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Excl video: Johnson despises the working-class. But here is 1980s Corbyn speaking out for the miners

Labour leader’s unbroken history of solidarity with working-class communities stretches back decades

The Tories still hope to pick up votes and seats in working-class communities next week, in spite of the decades of Conservative decimation of those communities stretching back to Thatcher.

But Johnson is no friend of working-class people, as his vile comments about them – revealed last week.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, however, has a track record of solidarity with working-class people that stretches back at least as long.

The SKWAWKBOX has received from a source, on condition of anonymity, a recording of a Jeremy Corbyn radio interview on 24 Jan 1985, in which he stands shoulder to shoulder with the miners who were under vicious attack by the Tories – and condemns the arrogance and cowardice of the Tory government in refusing even to discuss the dispute in Parliament.

‘Police’ with no numbers – said to be troops brought in illegally – charge miners at Orgreave

And, as always, his thoughts were first and foremost with those suffering hardship as a result of Thatcher’s assault:

Former miner Bruce Wilson said:

I’m a former striking South Yorkshire miner. In 1984-85 Jeremy Corbyn supported me. Now I support him. On your side then; On your side now. JC4PM!

Working-class communities have a simple choice next week. Vote for Boris Johnson who despises you and lies to you, as every Tory has and does.

Or for Jeremy Corbyn, whose actions and words have stayed true to you and those like you through a lifetime of solidarity, regardless of difficulty or personal cost.

Choose Labour.

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  1. It’s no secret that Johnson and Tories are no friends of the working class. So why are so many lifelong Labour voters saying they will vote Tory? The answer is Brexit.

    We did not make the remain case strongly enough for fear of upsetting the Lexiters and allowed Farage to corrupt the less well informed with his Brexit lies. The chlorinated chickens are now coming home to roost.

    1. Any working class voter who can remember the miners strike and who votes Tory because of Brexit or for any other reason is probably a S*n reader. The Tories don’t care about us – never have never will.

      1. I see that Ivan Lewis is another former Labour MP who urges people to vote Conservative.

      2. Ivan resigned from the party while allegations of sexual misconduct were being investigated. It is a great pity he did not stay and fight to clear his name – he should not have had a problem with this ,after all he did not resign from parliament but stayed on there drawing his salary and expenses.
        Unfortunately he now appears to be biting the hand that fed him for so long. A sad way to end a parliamentary career.

    2. Some hard facts. The miners’ strike was 30+ years ago. It ended in a symbolically massive significant defeat, and the on-going impoverishment of individuals and communities for years into the future. My community and friends were amongst them. I’d also lived near the base for police operations, and saw what happened every day as the transit vans emerged and shield-bashing practice could be heard.

      At the following GE, a Tory government was again returned. A significant working class vote went to the Tories.

      The GE after that also returned a Tory government.

      Currently, about half of the working class vote supports the Tories. We can all speculate about the reasons, and what needs to be done to crucially shift the balance and counter the SunMail propaganda that also created the Brexit vote.

      But the hard fact is that there is no natural ‘working class’ reservoir of votes to call upon as an expression of a now non-existent tradition. You’re trying to get numbers of Tory voters to vote otherwise and in their own interest – as well as the crucial task of keeping the current natural support on board. At the moment, too much of the latter is still with the LibDems.

      1. Thatcher won in 1979 because the country was sick of striking unions.
        The 1974 three day week, bread queues, miners ‘holding the country to ransom’ & serial strikes by unions fighting each other over wage differentials throughout the 1970’s has cost Labour huge numbers of older peoples’ votes ever since then.
        That the CWU would try to go ahead with a strike during this election and give the Tories a free ride is beyond belief.
        Many people even now, after just the threat of that strike, will again think the choice is between the unions running the country or the Tories running it – and people who think that way will vote Tory.
        Let union leaders run for office if they want political power – law is for parliament not the unions to make.
        Labour in government is the real protection for workers.
        The Tories’ flimsy claims of moral equivalence between Labour’s indebtedness to unions and their indebtedness to oligarchs become even flimsier without the block vote.
        We should ditch it.

  2. Wonder what the leave voters in traditionally Labour areas think of the Brexit party’s quitter MEPs telling them to vote Tory?
    Wonder if now they’ll understand that Farage & Co don’t give a shit about the workers, they’re just brexit-obsessed Tories?
    Rees-Mogg’s sister should have been a big enough clue ffs.
    Let’s hope bending over & letting Boris in the back door by voting Brexit will be too humiliating for them to contemplate.
    It fucking should be.

  3. So we’ve got a brilliant bit of footage regarding the start of the Rot in Britain..and you two banging on about brexit with an election next week and point scoring…No wonder the leavers who won a democratic vote are becoming more militant and angry…give us strength to forgive. !

    1. Joseph, mentioning that the ‘working class’ in particular were targetted by Farage to vote against their best interests is not point scoring. It seems to have hit a raw nerve but if facts don’t match preformed opinions, that is often the result, sorry.

    2. I’m surprised, Joseph, that you, with an Irish background are so sanguine about the Brexit issue.

      As you’ve rightly said, the famine of the early 19th C. resulted from a combination of colonial/class attitudes – and, beyond that, of ‘free’ market economics, reminiscent of what we see in today’s Brexit-loving Tories.

      The GFA and our common membership of the EU began the long process of gradually making the border irrelevant, and, in my view, pointing the way to a united island.

      No, inbuilt community conflict was never going to disappear quickly or easily. Nor could history simply be undone. But it was a start.

      Suddenly, the clock of the whole agenda has been set back by the troglodytes, and divisions are again the issue. What’s to like?

  4. Yes jeremy Corbyn always the man of the people fighting to keep the people united against the Torys and at times suffering for i his beliefs and honesty…Lets hope that the public show some revulsion of the Torys plans for the country and allow one of the few decent human beings to get to hold the office of PM .!

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