country if the majority are conned into voting Tory.

  3. Maria, i don’t think the Ashworth stunt was a set up by the Tories. Seems Mandelsonian Campbellendian.

    RE: the Ashworth clique / cabal: Check the friends. COYLE. Do some research on him and marvel that he has neither been deselected, expelled nor suspended. Astonishing. Neil Coyle, during this GE campaign has had his own DIY BREXIT high octane REMAIN policy.

    Like Priti Patel’s DIY Foreign Policy with her trip to Israel. At least Theresa May fired her for that. Says lots about Johnson re-hiring her…

    Anyway back to Coyle: His BREXIT policy since the campaigne, changed from another ref to REVOKE‼️ Yesterday, he finally said he will accept a peoples’ vote. Only yesterday. Coyle also stated openly that he will “Stand up to the Front Bench”. And “we will lose the election because of Corbyn” and ” for his not campaigning for Leave”. Frequently on the MSM, he’s open about his opposition to Jeremy, and NEVER defends him re AS accusations.

    Wonder if the usual suspects here, ever caution MPs like those❓ The usual suspect McArshHbotButts are always triggered by “Leave”, “Heartlands” and “Jeremy”.
    Persistent as they are base. Incoherent, inconsistent and similar language and triggers.

    Like toddlers, believing out of sight out = of mind? Hide a toy and it no longer exists? Or, like ostriches? N O. No, They know what they’re up to and are. EXTREMELY well funded foreign controlled / handled BOTS. They PRETEND to support Jeremy and as Agent Provocateurs, to be vehemently against AS allegations to PROVOKE an angry response. Don’t be deceived. Don’t be manipulated. Don’t be baited. And DON’T be intimidated by the Mc A R S H McBotButts.

    1. signpostnotwindchimes – It’s only 1 day before the GE, please do us all a favour and put a sock in it.

      1. Why?

        Is signpost wrong about coyle? I don’t think so. Signposts certainly not wrong about what rattles your cage – your reply’s only given credence.

  4. Cheers LP Chair! Well said from the REAL EU-critique as opposed to the endless soap-opera of fake Brexit deals from the Tories – the latest such that the DUP will no way support the Tories without doing a huge volte face…

    1. Brian am knowing the mind of the DUP and their supporters.Politics and Religion are one and the same thing to them.They are trapped in a time warp of the 1600s and would sooner die than support a Labour government,and if they did thats just what might happen in their world of Hellfire and damnation and a flat earth 🌎.

  5. With the right messaging, we can win back Labour Leavers
    Labour’s Brexit policy has been characterised as complex and unworkable – it is neither. Part of the problem is that we have shied away from talking about the policy ourselves and let our approach be defined by our opponents. In the last days of the campaign the party needs to make it clear to Labour Leavers that our policy respects their right to support Brexit, but ensures that if the will of the people is still to leave the EU then it will be done in a way that preserves the values they care about.

    From our research, the most important things to say to Labour Leavers are:

    ♦ Unlike the Lib Dems, Labour does not believe that Leave voters were “stupid” or “wrong” to want to leave the EU in 2016.
    ♦ Unlike the Tories, Labour will negotiate a deal that will protect ordinary people, rather than benefit tax-dodging global corporations and American drugs companies.
    Labour’s policy on Brexit is straightforward and will lead to a resolution within months. Tory policy will result in a new crisis over no deal in the short-term, and years of negotiation with the EU afterwards.
    ♦ This will distract from the real problems that the UK faces, which have been completely neglected by the Tories over the last nine years.

    We have days left to win votes and seats. Let’s use the time to win back voters tempted by the Tories, and win the Labour government that the country so desperately needs.

  6. They are throwing everything including Lavery into the campaign and thats good news covering all the ground and the undecided leavers.We have to win and the Labour party have shown that same determination across the party and we deserve to win and would have walked this but for the propaganda machine of the Tory establishment.We will make it across the line and should have been a easy win.

  7. If Lavery’s constituents, when they realise they were sold a pack of lies by Farage, changed their minds and decided the best option is to remain in the EU, which it obviously is, would he also change his mind? Or, would he be a stubborn Self Indulgent Lexiter advising those who will suffer most, to vote against their best interests?

    1. Can anyone guarantee that if we fail to leave, people won’t continue to suffer, as they are suffering now?
      Can anyone guarantee that more “BRITISH STEELs” won’t need rescuing by that EU BASTION – CHINA???

      Read up on the tosh of the SAME BLAIR creatures who said it would be an economic disaster if we did not join the EURO. Yes… one Tony Blair. Wrong on the EURO. Wrong on IRAQ WMD, Wrong on PFI, Wrong on deregulating the banks, Wrong on maintaining Thatcherism, Wrong “Middle East PEACE Envoy” and WRONG to OPENLY undermine Jeremy.

      1. I’m afraid your logic is entirely lacking. Particularly in casting ‘Leave’ as some sort of left wing enterprise and ‘Remain’ as essentially ‘Blairite’.

        … and, BTW … in the case of Brexit, the negative economic impact is already happening – and we haven’t even left (nor will we for a good long time despite the lying Tory nonsense line of ‘getting Brexit done’.

        But, crucially, this isn’t the time given current sensible Labour policy and an election tomorrow.

  8. Lavery – basically nice enough guy. Just not the brightest bulb in the chandelier. We could do without distraction at this stage by pandering to the SunMail duggies and persuading real supporters to vote LibDem or Green tomorrow.

    1. Why are you being so condescending towards Ian Lavery? THis is a genuine question.

  9. My reply to RH:

    It is you who are the deluded fool. I hope you feel as arrogantly confident when you see the exit polls on Thursday night and find that the Tories have taken ‘core’ Labour seats in the North and the Midlands as a result of siren calls by right-wing Labour remainers,

    Euroscepticism has a distinguished pedigree within the workers’ movement. The late Tony Benn, for instance, was a leftwinger who campaigned vigourously against joining what was then the Common Market.

    How dare you suggest that I am ‘supporting’ the Tories. They are filth and vermin. I have poured much of my meagre financial resources into assisting Jeremy Corbyn into No. 10 and have also been canvassing several times a week since the election was called and have also been active online. However, because Labour appears to have been at least partially seduced by remainer bilge, Johnson’s abominable ‘deal’ may be embraced with greater or lesser enthusiasm by working class constituents in the North and Midlands who feel that their vote to leave has been ignored. That is a fact. I can only hope and pray (and I am not a religious person) that the ‘Red Wall’ holds. If it does not then. we are staring into the abyss.

    I welcome Lavery’s intervention. The fact is, we HAVE to leave the EU if an incoming Labour govt. is to have a cat’s chance in hell of reversing privatisation and making public services public again. This is my political ‘agenda’, I am not at all sure what yours is, although it does seem more than a little neo-liberal.

    Let’s get nationalisation done!!

    1. Redveg. If Tories take core Labour seats in the North it will be because of people such as Lavery and Skwawkbox who are fixated with the ‘l follow Tony Benn’ syndrome.They haven’t got the vision to see that the world has changed and that blind dogma is a danger.

      Tony Benn was someone I too admired but we have to look at the situation now and not as it once was. I challenge Ian Lavery to give me one scrap of evidence which shows that any type of Brexit will benefit ordinary working people ….. he can’t and it won’t. He should have fought against Farage targeting the vulnerable in the North East. He hasn’t, because of his juvenile Brexit stance.

      Farage couldn’t make any inroads in the North West and in Liverpool in particular which has its equal share of poverty but which voted 62% remain. Why? One reason is because the right wing S*n which has been conditioning voters for years against the EU, is banned.

      1. I would say that rolling back austerity, impossible while Britain remains in the EU is very much in the interests of working people.

        The only type of challenge to Farage that has any chance of cutting through is one in which EU exit is sought, not for narrow and despicable reasons of racism and xenophobia, but for the solid, class based rationale of leaving the EU’s neo-liberal bubble, whose Articles make privatisation and marketisation of the public sphere mandatory. The EU is not and never has been a progressive organisation. It is the creature of the European ruling classes and serves their purposes. It does not operate in the interests of mainland European workers, who are our sisters and brothers, nor does it operate in ours.

        It is of course a very good thing that Liverpudlians will not buy the Sun. (Personally I would not use it to clean up cat crap.) However, I do not see any causal effect between this and your claim that they voted 62% for remain. I have always thought that the ban on buying the filthy rag was rooted in its general contempt for their city and its population, and more specifically for its disgusting stance on Hillsborough.

        As for Left Eurosceptics like myself, I think you need to bear in mind that we too are socialists and internationalists. We are not the creatures of Johnson or Farage, nor are we childish – we just happen not to agree with you that the EU is on the side of the working class or confers benefits upon it.

      2. Redveg. You haven’t given me one good reason why we should leave the EU other than you want to because you see some sort of exagerated class war going on.

        With a true Socialist government under Corbyn we CAN implement all the policies we want and need to whilst staying in the EU, without first having to go begging to replace all the trade we will lose if we leave. And don’t forget, there is also the distinct possiblity of the UK splitting if we leave and will Malta be subsumed into Spain.

        You say you are not a creature of Farage yet you hint at the same smoke and mirrors arguments he does, blaming membership of the EU for not being able to ditch austerity, when the cause is under your nose, successive right wing governments.

        Thankfully, you have no truck with the anti immigration argument but this is one of the major issues Farage used to press home his anti EU nonsense when campaigning in the NE and many voters bought it. Remember take back our borders our laws and our money – even though we had lost none of them?

        Pure sleight of hand and snake oil salesmanship is why the NE voted leave, not your esoteric arguments.

      3. Worryingly the one thing of actual substance in the Tory manifesto has been more or less ignored.

        A Tory majority would destroy our human rights
        The Conservative manifesto ominously states that they will “update the Human Rights Act and administrative law to ensure that there is a proper balance between the rights of individuals, our vital national security and effective government”. This is intentionally vague but the meaning is clear: the Tories plan to strip away our human rights one way or another.

    2. Redveg ..You are right to be insulted by stupid,divisve comments regarding the loyalty of yourself and many within the Labour party who have held a traditional veiw on Europe..and in fact the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn..himself who is now neutral for the sake of party unity Lets learn a little more understanding of party unity.and basic common sense of identifying the true enemy of the left the Tory establishment.

      1. Joseph. You are using the same silly reaction -how dare you insult me by challenging me- as a group in the Party opposed to Corbyn.

        But your comment “many within the Labour party who have held a traditional veiw on Europe” bares out my Tony Benn syndrome remark.

  10. SteveH, when I read it (yesterday?) I had that sinking feeling of dread at the implication. Meant to make a note to comment, got busy & forgot. Thanks for posting it 🙂


      British democracy faces an existential crisis.

      The government of the United Kingdom has always had an unwritten constitution, and that position has been defended on the basis that it allows governments a degree of flexibility in dealing with complex situations. That position has been tested to breaking point in recent months. Here are a few concerns.

      1. The Conservative Party is standing on a manifesto which commits them to change the basis on which laws are made and reviewed. The Manifesto states:

      After Brexit we also need to look at the broader aspects of our constitution: the relationship between the Government, Parliament and the courts; the functioning of the Royal Prerogative; the role of the House of Lords …

      2. At the same time as Britain withdraws from the governance safeguards imposed by the European Union, it is proposing to weaken other safeguards (such as human rights and judicial review) which derive from other sources. The Manifesto again:

      We will update the Human Rights Act and administrative law to ensure that there is a proper balance between the rights of individuals, our vital national security and effective government. We will ensure that judicial review … is not abused to conduct politics by another means or to create needless delays.

      3. The present government is firmly committed to legislation on Europe that will give Ministers extensive ‘Henry VIII powers’ – the power to change laws without scrutiny or the prior approval of parliament. The election was called, not because Parliament had failed to agree the EU Withdrawal agreement, but because it had demanded the rights to scrutinise the bill that enacted those powers.

      4. The government has responded to criticisms in the media, the courts and in Parliament by threatening to close them down – most recently threatening Channel 4’s licence to operate.

      5. Members of the government have no scruples about lying about its aims, objectives, situation, process or outcomes. There is a depressing catalogue of falsehoods listed by Peter Oborne. It is probably no less dangerous, however, that so many government ministers don’t do detail, and say things that are false simply because they don’t know any better. Recent examples are the confusion between the EU and the European Court of Human Rights, the mistaken statements about state aid and the EU, or the ill-informed statements made by Johnson and Patel, in the wake of the recent terrorist attack, about the release of prisoners on licence.

      These things threaten three key elements of any democracy. They are the rule of law, public accountability, and open discourse and deliberation. The threat to democracy is chilling.

      1. Just as chilling is the Tory determination to “tackle all that fake news on social media” as outlined in a rundown of the Tory election so far on BBC news tonight.
        They won’t stop until they have 100% of the media in their pockets and 98% of the “recorded by your government for training purposes” vote for a one party state.

  11. And if the Tory establishment succeed we can forget all about democracy,the invisible constitution,and even basic human rights law and society…Remember the god of Toryism “their is no such thing as society,only individuals” ….An apocalyptic vision of Toryland of land of hope and glory and bugger all for the rest of us. God help us if the public unleash the dogs on themselves.

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