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BBC tells would-be audience member “We’re looking for ex-Labour voters who are switching Tory”. Seems they’re struggling

Email stuns Rick Dove – but it seems BBC can’t find what it wants

Londoner Rick Dove received a surprising admission – only the admission is surprising – from the BBC when he applied to be a BAME (black, Asian, minority ethnic) audience member on the BBC’s election night programme.

The BBC replied telling him they’d be very interested to talk to him – as long as he was an ex-Labour leaver who’s now voting Conservative:

And it seems this is the only type of voter the BBC is looking for at the moment:

It’s possible the BBC simply feels it needs that specific type of audience member for ‘balance’ – though anyone who watched last night’s debate between Jeremy Corbyn and Boris Johnson or any episode of Question Time will know that BBC audiences are never short of Tory supporters.

But Mr Dove felt that the email indicates an agenda at the BBC:

Of course, the fact that they’ve received ‘hundreds of emails’ for the programme and still haven’t been able to identify the ex-Labour-turned-Tory-leaver they want is also suggestive of something else.

They’re a rarer phenomenon than the media keep telling us.

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  1. Nye Bevan would be throwing coal at Johnsons Thatcherite dream deal. A vote for Johnson is voting for Thatcher

    1. Its worse than that – modern Tories are far worse than Thatcher ever was and I never thought I’d ever live to say that. She led the way but those who follow in her footsteps are a new breed – totally callous and uncaring, the sort of people who are able to stand by while others starve to death/die of cold in the streets/ are humiliated by lack of personal care in 21 century Britain. Shame shame shame on them.

      1. not worse than thatcher …exactly the same as…

        just that this bunch have had a whole series of thatcher-lites come before them to more fully erode the political landscape and to indulge in corrupt practices without consequences …each one pushing the boundary of what they can get away with that much further until you arrive at this bunch of vile disgraceful liars, cheats and thieves who know they can just do whatever and say whatever they like because for them there are no consequences.

        the establishment does not eat its own …

  2. How many people are going to come out and say I have no moral compass and will vote for the fascist regime.?

  3. The BBC is gearing up for the last few days. Recently I’ve heard half a dozen or so “I’ve been Labour since the 19thC but now I’m all blue Tory” ‘voters’ so their search obviously ‘works’. Today the lead ‘news’ on R4 is that the exposure of discussions about the NHS in the US MAY have come via a RUSSIAN. That was the only election news at 1pm; ‘Labour use Russian sources’. Meanwhile the Tories still refuse to publish the Report on Russian influence and how much money the 9 Russian oligarchs. donated to the Tories. Corbyn is a Communist spy after all – just like Harold Wilson! What a coincidence!

  4. Black Ops
    Will not work, JC and party have had it for 3 years, nowt new
    So we can safely ignore YouGov, MSM and toilet papers
    My gut says 1945 and the rejection of Winston Churchill and Tories,
    10 years of Austerity plus 3 years of cheap and nasty Tory party Eton mess on Brexit,
    The electorate will put an end to this particular psychodrama
    The challenge then is to implement democratic changes that will embed progressive politics
    Boots on the ground will get us over the line

  5. It’s more than just interesting that the BBC searches for ex-Labour voters who have turned. Nobody but nobody wants to know about Liberal ‘one Nation’ Tories who turn from the Tories in disgust at what bully-boy Johnson does to them. They might cost Johnson what he craves so it’s definitely off limits for the media.

    1. The BBC would not use I, it would use We, and an e-mail would be signed.
      This is total bollocks Skwawk. And you know it.

    1. The GE [Genetically Engineered] American chestnut – restoration of a beloved species or trojan horse for Tree Biotechnology?

      The GE American chestnut is meant to launch us down the slippery slope of tree biotechnology. In the wings, and waiting to follow in that newly forged path are a host of other GE forest tree species, engineered for commercial industrial purposes. Natural forests meanwhile are rapidly declining, even as climate science dictates that protecting and restoring forests is a crucial part of regaining carbon balance. Yet logging, even of the precious remaining old growth forests, continues largely unabated, often subsidized with public funding.

      Replacing real forests with tree plantations, and then referring to them as “planted forests”, conceals the fact that tree plantations are more akin to corn fields than forests. They often displace natural forests and rural communities, are monocultures lacking biodiversity, doused with herbicides and agrichemicals, rapidly drain fresh water sources, and are designated for fast growth and short rotation mechanical harvesting.

      Debates about forest health, and the potential for biotechnology to provide solutions are irrelevant when underlying drivers of forest demise are not addressed.

      If we are seriously concerned about protecting forest health, then reigning in those underlying drivers of forest destruction is the real solution – not genetically engineering trees or replacing diverse natural forests with industrial plantations.

  6. Just came across the following on the ITV News website. I don’t know if they are running it in their TV news bulletins, or whether it’s getting any coverage elsewhere, but I doubt it somehow:

    London Bridge victim’s father accuses PM of lying during TV debate

    The father of London Bridge terror attack victim Jack Merritt has accused the Prime Minister of lying during the latest live TV debate.

    David Merritt took to social media to claim Boris Johnson had used his 25-year-old son’s death to “make political capital” during the BBC Election Debate with Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Friday evening.

    Writing on Twitter on Saturday, Mr Merritt said Mr Johnson was taking people for a ride.

    He added: “Corbyn spoke the truth last night. Johnson lied and used our son’s death to make political capital.

    “Wake up Britain, this man is a fraud.

    “He’s the worst of us, and he’s taking you for a ride.”

    1. “HE’S THE WORST OF US” is exactly right. Sad that most Tories know it but are too weak to even squeal a little bit.

  7. The Tories have 13 seats in Scotland and should be lucky if they keep 3.
    The Tories should get crushed in Remain London.
    But the tragedy is it may all hang on if some working class Leave Voters vote against their own interests and are conned by Johnson’s Bad Deal so it’s not perhaps GET BREXIT DONE? but perhaps it’s more DON’T GET DONE BY A BAD TORY BREXIT!
    If these working class citizens could only be patient & wait 6 months then it will be a Binding Vote on LABOUR’S BETTER BREXIT or REMAIN – YOU DECIDE!
    Almost like an Engels I continue my travels to see the conditions of the English Working Class and went to Morley & Outwood where they have a great working class local lass as the Labour candidate.
    We went out in the Churwell area and did fine, we gave out 9 Labour posters.
    I still appeal to Banksey to do a painting on Morley High Street with my 1p commission.
    My brief: A white working class man and woman with Get It Done t shirts on turning their backs on a hungry working class child holding a bowl (like Oliver Twist) and a homeless working class man laying on the floor in a sleeping bag.
    Work until you drop next Thursday comrades, we are in with a shout!
    Love and Solidarity!

  8. Sky is no better, if not worse. Every night last week around tea time they had a programme featuring voters who said they would no longer vote Lalbour. The degree of right wing bias against Labour is now reaching a crescendo.

  9. I just read an article on the JVL website entitled ‘Jews, antisemitism and Labour – a letter to the BBC’ and came across the following post in the Comments section:

    Is it possible to report the BBC to the EHRC on the basis of antisemitism in its representation of “the Jewish community” and the large number of Jews this marginalizes and, by implication, denigrates? This seems to me to be much closer to any definition of institutional discrimination than the claims made against the Labour Party. Would the BBC have records of its editorial decision making process viz-a-viz applications from JVL to represent Jews who support Labour under Jeremy Corbyn and dispute the claims of JLM etc.? Could these be requested under the Freedom of Information Act and used as part of this submission?

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