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Video: Johnson breaks pledge to suspend campaign and respect London Bridge victims. Twice. So bad even MSM comment

Johnson had agreed with Labour leader to suspend campaigning until Saturday as a mark of respect for London victims, then immediately breaks his word – twice. A display so crass even mainstream broadcasters can’t help commenting
Boris Johnson showing disrespect to London victims for second time

Tory leader Boris Johnson agreed with Jeremy Corbyn on Friday to suspend campaigning in the general election until Saturday, as a mark of respect to the victims of the London Bridge attack:

Johnson broke his promise within hours – not once but at least twice – appearing in front a Union flag in a blatant display of electioneering as he tried to make political capital from the injury and deaths of innocent people.

So crass was this show of utter disrespect – not to mention dishonesty – that even corporate media couldn’t help but remark on it.

Sky’s Beth Rigby tweeted:

As Rigby noted, the appearances were made even before the public was aware that the attacker, a convicted terrorist, had been released from prison with a tag because of government cuts.

Sky News’ live broadcast also drew attention to Johnson’s breach of trust – but also made it very clear that Johnson was cynically trying to ‘get ahead’ of the news that his party’s policy had freed a terrorist to kill:

While the public was still ignorant of the fact that the killer had been released from prison – and without informing them what his party had done – Johnson made his pitch for tougher sentencing and an end to early release.

In other words, Boris Johnson broke a promise to cease campaigning out of respect for those killed and injured during Friday’s attack – all for the sake of getting in an early “Don’t blame me, folks”.

The words appropriate to Johnson’s utter lack of decency and his all-consuming self-interest are not appropriate to put in print – but the fact that even the Establishment media felt it had to highlight it shows just how bad it was.

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  1. Why was the threat from terrorism lowered just before a General election.!IT used to mean coordinated armed police and emergency services on standby were stood down.Why didnt Long Bailey mention this in the debate and also appears to consider using the nuclear weapons option….Do we need any more warmongers and supporters of the AS scam in the deputy leader campaign after the election.Tom Watson’s gone,do we really need anymore chancers like him as deputy leader.?Long Bailey is no socialist.and just another careerist politician giving a mediocre performance.

    1. oh come on,you know the express,mail,etc all saying jeremy corbyn is a threat to national security. she just hedged her bets and didnt give yea or nay. everything labour says gets pounced on and they all calling Corbyn a danger to our country, the least excuse and thats it, he is called ineffectual and its said he would not do anything if this country was under threat.

  2. This, is huge.

    ‘ Murdered by ‘ tagged ‘ terrorist, due to Tory Cuts

    Should be the kind of headlines on every newspapers in the land

    Certainly would be had it been Corbyn and Labour in government .

    Let’s see how the MSM react !!

  3. Peter Berry Well it will be more terrorist supporting Corbyn and AS scam Why do we miss out on a chance in a debate by pushing double barrel Bailey and not have a good debater with a sense of passion and outrage of our alleged government s Stand down on the threat level and the public having to do a DIY to do the govermants job and take down a Terrorist.?

  4. F**k business

    F**k the families

    F**k the victims

    One horrible fuckwit, that.

  5. Hmm. Not convinced.

    First, Beth Rigby is not commenting on Johnson breaking the campaign truce. She is commenting on the fact that there are questions to be answered about this man having been released on a tag. Which is fair comment, and bad for the Tories, but not the point this article is making.

    Secondly, I don’t think we should be equating early release to Tory cuts. We have the most penal system in Europe, and early release is often a positive way to help prisoners reintegrate in society and avoid reoffending. Unless we have a point that it has been extended to terrorists and other dangerous offenders where it should not have been, because of Tory cuts, or we can show that there should have been a risk assessment and there wasn’t, this is not a direction we want to go.

    1. You really dont get it do you ultraviolet,We are in an election that might see the end of socialism and Corbyn if we don’t win.ITs about privatization of our justice and prison system,Its about cruelty and targeting of the vulnerable …And most importantly about getting rid of the Torys with the establishment.But you just don’t get it or you dont want to for whatever reason…I could debate all day with you and we might agree on somthings but obviously not on saving the Labour party and socialism.

      1. What a weird response to Ultraviolet’s nuanced post, Joseph. Simply playing the Tory game, and just piling on more accumulated brain-dead Sunmail shit is a way of defeating the Tories and their game of encouraging ‘They’re all the same’ drivel????

        Apart from the fact that it won’t work!

      2. Thanks RH. I have been campaigning against the Tories’ destruction of our justice system for years. The current problems of disclosure, release under investigation, cases being repeatedly postponed until victims give up and withdraw support for prosecutions, courts being closed…

        It is all down to Tory cuts and the system is on the point of collapse.

        So why on earth would we suddenly want to jump on a Tory bandwagon on criminal justice issues?

      3. Ultraviolet 30/11/2019 at 5:22 pm · ·

        “Thanks RH. I have been campaigning against the Tories’ destruction of our justice system for years.”

        I am pleased to hear some are committed to this important area to campaign. Well done.

        Of course I am going to take the opportunity to re-post a link to another aspects of the destruction (and co-option by vested interests) of the justice system. Mark Curtis speaking at the ‘Defend Assange’ event in London last Thursday evening.
        It really is a must watch, he suggests 8 things we can do.

    2. The issue here is not early release itself, but here we have a young man who was being closely watched in 2010, to the extent that the security services were able to thwart an attack on the London Stock Exchange and Bo Jo himself. Yet he was allowed out of prison early with an ankle tag and they were not watching him. They were probably too busy monitoring threats to society like peace activists, Steven Laurence’s Family, animal rights protestors etc, when, it seems no expense was spared.

  6. Perhaps this is all because the Right Wing Barbarian Trump gloated about the taking out of the vile Right wing Barbrian IS Leader: “He died like a dog!” which at a stroke boosts the recruitment of the poorly educated and socially inadequate who are offered simple solutions re terrorism.
    Need to capture, put on trial, have public EDUCTION so diverse working people in every county are are friends!
    This election is Tory Babarianism v Left Wing Democratic Sociialsm!
    Labour For Hope!

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