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Breaking: BBC says editing out BBCQT audience laughter at Johnson was ‘mistake’ – judge for yourself

BBC News derided for bias in completely misleading clip used on day after Question Time leaders’ special
Johnson as audience mocked ‘honesty’ claim

The BBC has admitted that it should not have edited out the BBC Question Time audience’s laughter at Boris Johnson’s response to a WASPI woman’s question.

Johnson had said that he thought honesty was very important in a Prime Minister – triggering mocking laughter from the audience and applause for May Rookes’ question. But the BBC edited the footage for broadcast the next day, giving the impression that the audience was applauding Johnson rather than his critic:

Broadcasters have a strict impartiality obligation during a general election under Ofcom rules.

The BBC has now said the footage should not have been edited in the way that it was – but has described the blatant bias as ‘a mistake on our part’:

However, the broadcaster is still claiming that the footage was shortened “for timing reasons” – even though a string of professional video editors have come out to say that it would not be possible to simply shorten the video and create such a misleading clip.

The BBC added that “there was absolutely no intention to mislead”.

If you believe that, there are a few bridges Boris Johnson would like to sell you…

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  1. The wreath thing was a mistake too…. they’re either entirely incompetent, or they’re liars.

    1. or is it they are just “nuanced”

      because to them and the others like them in the media …..its normal to support the right wing as no one really wants a socialist government…well no one they know or who they work with ..or who they work for….after all life is good for them so it must be good for everyone else too.

      when life is filled with privilege and insulated from the issues of poverty why would any sensible person want to allow other people change the society they live in and risk losing that lifestyle …remember the 80k average wages ….thats the average wages of the people they know …not the average wages of the man in the street.

      establishment mind set is a thing!

      pull up the ladder jack i am ok!

  2. My theory:

    The BBC is a propaganda tool. A propaganda tool to project a positive image of the UK abroad. Local broadcaster abroad rely heavily on the BBC to feed their international and UK news.

    If the rest of the world realises how fucked up the state of politics is right now, it would frankly scare investors away. The BBC does its job towards foreign audiences: we have a healthy democratic system, all is fine (and they hide the fact Johnson is mad).

  3. What another one? Dear,dear the level of incompetence in the BBC beggars belief…..and all those massive salaries too ……so many ex young and not so young Tories in positions of power on the staff Now if you were into conspiracy theories…………..

  4. Its not incompetent reporting or shody documentrys or radio for oldsters thats just the excrement from a very dangerous propaganda machine dedicated to the establishment and the Tory party.Get rid and dont try to reform a culture of elitism within the BBC.

  5. BBC has a history of these “mistakes” and they’re always in one direction!

    1. Exactly Marty,we have had the wreath,edited laughter,serial QT audience members,Kuennsbergs substitute question to Mr Corbyn on shoot to kill and his budget response which was mysteriously mixed up with a speech made two years earlier and who can forget the Russian hat.I predict the BBC will shortly screen a Panorama special investigation which will conclude Mr Corbyn is responsible for all of the above based on evidence from Smeeth,Hodge and John Rentoul.

      1. A spokesman for the Boris Broadcasting Corporation said:

        “And we would have got away with it if it had not been for the pesky Skwawkbox”

  6. Just came across the following about forty minutes ago (and it had only been posted six minutes before). No doubt it’ll be front-page headline news all across the corporate media and the semi-corporate BBC by tomorrow. It just occurred to me to see if it’s on TV news yet, and the Press Review was just about to start on Sky News, and it’s front-page headline ‘news’ on the Times (who the chiief rabbi did the interview with) and ditto the Daily Mail:

    General election 2019: Chief Rabbi attacks Labour anti-Semitism record

    The Chief Rabbi has strongly criticised Labour, claiming the party is not doing enough to root out anti-Jewish racism – and asked people to “vote with their conscience” in the general election.

    In the Times, Ephraim Mirvis said “a new poison – sanctioned from the very top – has taken root” in the party.

    Labour’s claim it had investigated all cases of anti-Semitism in its ranks was a “mendacious fiction”, he added.


    Needless to say, the chief rabbi is lying through his rotten fascist teeth! And I think we ALL know that the only ‘poison’ there is, is the poison that Mirvis and the rest of the fascists are spouting. Yeah, and it’s all been “sanctioned from the very top”. No doubt that was his little joke for those in the know.

    PS They just discussed the DM front-page headline – ie the chief rabbi etc, and the two ‘guests’ played along with it all. No doubt they’re a couple of Tory propagandists!

    1. The BBC article mentions the Archbishops of Canterbury and York in passing, and I hadn’t the faintest clue what they were alluding to, so I obviously did a search. Anyway, it appears that it didn’t get much coverage by the MSM, but here’s a clip from a MSN article:

      The archbishops also drew on the example of Jesus to call for people to put “the vulnerable and those of the edges of society” while calling on all parties to commit to tacking climate change.

      At the same time, they called on the parties to make it an “absolute priority” to offer reassurance to those groups, including in Jewish and Muslim communities, who felt threatened and were in “much anxiety” at the current time.

      PS Yes, there’s obviously something missing from the first bit! But given what they said, surely they will both be voting Labour!!

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