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Breaking: Johnson chickening out of Neil interview – BBC hides until after Corbyn interview

Johnson fails to fix date but BBC only confirms after Corbyn appears

Cowardly Boris Johnson has been chickening out of the tough Andrew Neil interview all party leaders were supposed to face – and the BBC knew, but did not disclose the information until after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s appearance last night.

The BBC has tweeted the news today:

Johnson’s rank cowardice is almost matched by the BBC’s deceit – and disdain for general election rules requiring broadcast balance – in not informing Corbyn and his team that the Labour leader’s appearance might not be matched by one by Johnson.

Appalling cowardice, appalling bias – and appalling contempt for British voters and democracy by both the Tories and the BBC.

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  1. It was reported a few days ago (weekend, I think) that Boris hadn’t agreed a date yet. They ought to have seen this coming and made JC’s agreement to appear conditional on Boris agreeing a date first. They knew Boris couldn’t be trusted to behave honourably, why would break the habit of a lifetime.

  2. Brillo is an aggressive right wing commentator who often leaves his victims gasping for air. I’ve never seen anybody interrogated by him that did better than Corbyn who refused to be bullied into apologising for something that doesn’t exist. As cynical as I am about the MSM it was still a shock to see a united front; it was a “terrible” car crash etc etc. they ALL said.

  3. How appropriate is it that the Andrew Neil program that was scheduled for 19:30 this evening has been replaced by an episode of ‘Fake Britain’.

  4. As said previously – Mr Toad’s best tactics is avoiding as many appearances as possible.

    Don’t hold your breath that the Great British Public as a whole will suss it.

    1. Over 30 Chareidi Rabbis representing 100 Jewish congregations wrote in support of Jeremy Corbyn some months ago but this was barely reported.
      Male Chareidi Jews are easily identifiable because they wear traditional Jewish dress. When they stood with Jeremy Corbyn during one of the protests against him organised by JLM and attended by a number of MPs they were heckled by the protesters but continued to stand alongside Jeremy – this received little coverage either.
      One infamous photograph taken at that time was of 5 people – Jeremy , a Chareidi Jewish supporter and three others . However the Jewish supporter was cut from the photo which appeared in the MSM.
      These good people who represent approx 20% of British Jews are treated with contempt by the media because they refuse to say Jeremy Corbyn is an antisemite. So too are socialist Jews – they too are refused a voice because the support Jeremy.
      Chareidi Jews oppose the State of Israel for biblical reasons. The Chief Rabbi was de facto Israeli Ambassador to Ireland when there was no Israeli Embassy in Ireland and he was Chief Rabbi there in the 1990s.
      I believe the accusations of antisemitism against Jeremy Corbyn are based on his support of the Palestinian cause and his condemnation of some of the actions of Israel, actions also condemned by the United Nations. I believe the difference in outlook and /or belief between the Chief Rabbi and well over 20% of the Jewish population (Chareidi plus non religious, plus socialist Jews) is the reason why some Jews support him while others don’t.
      Unfortunately because of the establishment’s and the MSM’s determination to destroy Jeremy Corbyn only the views of those Jews who oppose him are reported.

  5. Google
    Labour NHS announcement

    Look for every Newsquest regional paper carrying exactly the same headline and strapline

    ‘Labour attempts to steer campaign back towards NHS after bruising day for Corbyn’
    ‘Questions about tax and allegations of Anti Semitism continue to dog the Labour party’

    My prediction is it will get worse, so time to call it out,

    Your a liar and a charlatan, your party is fundamentally corrupt,

    Why are you spinning for the Tories and cheating the public
    The Jewish community have called out your intervention as politically motivated,
    You care not a jot about AS , unlike JC and the Labour party

  6. And some suggest reform of the propaganda machine the BBC really?Can the Tory party reform?Can the pollsters reform?We are having everthing including the kitchen sink thrown at the Labour party We have been warned and hopefully weaned off the the propaganda machine ,Ignore the liars we can win the election and are winning the election campaign and we know it ….We are the only force that can win and Corbyn will make history on December the 12th . Labour is not an option the machine can tolerate and the dirtiest election in Britain is the News ……not that we will ever hear that.!

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