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Video: Johnson rattled – AGAIN – as journalist challenges his social care cowardice

Tory leader again in trouble under scrutiny – twitches and shakes his head when confronted by his own political cowardice and dishonesty

The reasons why Boris Johnson is running scared of debating Jeremy Corbyn again and of being interviewed by BBC rottweiler Andrew Neil are becoming clearer by the minute.

Several times today the Tory leader has floundered under relatively innocuous questioning – and it happened again this morning as a Guardian journalist challenged him on the ‘cowardice’ of not including any plans in the Tories’ manifesto to tackle the Tory-created social care crisis:

Johnson babbled in response, but did not provide an explanation of why there were no manifesto plans to tackle what he admits is a huge crisis.

Yet again Johnson has shown that he simply cannot handle scrutiny. That the BBC has colluded to help him avoid the Neil interview is inexcusable – but even without that grilling it is plain he is unfit for office.

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  1. Did anyone else notice that tumbleweed blow across the screen or did I imagine it??

  2. What I did notice was an absolute degenerate masquerading as PM and wondered what sort of society have we created that such scum as that can punish our people and create poverty and fear and allow this to carry on year after year century after century,The establishment and all they represent must be defeated.Just look at the rodent and realise that what a lot of morons will vote for on the 12th December and reject a decent human being like jeremy Corbyn.This is what you get when you create a society where elitism is the measure of a persons worth.We should have a landslide victory,and god help the public if we don’t.

  3. At the beginning if this video I thought I was watching The Wrong Trousers, such was the incredible resemblance Johnson ‘s face was to Wallace.

  4. He’s got a point about the working classes.

    If they’re so fucking thick, too dumbed down by the utterly shite x-factor or who’s shagging who to get a part in some shite costume drama; to be distracted from REAL issues and still intend to vote for him: ‘because they like him’ , then they deserve what they get.

    1. Actually you have a point. My cousin is apparently sharing USA made propaganda which comes in the form of a supposed ‘outraged’ member of the public in which the person is absolutely incensed to see a long line of students queueing up at the TOWN HALL to register to vote for Corbyn. ( It’s how they register in the USA.) She doesn’t have the sense to realise that most people register to vote either by smartphone or on a PC and especially students who would obviously use their phones.
      She is constantly sharing obviously made up stories on Facebook (all the stories have the same writing style and the same lack of knowledge of the system in the UK.) I did send her a link to register to vote site but she is so thick that it would have gone over her head. And its no good trying to tell her that she is being conned as she mentally shuts her ears. So enamoured by Nigel Farage is she…

      All we can do is pray!!!

    2. Toffee 597I wish to award you the DCM for being the only one allowed to breakthrough enemy lines and comment on the Ipsos Jewish chronicle debacle….well done

      1. The sadness is that this becomes another example of the *success* of the smear strategy in shutting out truth.

        Meanwhile – just keep up with the excellent rebuttal material on the truthful JVL site.

  5. Richard Ratcliff the husband of Nazanin Ratcliff has written a long letter to Johnson expressing his frustration and anger at our PM for his incompetence and inaction regarding his wife’s imprisonment in Iran. It is safe to say he is not a happy man. Boris has let his wife down badly.

    The extract below is just the last section of his letter but it reflects the tone of the rest of his letter to the PM. Please follow the link and read his letter in full, it details how badly they have been let down by our PM.

    Responsibility as PM
    This is not meant to be a comfortable letter. But it is meant to be clear: In the time allotted to you as PM, I want you to use your power to take effective steps to secure the release of Nazanin and the others held in Iran. I want you to keep your word.
    Since you took office, Iran has signalled with the briefings from the Ambassador here and elsewhere that it is looking to you personally to resolve the situation. When we met back in Autumn 2017 I mentioned that Nazanin was looking to you to be her hero. With the power of a PM, it is finally within your gift to solve things that were blocked before. We look to you for our Christmas miracle.
    In the summer, I asked you and all the candidates in the leadership campaign to make a commitment to protect British citizens their personal pledge as leaders to be. I invited you down to the Iranian Embassy while Nazanin was on hunger strike. You did not accede to either request.
    I am still keen to meet, not with the lawyers given your previous reluctance, but I would like to bring Gabriella. By meeting I would like you to affirm personally Nazanin’s importance and innocence, and your commitment to bringing Nazanin home. After the prevarications last time round, and especially the aloofness since, this has come under question. It is an important signal for us, for Iran, even for those of your supporters who periodically troll us. Nazanin matters still. Your word is your bond.
    Nazanin has always held onto the promise that you would leave no stone unturned. You remember we painted stones in front of your Foreign Office to mark Mothers’ Day. Those painted stones still decorate the garden for Nazanin by the Royal Free Hospital, the promise still waiting.
    Our story defines what a British passport is worth on your watch. The job of a PM is not just to make headlines, but in the end to make a difference. That starts with protecting citizens at their most vulnerable, home and abroad. Flowery promises do not keep people safe. In fact, undelivered they can have the opposite effect. Know that your actions cemented Nazanin’s place. We look to your actions to bring her home.
    That promise remains on your desk. Until it is kept, the human cost for Nazanin and others will continue to grow.
    Yours sincerely,
    Richard Ratcliff

  6. I don’t think there’s anyone that gobshite hasn’t offended. I’ll bet when he was evicted from his mother’s womb (Wouldn’t be surprised if he was charged rent to gestate there – or have I given them a new policy idea?) the midwife slapped his face thinking it was his arse.

    Seriously though, we can complain about him all we like; only if it leads to his removal from office altogether will it be a good thing.

    But it will NEVER get back Nazanin’s time. She’s suffering as a direct consequence of his incompetence and idiocy.

    Also the parents of young Harry Dunn, who have been royally shat on by this gang of sickeningly sycophantic trumpophiliacs who have colluded to allow a an american to escape justice while handing over (Or are in the process of) a whistleblower who’s ‘crime’ was to exposed US shithousery.

    All to flog off our assets to them so they can enrich themselves further.

    ‘Special relationship’ my arse AND yours.

  7. the midwife slapped his face thinking it was his arse.

    That’s where Steve Bell thinks his arse is:


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