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Video: Fans Supporting Foodbanks is asking tonight to #ShutUsDown’ – with a powerful message to working-class communities

Three working-class founders of fans’ initiative that has spread across the country want all working-class communities and all football fans to see this – and act

Fans Supporting Foodbanks (FSF) is a brilliant initiative, started by three working class blokes from Liverpool, to collect food for foodbanks – because many in their area were regularly running out of food for vulnerable families.

That’s how massive the impact of Tory policies, in particular the vile and punitive Universal Credit, has been on communities across this country.

But at the Liverpool-Everton derby match at Anfield tonight, FSF has a simple message for fans of both teams and voters across the nation:

“Shut Us Down”.

The three FSF founders talked today to the SKWAWKBOX about their initiative and the need they encounter among ordinary people – and about why they want to be made redundant next week.

And they had a particular message for the working-class communities that have been targeted by the Tories in this election in spite of the hammering those communities have received under Tory policies:

Remember who your real enemy is:

The message is absolutely simple: the Tories and their BP offshoot are not on our side. They never have been and they never will be.

FSF is an example of working-class solidarity. A show of that solidarity at the ballot box next week will change the course of this country – and restore it as a society that doesn’t need foodbanks because everyone will be properly fed and cared for under a Labour government.

The lads will be taking that message to other towns and clubs between now and election day.

Vote Labour for yourself, for your community and for your country.

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  1. Liverpool is the Capital of fair play and justice and it is no coincidence that the S*n and Tories are banned. Scousers see an injustice and fight against it, they don’t just shrug it off and let someone else do the heavy lifting.

    Here is another good example, one of which Jeremy Corbyn would do well to take note:

  2. Great idea! Great thinking! Don’t suppose it’ll get much coverage by the MSM!!

    Anyway…… The following article/assessment was posted yesterday on JVLs website:

    Brief response to an ‘antisemitism’ hoax

    The self-styled Campaign Against Antisemitism has devised a report to support a predetermined conclusion and to tarnish the Labour Party and the left – in the face of all other reputable academic studies –with an unwarranted accusation of antisemitism.

      1. Well done to Gus John for calling out the ignorance of Justin Welby who represents the Tories. He doesn’t recognise that the hypocritical Mirvis who supports the Zionist suppression of the Palestinians, represents only about one fifth of Jews in the UK and that tens of thousands of Jews here have full confidence in Jeremy Corbyn and also deplore the barbaric actions of the racist Israeli government against the Palestinians.

      2. As I recall the former Board of Deputies President Jonathan Arkush condemned the Archbishop for not doing enough to combat antisemitism after the Archbishop visited Bethlehem a year or two ago and expressed his profound sorrow for the plight of Arab/ Palestinian Christians living in appalling conditions there.

    1. Selfish and narrow minded is not the perogotive of just one side in this European debate…..Lets hope all sides swallow their pride and kick the Torys into the gutter were they belong.!

  3. Yet Labour – still 10% behind tonight – is going to get massacred because it refuses to take the powerful message FROM the working class communities: respect our votes and take us out of the EU.

    Labour’s adoration of the utterly neoliberal EU is well and truly killing the Party in its (previous) heartlands.

    As predicted by some of us, the second referendum has been electoral suicide.

    1. Danny, if Labour fails it will be because of Self Indulgent Lexiters like you and Ian Lavery kidding voters that we will be better off by leaving the EU. There is not one serious study which agrees with you. It’s all in your Lexiter imagination and the imagination of your right wing buddy, snake oil salesman Nigel Farage.

      1. Precisely. The term ‘wankers’ isn’t just an empty insult but an appropriate description of pseudo-left free-loading poseurs on the backks of the real workers.

      2. As an addendum, anyone with any basic grasp of data (as opposed to limited training in – say – the legal black arts) would clock that the on-going problem with Labour support has been the failure to reclaim sufficient of the votes that leaked to the LibDems. The Tories proved to be the natural home of the Brexit numpties – in contrast.

        It’s really not that difficult to diagnose that the problem lies in the original strategic mistake of endorsing a Tory policy. It’s been uphill ever since. Naive fictions from Oxbridge-rooted academe about ‘the working class’ won’t change that.

      3. Yeah, alright lads.

        Next time you inwardly moan about all these: ‘Voted labour all me life but because of brexit I’m gonna vote toerag/brexit’ vox pops, just remember what you’ve beeen warned against time & again.

        You’ve been told the stance on brexit’d be a vote loser and the overwhelming majority of those talking heads on the Tv vox pops are demonstrating as much.

        Making snide comments about Danny entirely legitimate concerns is gonna make you lot calling him look pretty fucking stupid if/when it turns out that votes/seats are lost or a majority isn’t achieved because of the brexit stance.

      4. “Precisely. The term ‘wankers’ isn’t just an empty insult but an appropriate description of pseudo-left free-loading poseurs on the backks of the real workers.”

        I suppose you class yourself as a “real worker”? Well, you have certainly worked hard on your keyboard for years insulting and demeaning 17+ million voters who won the EURef.

        Now you are forming a narrative to blame those who won EURef if LP doesn’t win GE… who would have guessed that plan… *rolls eyes*.

      5. Toffee

        Trolls don’t do “legitimate concerns”. Just taunts. Nothing constructive to say. EVER.

        Fuck em!

    2. Polls are bollocks.

      As for leavers, I know a more than a few that will vote Labour (maybe even me…). They aren’t happy about it, but a Boris Brexit will also leave them unhappier still. $250+ for an asthma inhaler and $2500 for an ambulance ride tends to focus your priorities.

      I suppose the cheddar you get as a professor means you aren’t that bothered.

      1. Never voting Labour again.Totally agree…getting the Torys out comes before egos,and the polls are a propaganda machine of the Tory party…..not long now comrades!

    3. Danny..your veiw is not a minority veiw in the Labour party,and you have been subjected to insults a number of times.Lets leave it till after the election and then we can discuss were the blame or the applauds should be..We have to hope that the hearlands decide that it is too great a risk to vote Tory and take the sensible way and wait for another second referendum under Labour.We both know that ignoring a vote of millions is a gamble and one that we could pay for.And the polls,you know are rigged to hope to stop Labour voters from bothering to get up off their backsides and vote Labour.!

      1. “Danny..your veiw is not a minority veiw in the Labour party”

        Errr … I think the word ‘not’ crept in by accident ….

        …. or your talking ‘Johnsonese’ – i.e. the precise opposite of actuality.

  4. The only impetus for Brexit among working class voters who have nothing to gain from it and will probably lose their jobs is latent racism/emotion. It is so illogical and damaging that it can be the only possible explanation.

    1. Ray, exactly. It’s what Farage exploited and the Lexiters, because it suited their purpose, deliberately failed to dispell.

      They are responsible for Corbyn failing to support remain as he did during the referendum and consequently not appearing to be a leader. It’s a tragedy which could put an end to his political carreer and see us deprived of the best chance we have had in recent times for a true Socialist government.

      1. … and the hard reality is that Labour has not reclaimed all its support that went to the LibDems, whilst the Brexiteers have returned from the Brexit Party to their natural home with the Tories.

        It’s really not hard to see the pattern in the rolling averages : Labour’s early precipitate rush to endorse Tory policy on Brexit did massive damage to its credibility by putting pointless resources into addressing an illusory audience that was naturally Tory.

  5. Bolton wanderers started the fans and supporters foodbank,back in the summer when the Tory supporting chairman legged it leaving the club bancrupt and the minumum wage staff unpaid….The employees actually had no money to feed their familys so the fans set up a foodbank at the clubs stadium.The chairman ended up back in his Tax retreat island in the Caribbean.Thats tory life for you take the money 💰and run.!

    1. RH. Chequers is real and corbyn is not just making a gesture ….Comrade!

      1. It’s simply an irrelevance – a gift to those who wish to ridicule Labour.

  6. Took me right back to the time of the miners’ strike when we leafleted council estates in Salisbury (yes, Salisbury!) saying we would be coming round the next day to collect any non perishable food left out for the miners and their kids we were hosting for a break at a local farm. We got loads!

  7. Brexit has nothing to do with intellectual considerations.
    It has to do with one of the oldest forces that drive social animals – fear & hatred of other groups competing for the same resources – a hatred of ‘the other’ which has existed since before we were human.
    Brexit is the animal instinct to banish strangers from the tribe.

    1. Lol. Oh ffs David. You extreme remoaners never give up finding/inventing a ‘new’ nasty and negative rationale to convince yourselves you are right and everyone else is wrong and that they are nasty people.

      In my experience there is nothing more tribal, war like and exclusive than the navel gazing, frankly boring club of remain forever.

      1. Nothing new about tribalism – as stated it’s been a fact of life forever and it’s ubiquitous – not unique to Brexit or Brexiteers.

        Interesting that you would both dispute it and in the same breath accuse ‘the other’ of it – with apparently no embarrassment whatever.

        “War like, exclusive, navel gazing, boring” – your final sentence is like the random nonsense ejaculated in frustration by inarticulate adolescents when they run out of argument.

        Maybe you should give less weight to your “experience.”

      2. “Maybe you should give less weight to your “experience.””

        My experience is all I have when weighing up how others see me.

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