Why is Establishment so afraid of Corbyn? Take 97 seconds to find out in brilliant grassroots video

Video by Labour supporter shows Corbyn’s popularity – and why. Make sure to watch to end

A video by Labour support Daniel Marriott takes just ninety-seven seconds to remind voters of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s popularity with people – and why.

The Establishment media will not tell voters of Corbyn’s humanity and the affection he inspires – they’re too busy misrepresenting him. So it’s up to Labour’s grassroots supporters to spread the word and sharing a video made by one of them is a good contribution.

Just make sure to watch right to the end:

Authenticity, compassion, humanity, vision – and real change. Things the Establishment can’t fake, but Corbyn and the Labour movement have in abundance.

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  1. It’s almost as if the MSM have decided that because they can’t find anything that is remotely heart warming or compassionate to report about Boris then it would be unfair to publish the multitude of heart warming stories that illustrate Jeremy’s humanity.

  2. If MSM journalists can walk around the elephant called “The Lobby” without acknowledging its presence in the room … as they do constantly … and nobody notices … we might as well just accept we’re down the rabbit hole and Number Ten’s cat is running the country until the magic ballot box spits out the magic number.

  3. Rejoice at their desperation! REJOICE 🎉🎉🎉 They know Boris Johnson offers ZILCH but piffling lies and racist waffle. Can’t build a country with waffle or lies.
    BloJob offers nothing for a positive future for the many. The MSM are determined to keep their chums gobbling up 99% of the fruits of others’ labour. They’re want the greedy visionless narrow minded 1% to continue filching everything‼️ Never mind the needy.

    But, CHANGE IS COMING. They don’t like it up em😊😊😊
    I’ve staked a tidy sum that WILL win, and LibDems will SINK like deadweight stones. Predicted that live on LBC & TALKRADIO day after local election. Advised ConDeme save their champagne glasses to collect their tears after the GE as their wins up north were only
    protest votes. So drinks on me for all my Corbyn supporting CLP groups😊😊😊

  4. WELL DONE JEREMY✅✅✅ NO apologies needed for EVIDENCE FREE COMPLAINTS of words & interpretations. SICK of it. So well done at last. INSIST on that with ALL your front-bench, especially McD whom i heard almost crying “we’ve done EVERYTHING THEY ASKED FOR”

    Question: What exactly is “everything”? Who EXACTLY are “THEY”❓ No one speak for all of ANY “group”. No one. So who exactly are “they”❓❓

    Astonished to STILL hear this AM, someone pumping out apologies. PLEASE STOP. That is EXACTLY one of the enabling wetnesses that feeds the insatiable RECURRING pre election AS spitting MONSTERS.

    General feedback to ALL Labour MPs and spokespeople:

    When speaking to ANY presenter, You are NOT privates in the cadets. ASSERT YOUR RIGHT for YOUR ANSWERS to be HEARD without interruption. Do not be cut short to be pushed about to another question EVEN IF RELATED. Teach presenters eg Nick Ferrari, basic manners! FERRARI is neither your chum, senior officer nor judge. Be professional. BE ASSERTIVE. BE CLEAR. And, worth repeating: please Please PLEASE STOP the sodding APOLOGISING ⚫️⚫️⚫️

  5. Extraordinary to read elsewhere that some Corbyn supporters are STILL blind to the fact that Jeremy has whined out a trillion times “heartfelt apologies”. were those well-meaning but WET apologist? Have they stopped to analyse the effect?? Can they not see that the attacks are orchestrated??? Are they so deaf and blind to Jeremy’s LONG PASSIONATE fight against ALL racism??? Where were the other leaders❓What exactly is their record to date❓ How did they vote on ALL anti-racist & anti-discriminatory legislation❓

    Stop being on the back foot❓ Stop fretting about a hostile MSM. They have been and are hostile anyway. Stop being so pathetic and STUPID to ignore OBVIOUS facts.

    No more whining apologies. START DEMANDING apologies from the HISTORICALLY RACIST TORIES. The HOSTILE ENVIRONMENT TORIES. WINDRUSH TORIES. Demand apologies from the Tories and Liberal Democrats⚫️⚫️⚫️

  6. CORRECTION: Where were those well-meaning but WET oathetic apologist?

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