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Video: Tory parliamentary candidate says disabled should be paid less as ‘they don’t understand money’

Staggering arrogance and condescension

Tory candidate for Hastings and Rye Sally Ann Heart has provoked outrage by defending the idea that disabled people should be paid less than able-bodied workers for the same work.

Heart claimed that the article was ‘in support of employing people with learning disabilities’ – to the loud anger of the audience at a constituency hustings:

Sally Ann Heart is hardly a one-off among Tories. Tory MP Philip Davies caused a huge public outcry by saying in 2011 that disabled people should be paid less than the minimum wage.

Twitter user ‘James B’ commented:

Hastings and Rye was until this election the seat of Amber Rudd, who as Home Secretary was complicit in the Windrush racism scandal and as DWP secretary defended the Tories’ despicably cruel Universal Credit system that blights the lives of millions of vulnerable people, including the disabled.

Rudd came within a whisker of losing her seat in 2017. Let’s make sure her replacement gets nowhere near it.


With every second that passes, it seems the Tories reveal more of what and who they really are, in spite of their best efforts.

James B is absolutely right.

Vote Labour.

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  1. I don’t know if their is such a thing as the genetic transfer of the the Horror and terror into the mind of a person,but if its possible then I am suffering from it.I just hope and pray that this type of cruelty is not unleashed on the public next week…..God help us.and save us from the terror of a Tory regime.!

    1. If those bastards manage to get in again, what makes you think they won’t have ‘been given their mandate’ , Joseph?

      God help the sick, the poor, the unemployed and the homeless if they return next friday.

      And God help anybody who becomes one of the above. You’ll be as good as dead.

      for those who manage to survive the next term you might as well celebrate having your hard-earned spaffed up the wall on court cases they’ll be losing all over the fucking shop, but appealing and even ignoring.

      That or getting from birmingham to london a full 20 minutes quicker – even though you live at the other end of the country, which, by then, you may as well be living on fucking mars.

      1. Let’s hope that Sally Ann Heartless is sent packing!

        I hope that everyone who reads this blog makes good use of this. Perhaps Andrew Neil will get to ask Boris about it.

    2. Videos and quotes of Conservatives are what desperately need repeating at every opportunity, over noble fancies that may thrill some of us. The many people with disabled children, friends or relatives need to have the Conservative view of them, alive and at the forefront of their minds.
      Why indulge in symbolic words or gestures instead of clear achievable PRACTICAL objectives?

      We need shine a bright light on the many SOLID Conservative NASTIES of PURE CRUELTY, scorn and disrespect for all people in need. Conservatives say it is too expensive to even reduce the suffering of the IN WORK POOR. Yet Tory Bliar endorsed Johnson & Swinson ALWAYS FIND HUNDREDS of BILLIONS for WAR‼️ Just where do they ALWAYS find Money Forests to fund the creation of MORE widows, MORE widowers, MORE orphans, cutting grief and rivers of tears in the driest oil rich lands? Where⁉️

      FIVE DAYS to go! Dump the gestures!! Dump the virtuous words!!! DUMP the niche fancy issues. DUMP ALL OF THAT and we will DUMP the WICKED NASTY FAECAL Conservatives for at least 30 years 🛑🛑🛑

      1. should read: Videos and quotes of Conservative pure heartlessness, desperately need repeating at every opportunity

  2. Every time the Tories are exposed for their disgusting views on parts of our communities, society, small minorities and the vulnerable please remember…………. #When a Tory tells you who they are believe them the first time !

  3. It’ll say enough about the populace of Hasitngs & Rye if she’s elected after that…

    1. Well, didn’t Amber Rudd need a recount in that seat in 2017 and won by 346 votes. I remember watching her face at the count. Hopefully this Tory candidate has gifted Labour the seat.

  4. Door knocking in Chingford yesterday,constituency of IDS,and got the feeling,and the boards supported this,that the “don’t knows”are swinging our way. A lady said to me “I generally vote Tory but this current lot are so unpleasant and vindictive that I find them rather repellent “.

    1. Let’s hope so. Let’s also hope that the late surge in registrations represent a largely Labour vote.

      We can rail at the Tories as much as we want – but they’re actually not the point. It’s the SunMail fodder who swallow their bile and vote for them

    2. There is still much to play for.

      At the last election there were seven seats with majorities of 50 or less:

      4 Labour
      2 SNP
      1 Conservative

      The Conservatives could easily have picked up another 5 of these.

    1. Thanks for the link Tony. It seems they all find their true home, but probably would have stayed in Labour destroying it from inside if left undisturbed. Now whose next?

      1. Good riddance to extremely foul rubbish.
        For too long there’s been an odd reluctance of the NEC to put put out the bins. That has been one of our biggest problems. The perpetual fear re: what an already hostile MSM will say… even though they were soundly beaten at J’s election, coups one & two. What’s that about? Have never seen anything like it. A victim culture. A defeatist culture.

        That is what has kept the repeated attacks running. V difficult to understand, how after three years, ZERO realisation that a failure to rebut slanders, tarnishes the reputations of HALF A MILLION MEMBERS. The failure makes repeated allegations seem like proof. Is that so difficult to grasp??? It would not be surprising of thousands of Labour Party members, have died over the last three years, heartbroken that the NEC has failed them so.

  5. For the record, the Tory shitehawk is channelling Spectator writer Rosa Monckton…

    Monckton is the daughter of Marianna Laetitia Bower and Gilbert Monckton, 2nd Viscount Monckton of Brenchley and was educated at the Ursuline Convent at Tildonk in Belgium.

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