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Giant ‘Get Mogg out’ appears in Somerset

Message appears on side of Midsomer Norton slag heap

The north-east Somerset town of Midsomer Norton woke up last weekend to a striking message on the side of a slag-heap near the town. Emblazoned in large capitals on the waste pile was “GET MOGG OUT“, referring to the arrogant Tory MP for the area, Jacob Rees-Mogg.

Rees-Mogg has been essentially invisible since he was lambasted for saying during an interview on radio station LBC that Grenfell Tower victims died because they lacked common sense.

It’s not known who was behind the message, but it’s hard to argue with the sentiment.

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    1. benmadigan, the Uffington White Horse is estimated to be 3,000 years old so Gael Force Art may not have did it first 🙂
      Not even sure they were first with the name Gael Force – there’s a pretty good marine chandlery called Gael Force Marine that was started in 1983 in Stornoway.

      1. David, the Uffington White Horse may well be 3,000 years old – but it hardly sends a political message, does it? or maybe there was a White Horse Party back among the Ancient Brits?
        The “Gael Force” in the Chandler’s in Stornoway seems to be a play on words, rather than a political message – though i may be wrong here. In any case I doubt it has the strong political connotations of Gael Force Art in Belfast. Or the slag heap in Somerset.
        I know Scottish Independence supporters are setting out YES-Saltire stones around and about to display their political message to passers-by
        Anyway, whatever the medium(slag heap, hill, stone) it’s great to see today’s activists using their creativity on what they have to hand in order to get their political message across to as many people as possible

      2. The walls of peoples’ houses in Belfast are painted with partisan excuses for and celebrations of terrorism by apologists for terror – homeowners and communities are cowed into compliance with threats of retribution.
        That’s the absence of political activism you fucking imbecile.
        The “political message” is “Keep your mouths shut or we’ll kill or kneecap you.”

    2. Ben Madigan…Thanks for the clip which gave an insight into a repressed people who have shown that Art can tell a story that people need to be reminded of….solidarity and have a peacefull Christmas.

  1. Slap a preservation order on that right away. Worth a grade 2* listing at least. 🙂

  2. The good people of the S West are beginning to show the lead on how to get rid of fascists….Vote Labour

    1. AideyAitchdee….Thanks for that ,I had a good laugh and that’s a rare commodity in this country at the moment with the tyreny of the Tory establishment.!

  3. Aah, so THAT’S why jakeys gone incognito?! Because of the arrogant ubertoff’s shithouse comments about Grenfell?

    If that’s the case, de piffle’s annoyed just about everyone on the planet; by rights he should be disappeared for the next epoch at least!!

  4. Come on Banksy, how about something for socialism in Labour Leave areas?

  5. I’m more concerned with the way in which the campaign by the Lob is triumphing – thus Corbyn feels compelled to apoloigize for nothing that he has done, whilst Skwawkbox provides really good evidence of the complete falsity of the ‘antisemitism’ trope (see previous item – but then feels compelled to block comments.

    It’s not a good.look.

    Meanwhile, if you want to see the opposite – a perfect example of the Israel Lobby’s manipulation of the agenda, confirming the hellish mistake of the IHRA adoption, have a look at one of the latest posts on the JVL website :

    This shows the deliberate falsification of evidence about ‘antisemitism’ by the so-called ‘Campaign Against Antisemitism’ (in reality an Israeli front propaganda organisation). It’s a fascinating lesson in the depths to which the supporters of and apologists for Palestine’s oppression will sink.

    Now … I wonder when and how the BBC will take this up …. ???

  6. ‘If I could paint.
    On a Leave area wall.
    A working class man with his back.
    To working class kid, who’s eaten feck all!
    As a homeless man lies silent.
    Frozen to the bone.
    Don’t get Done by A Bad Tory Brexit.
    Working Class, Come Home!’

  7. I seem to remember that one source of the Rees-Mo monies was the old Somerset coal industry…..

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