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Video: thousands of Liverpool fans and thousands of Libertine fans sing ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’

Yet more evidence of Corbyn’s mass appeal in the face of media smears and claims of unpopularity

The Establishment media continues to push a narrative of Jeremy Corbyn’s supposed unpopularity with the public – apart from a very rare slip recently when the BBC’s paper review showcased an admission that the public ‘love him wherever he goes’.

But as polling day in the general election nears, the signs of Corbyn’s mass appeal are coming thick and fast – ‘rock-star’ welcomes in each place he visits on the campaign trail and an enormous crowd giving him a spine-tingling reception in Bristol on Monday.

And tonight saw at least two additions to the ‘Love for Corbyn’ library.

At a Libertines gig in Manchester, the huge audience broke into a spontaneous chant of the famous ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’ when the lead singer said ‘Don’t let it be the Tories.

And at Liverpool’s European football match in Salzburg, the whole contingent of travelling fans made themselves heard above the home supporters and the commentators with the same refrain:

Corbyn is coming.

Johnson is falling apart.

No wonder the smears get more desperate daily.

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  1. History made election day and victory over cruel oppression of the feudal Tory party and the establishment. A lot of work to do to rebuild a demoralised country and our beloved NHS and public services.Banish poverty from the streets of Britainand shame those who support the Dark side.

  2. Corbyn is coming.
    They say the sound of a thousand document shredders running 24/7 carries all the way from Matthew Parker Street to St. James’s Park 🙂

  3. I watched the Match, you could hear it loud and clear “Oh Jeremy Corbyn”, the narrative that he’s not popular is bullshit.

  4. Good old Liverpool fans and Libertine fans!
    Gives us hope & inspiration!
    ‘BETTER THAN 1945?
    FOR the 4 million working class kids.
    FOR the 5,000 citizens who sleep on the streets.
    Crushed by Tory Neo-Liberal shocks.
    FOR OUR NHS on vital life support.
    As US Private Vultures circle for its best.
    As the media dark arts they reel you in.
    To vote against your own interest.
    And they CON YOU with BAD BREXIT.
    With their broken record out of tune song.
    FOR waiting 3 months for the Better Deal or Remain to come along.
    And they vilify the kindest human.
    With Fake Howls and Vile Derisions.
    FOR a decent man who STANDS NOT ALONE.
    With a pocket full of visions.
    LET US MAKE HISTORY on Thursday the 12th of December! VOTE LABOUR!

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