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Desperate Tories lying again. Why Labour is scrapping Married Tax Allowance – and everyone married or not will be better off

Desperate Tories lying again. Here’s the truth

The Tories are afraid. In their fear they have unleashed a blizzard of lies and misinformation.

One of the most common in circulation at the moment is that Labour is going to make married couples worse off because the party plans to scrap the Married Couples’ Tax Allowance.

But this is a lie. No married couple will be worse off under Labour.

Here’s why Labour plans to scrap the tax allowance – and why every couple, married or not, will be better off:

This is the truth. But the Tories are spending big on spreading the lie.

Get to work, people: tell your friends, family, neighbours, colleagues what the truth is, so the lie withers – and shames the liars behind it. There are just ten days to get the word out.

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  1. Negative campaigning somtimes works but lies usually come out and can be devastating for the liar…..But with the state broadcasting corporation The BBC lies are given credibility,just like when we had a deputy leader like Watson and half the PLP mouthing off backing him.We need to rebute lies every day and on a regular basis for the election campaign and follow up with the positive manifesto .We have strengh in our members and truth on our side…..looking forward to a victory and a change for good.!

  2. I’m all for couples or singles being supported to raise their children or the children of others but tax breaks for marrieds is the wrong instrument.
    People already make substantial savings on expenses by living together anyway.
    Society should really be incentivising people not to have kids if we genuinely care about global warming.
    The number of ‘consumers’ is directly related to the urgency of the problem.
    The greenest policy yet attempted by any government was China’s one child policy.

  3. Yes couples better off under Labour but this was a massive state intervention by the Neo-Liberal Tories giving married couples a £5 a week but not couples who chose to live together as partners! Sounds discrimatory and Tory interference in personal choice!

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