Video: massive working-class welcome for Corbyn in Rylands – locals queue in heavy rain to hear him speak

So many turned up that Corbyn had to deliver outdoor speech as well as planned speech in venue

A large crowd of people queued in torrential rain today in working-class Rylands, Notts to hear Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn speak on the campaign trail.

So many turned up that the venue could only fit around half of those wanting to get in, so Corbyn gave two speeches – and was greeted with a loud chorus of ‘Oh Jeremy Corbyn’:

Labour has risen to 34% in the latest poll following this week’s leaders’ debates in which Corbyn is widely recognised to have trounced Boris Johnson.

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  1. Great but recent subtle propaganda by media saying polls put Tories 19% ahead and BBC showing a few working class voters (out of an electorate in that area of 60,000) saying they will vote Tory. It’s all phychological warfare to try to deflate our large number of activists. Keep fighting brothers & sisters, things are going well (but be aware the Tories & media will get even dirtier) but we have every chance! Solidarity!

    1. The BBC is doing what it did in 2017 – going and deliberately seeking out individuals who claim to have been “labour all my life” but who say they either who won’t vote for Labour under Jeremy Corbyn or who are considering not voting for Labour because of him. For all we know they may be lifelong Tories- whose to say different.
      The BBC plays down the massive crowds that come to hear Jeremy speak and ignore the fact that while it is easy to go along to a political rally in a park on a sunny summer evening people are now turning out in their thousands to hear him speak on cold and dark winters evenings. Sometimes the venues are either full or have restricted access ( like the TV studio for the QT session) and ordinary decent Labour supporters are willing to stand in the rain chanting “oh Jeremy Corbyn” to encourage and support him.
      Additionally the BBC is doctoring video coverage of events to boost Boris Johnson and of course we have the former head of MI6, Richard Dearlove, saying Jeremy is a threat to national security.
      Naturally the BBC/MSM did not highlight the fact that this man is in no position to judge anybody given that he was responsible for the faulty intelligence in the dodgy dossier which Tony Blair used to justify an illegal war.
      If I was Richard Dearlove I’d go and hide myself in a cave somewhere and contemplate the death and destruction which resulted from that dossier and the decision to invade Iraq instead of trying to undermine Jeremy Corbyn one of the MPs who concluded that the so called intelligence was false and who had the guts and the decency to oppose the war tooth and nail.

      1. Reply to SteveH: Thank you for the excellent link. Enjoyed the read.

        Politics and Insights’ Kitty S Jones article reminds us all that, more than ever before, this particularly exploitive and ruthless form of capitalism can ONLY exist because ‘the establishment’ (people like Richard Dearlove) serve the interests of the oligarchs (accumulating ever-more capital), and will viciously try to demean, debase and smear any threat to their class-interests, and that just as history was supposed to have ended when the Soviet Union collapsed, they thought they had removed even the possibility of a threat from Labour when their ‘wonderful’ Mr Blair supposedly neutered and denatured Labour.

        The very existence of JC as party leader confuses them. That he could be the next Prime Minister terrifies them. He will certainly de-rig their corrupts economy, PR media and their people-oppressing state apparatus.


      2. Reply to Steve H
        No I didn’t read the article. Many thanks for drawing it to my and others attention – Dearlove is even worse than I thought and I didn;t think that was possible

      3. An interesting article Steve.

        i think I’ve mentioned before about hearing at first hand from a senior member of the Wilson & Callaghan governments about the nefarious deeds of the security services that happened at that time. So have no doubt that the security services are often infected by ‘political’ motives rather than being mere ‘servants of the state’.

        Both Dearlove and John Scarlett had a hand in the US/UK imperial operation in Iraq, as we know. Both pop up to stamp and scream at the possibility of a much more cautious (and rational )foreign policy, followed by their erstwhile nominal master (follower?) called Blair.

        All three are part of the Oxbridge establishment nexus who are now in retirement, using previous contacts and networks as a lever for making a bob or two.

        Ironically, yesterday I was, firstly, reading an account of the involvement of Shell and members of the British establishment helping to fund Hitler’s political ambitions in the 1930s.Ironically, of course, the characters involved – particularly bankers were actually *anti*semitic.

        Later, in the evening, was the documentary (BBC 4) “Cold Case Hammarskjöld” that started out investigating the suspicious case of the UN Secretary General in 1961, but then developed into an interesting examination of the tangled involvement of imperialism, corporate exploitation and the role of both the CIA and MI6. You don’t have to swallow every detailed allegation for the picture to emerge convincingly.

        Then we have the suspicious case of the ‘Silence of the Guardian’ regarding the ‘antisemitism’ scam. It has all the marks of pressure from the security services and ‘scratch our back’ … stuff.

        (Note the latest in that scam, with another establishment figure – the Archbishop of Canterbury – now piling in with a scare story)

        The common links? Imperial ambition …Establishment … Oxbridge …Wealth … Oil (note Welby’s previous employment) and other Natural Resources …. Corporate Greed …Access to and Ownership of the Press

        I’m not a great fan of minor ‘conspiracies’ around every corner. This is actually the operation of power, money and its networks – and is actually too much in plain sight to be classed as a ‘conspiracy’. If you’re not hypnotised.

        (The book I’m reading – referred to above – is a highly recommendable, mammoth insight into the culpability and complicity of desk-wallahs in perpetrating horrors : “I, You, We, Them” by Dan Gretton).

      4. That’s a good reference, Steve. It summarises very fully what has happened to the Guardian since Rusbridger retired and Viner took over.

        I guess one thing that I didn’t emphasize in my previous post was, of course, that the ‘antisemitism’ scam has two prongs – one aimed at Corbyn specifically, but also recognising the imperial role of Israel in the Middle East. The corporate US/UK establishment couldn’t give a flying fuck about the behaviour of Israel (or Saudi Arabia) as long as it’s role in the ME is maintained.

        Imperial or post-Imperial? Plus ca change.

      5. BTW – Notice the timing. Welby crops up immediately after the weekend when Corbyn visibly outclassed Johnson.

  2. Correct in what you say. But the polls are nonsense. They’re put up in the press, owned by billionaires !
    Polls are used to influence you, not reflect the truth.

    Keep the faith.

    1. That’s just a generalised comfort blanket that avoids the real over-arching stuff that’s going on.

      As I’ve pointed out, f it were true and as simple as that, it would be reflected in the 2017 polls that actually show over a period of weeks a significant and marked increase in Labour support before the election.

      I suggest doing the opposite of what the ‘antisemitism’ scammers do – present some hard evidence.

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