Pan-European Jewish organisation sends letter of support to Corbyn

Union of European Jews’ letter says “We take this opportunity to say Thank you! Mr Corbyn” “for your numerous acts of solidarity with the Jewish community over many years”

Pan-European Jewish organisation the Union of European Jews (UEJ) has issued a letter to Jeremy Corbyn repudiating the comments of Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis – and thanking Corbyn for his solidarity with the Jewish community over decades:

The letter, signed by Rabbi Mayer Weinberger on behalf of himself and at least nineteen other senior Orthodox rabbis, notes that the UEJ:

totally reject and condemn in no uncertain terms

the remarks by Chief Rabbi Ephraim Mirvis, which have been widely reported by the media as representative of the Jewish community and states that the UEJ believes that these are driven by “a political and ideological agenda”.

The letter goes on to:

relay our gratefulness for your numerous acts of solidarty with the Jewish community over many years

and welcomes Corbyn’s continuing commitment to defending the Jewish way of life.

A UEJ spokesman has described the organisation, which represents Orthodox ‘Charedi’ congregations:

United European Jews is a pan-European organisation that performs research and advocacy concerning topics of Judaism, Jewish identity, and antisemitism. The institute was founded by Rabbi Mayer Weinberger of Belgium in conjunction with Jewish faith leaders throughout Europe.

We engage in educational activities which spread information and catalyze action. UEJ offers a view of Jewish identity that at its core is representative of the mainstream 70,000 chareidi Jews that live in the UK, who do not identify with Israeli nationalism or politics as elemental to their Jewish identity.

We advocate the traditional Orthodox Jewish idea that Jewish identity is defined only by Jewish religious doctrine and is independent of foreign nationalist components. As British Jews, our home and country is the United Kingdom, and our religion is Judaism.

This is the second such letter issued by the UEJ in 2019. A similar letter was published in April because of ‘outrage’ among the Charedi community.

Although the Establishment media have stated that Chief Rabbi Mirvis represents the ‘vast majority’ of the UK’s Jewish population, Charedi communities represent around 25% of UK Jews and are projected to make up over half within the next 10-15 years. Many secular Jewish citizens also support the Labour Party and its leader.

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  1. had a quick search on Mr. Mirivis in the Israeli press (in Hebrew). apparently he did his religious studies in an illegal settlement Alon Shevot in the Palestinian occupied territories. This Yesiva (centre of religious studies) is and was the centre of the Israeli extreme religious right, and among its graduates many of prominent figures of the settlers movements and jewish terrorist organisations. This establishment teaches according to the doctrine of Rabbi Kook, which many in Israel considered as the father of the religious Israeli fascism.

    1. Thank you Ron. I never realised that Ephraim Mirvis, the Chief Rabbi of England, was so decidedly right wing. aand a follower of Kooch. It makes me all the prouder of Mayer Weinberger and the fine observant people who combine their Judaism with a respect for Palestinian rights.

    2. The hypocritical Mirvis has also taken part in marches shouting ‘death to Arabs’. He’s not the holy man he thinks he is. He is a bigot who supports the racist State of Israel and part of the Zionist Israeli Lobby determined to destroy Corbyn’s chances of becoming our next PM.

    3. Ron thank you for that gem of info,which just goes to show the value of new posters on Swawkbox,I hadn’t noticed Ron posting before but I Will certainly look for more from that bit of detective work.

    4. WE MUST ALL SPEAK OUT. It is not remotely sufficient to moan, complain and roll eyes in private. How does that change things? Yes the INTIMIDATION by a well organised and funded moral vacuums. Yet if we keep quiet now, what cones next will be worse for ALL OF US.

      Silence is criminal. We are not all one gloop. We must all do our part to expose the slanderous self-serving lies. Silence in the face of pure evil, effectively gives it strength.

      So U.E.J. speaking up now is late but better late than never‼️ AND it must continue. Too often those who wish for a just world feel that one outing, one speech, one mention of something is enough. NO‼️‼️ We must MAKE OUR OBSERVATIONS as FREQUENT as the liars do theirs EVERYWHERE, every MSM, several hours per day. DON’t wait to be invited, phone up ALL MSM and INSIST you give a different view ie REBUTT the downright wicked lies. If the MSM refuse, SHOUT IT FROM the HOUSE TOPS, from every street corner, Speakers Corner … EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY‼️‼️‼️ Timid silence is worthless.

      NOW, let’s see if Rabbi Domb and Rabbi Inzlicht and Rabbi Weinberger are give UNINTERRUPTED MSM opportunities to tell TRUTHS. Let’s see: LBC❓ TALKRADIO❓ BBC❓ Let’s see, listen… watch 🔎🔎🔎

      1. ps N O more apologies needed. NONE⚫️
        TOO many already given. NO MORE.
        Those pretending not to have heard or read them, are LIARS with EVIL INTENT. WILFULLY DEAF. WILFULLY blind.
        They care NOTHING about AS, or they would never even dream of their dangerous reckless MSM tours, repeating DELIBERATE inaccuracies. PLANNED LIES.

        The MSM presenters who scheme with them are EQUALLY CULPABLE. So are we who DECIDE to stay silent. “keep our heads down”, “Don’t get involved”, “Stay out of it”… “look after ourselves”… THAT CHOSEN attitude, that CHOISE of response, was and IS a fertiliser of AS and ALL RACISM … all atrocities.
        OUR FUTURE⁉️ Our choice. 📣📣📣

      2. Should have read: Yes the INTIMIDATION by well organised and funded moral vacuums cause immense fright. Yet if we keep quiet now, what cones next will be worse for ALL OF US.

        Shout the truth NOW, before it’s too late. Evidence-free claims of AS are wicked well planned PRE ELECTION ill intent… propaganda.

        Or, the Tory Party would have been the focus of justified criticism for CONSISTENT nasty Anti Semitism over DECADES and to this VERY DAY📣📣📣

      3. signpost said:

        ‘ phone up ALL MSM and INSIST you [they?] give a different view ie REBUTT the downright wicked lies

        Yeah, I’m sure they’ll take a whole lot of notice!

        And then he continued:

        ‘If the MSM refuse, SHOUT IT FROM the HOUSE TOPS, from every street corner, Speakers Corner … EVERY HOUR, EVERY DAY‼️‼️‼️’

        Yerse, sounds very practical……. I’m just getting the ladder out now!

        Instead of spouting completely useless verbiage signpost – most of which would probably get you locked up anyway – how about doing the most practical and sensible thing that just about ALL of us could do if we wanted to, even with just thirteen days to go (and to save me having to type it all out again, I’m gonna copy and paste it from a comment I posted on JVLs website a couple of days ago):

        As Tony says at the top of the comments, this article by Jonathan [Cook] deserves to be a leaflet – and there’s plenty of other material that could be included in such a leaflet, like the paragraph/passage in the Jewish Socialists Group statement (listed on here under the title: Jews For a Labour Victory) that begins:

        We can see no evidence that a victorious Labour government would persecute, disadvantage, hurt, oppress or delegitimise Jewish citizens. On the contrary, the party’s commitment to equality and to challenging racism and discrimination, are key to its values and manifesto commitments……

        And mention the letters, both published and unpublished by the Guardian by hundreds of Jewish people and academics rejecting the claims AND giving their support to Jeremy (and point out how THEY – the letters – don’t receive any media coverage, unlike the letters attacking Jeremy). There’s literally reams of material to select from. But what I really wanted to say is that A4 is the best size to work with AND that if it’s more than two sides (and I would suggest four sides is good, and six maximum), then hold the sheets together with a paper-clip (as opposed to stapling them), so that anyone who wants to make copies to distribute and circulate can do so simply and easily, and of course underline the heading to the leaflet – and give it a bit of thought before you decide on one – and at the end of the leaflet (underlined again) say: PLEASE COPY AND/OR SCAN AND CIRCULATE TO FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND NEIGHBOURS AND WORK COLLEAGUES ETC. THANKYOU. And right at the end of the leaflet you could say that if everyone (who is able) makes ten copies of this leaflet and circulates them to friends and neighbours etc, and they in turn do the same, and so on, we could potentially reach hundreds of thousands of people prior to election day if everyone down the line does it as soon as they can.

        And in addition I would also mention The Lobby – ie the Aljazeera undercover investigation come expose (and direct them to where it’s available to watch) – and also mention that of the ten people who participated in the Panorama program and were ‘presented’ – albeit anonymously apart from just one who mentioned her name – as just ordinary Jewish Labour Party members, seven of them were and ARE executive committee members of the Jewish Labour Movement – one of the main groups that has been attacking Jeremy Corbyn and his several hundred thousand member supporters for the past four years – and that one of the other three was their former ‘Campaigns Officer’ until just a few months before the program aired, and that a full list of their names and the positions they hold (or held) can be found on the jewishdissident website in an article entitled Sticky Fingers. Oh yes, and dear Margaret’s ‘200’ that turned out to be only 20!

    5. Thank you, Ron, for the detail.

      Keeping it even more simple : whilst Chief Rabbi of Ireland, he seems also to have doubled as a representative of Israel.

      ‘Nuff said.

  2. I trust this letter will be circulated to the MSM .
    Reported on news channels and printed in all newspapers !!

    1. Bet not. He must, of course, be “the wrong type of Jew” for the five or so tax-dodging billionaires who own the British press to mention him or the EUJ’s letter of thanks to Corbyn and his wonderfully restored Labour, because they haven’t and won’t.

      The BBC will also have an excuse ready for not reporting it too.

  3. I personally don’t think the majority of the Jewish people think that the Labour party are Anti semitic,but I do believe that those who claim to speak for the Jewish community are very politically motivated for a Jewish state of Israel and a dominant position in the middle East of the Israel in just a one state solution.The fanatics even ignore the tradition of Jerusalem as the home of the 3Dominant world religions..The USA are the solution for the whole sorry mess of what was always thought of as palastine.Demographic changes in the USA will have a lmpact eventually inside the democratic party and the Republican party.and the state of Israel realise this.And the end of times Christian fanatics will not rule the heart of the Republican party much longer…..Times are changing,even if it is slower than expected,..False borders do not work.

    1. Mamish! A large number of Jews – both ‘observant’ and ‘unobservant’ – know these antisemitism claims are not what they seem. Jewdas has even deconstructed the AS accusations and sees that they AWAYS come from right wing types and rabid supporters of the hard-right Likud party land-grabbers.

      Many of these people are horrified at how the billionaires’ ‘free press’ (the MSM and its volunary assistant, the BBC) DO NOT explain this, but instead use it like propaganda to demean the couageous and brave Jeremy Corbyn and his wonderfully recovering Labour Party.

    2. ‘I personally don’t think the majority of the Jewish people think that the Labour party are Anti semitic’

      Given that you are married to a Jewish woman Joseph, it’s doubtful that any Jews would believe that you yourself are anti-semitic. but the point is that the majority of Jews believe that Jeremy IS – ie have been led by the MSM to believe that he is anti-semitic and has ‘allowed’ a culture of anti-semitism to flourish in the LP etc, etc – so whether or not a majority of Jewish people believe the LP is anti-semitic is neither here nor there (and it’s obviously just a hunch on your part), because if they think and believe that Jeremy IS, then it’s hard for them to comprehend how LP members can support him – ie support an anti-semite, as they see it.

      Just a few days ago you said in a post that you are not welcome in the homes of your wife’s relatives in Brighton (you didn’t say whether or not that includes your wife also), and that obviously can’t be because they think you’re anti-semitic, *BUT* because you support a party leader that THEY believe – have been led to believe by a constant barrage of falsehoods and smears during the past four years – IS anti-semitic.

      Is it just your wife’s relatives in Brighton that have shunned you (I’m assuming that not ALL her relatives live in Brighton), and did they all ‘ban’ you from their homes at the same time? As I said the other day in my response to your post, I assume this has happened just recently given that you haven’t mentioned it before. Was it before you went off to the Mecon Delta to do your charity work or whatever you were doing, or since you came back?

      It’s very sad, and it must be hard for you both, especially your wife. Here’s hoping that Jeremy and the LP win the GE and form a government, and then they will soon see that he never-ever posed a threat.

  4. Stop this nonsense now!…Neither Jeremy Corbyn or the Labour party are antisemitic ..For God’s sake think for yourselves…Ask why Johnson and his cronies are so desperate ‘get brexit done’..Could it be that the EU are bringing in new rules to curb off shore tax havens?
    Well, perhaps if you’re extremely wealthy, you might be worried too..Well, too bad chum….For the many, not the few……

  5. What gets me is you get certain people in the Jewish community who tell lies about Corbyn and then have the nerve to say that Jews are fearful of Corbyn.


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