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Coward Boris Johnson tries to send his 79yo DAD to fight his battle with Corbyn

Cowardly PM terrified of being outclassed again

The craven Boris Johnson is frantically evading scrutiny and hiding from any kind of live test in front of viewers.

Not only is he still hiding from the grilling by Andrew Neil on the BBC that all the main party leaders were scheduled to face, but he has refused to turn up to tonight’s (meant to be) seven-way Channel 4 debate.

But because Channel 4 said they would replace Johnson with a melting ice sculpture to highlight Johnson’s absence, Johnson instead tried to send his father to take his place:

Channel 4 rightly refused – and also refused Johnson’s alternative stand-in Michael Gove, on the grounds that neither are party leaders:

Sending his 79-year-old father to fight a battle he’s scared of himself. Johnson’s abject cowardice and lack of character has plumbed new depths.

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  1. We are right to castigate Johnson for his cowardice but we are in a bit of a catch 22 situation in that the more time MSM spend doing this the less time is spent on scruitinising the Tory’s abysmal record and policies and that suits Cummings and Johnson just fine. I suspect that the current refusal to appear is part of a Cummings’ distraction plan.

    BJ fears scrutiny above all else, FFS he called a GE to avoid the scrutiny of his power grabbing withdrawal bill. The only report published on the WA was by the House of Lords, it was very critical particularly about the blatant power grab by the Tory administration..

    1. I seem to recall that a few short weeks ago when Johnson was gagging for a GE he called Corbyn “chicken” because he would not consent to this before a ‘no deal’ Brexit was off the table.

      More infamous Johnsonian duplicity.

      How could anyone could even think of voting for this craven idiot? Class and politics aside, his incompetence is nothing short of monumental,

  2. To the tune of Chirpy Chirpy Cheap Cheap re Boris on live debates, “Where has Boris gone?”

  3. What an empty person that Boris Johnson is. My grannie would have called him a ‘klumnik’. (Yid. קלומניק): empty person, a good-for-nothing (From Hebrew כלום klum, nothing.).


  4. Actually I think we would get far more
    from this iced dumbell stand-in than the real thing… JC4PM2019

  5. Make no mistake, like father, like son. Arrogant, sneering entitlement of the venal British Rentier classes drips from both of them.

    Pinocchio. I can actually spell it but can either spell or exhibit, truth, morality, human empathy, fairness or humble. Not likely.

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