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Video: Johnson promises Telford residents A&E will be protected – moments before Hancock confirms downgrade

Serial liar lies again

Tory leader Boris Johnson has had a dismal, dishonest election campaign so far – and the trend continued as Johnson introduced the Tories’ excuse for a manifesto, in reality more like a pamphlet.

Johnson chose Telford for the manifesto launch – but Telford residents are up in arms about the impending downgrade of their Accident and Emergency (A&E) unit to little more than a walk-in centre. So a local reporter asked Johnson whether the Tories would save it, as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has promised to do.

In answer, Johnson lied straight to the faces of the people of Telford.

He told them he was sure it would the Tories would ‘ensure that it is [kept open], I will absolutely insist on that’:

The shameless Tories didn’t even wait until the event was fully wound up. Minutes later, Health Secretary Matt Hancock was forced to admit that the A&E downgrade would be going ahead as planned.

You can never, ever trust a Tory – and Johnson lies as instinctively as breathing.

Only Labour can be trusted to protect our health service.

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  1. Excerpts from the new series of The Thick Of It. !!

    You couldn’t make it up !

  2. We are in danger of seeing the first public hanging for many years if these torys insist on the “meet the people” tactic.Be very afraid mr Johnson even stage manging may damage your health..

  3. It beggers belief, it really does.
    We should be shocked and dumbfounded that the man looking to be returned to the highest office in the land, this time by the country not just a tiny percentage of his own party, so outrageously peddles lies everytime he opens his mouth. But we’re not, we’ve become so desensitised to it, it’s now “the norm”.
    The really scary thing is how many others are going to vote for the Clown because “he’s funny”? I had a conversation with a friend’s husband recently, who said exactly that, even though putting that Clown and his party of corruption will cause direct consequences to his family!

    1. ” we’ve become so desensitised to it”

      No – ‘we’ haven’t. But a hell of a lot seem to have been.

      In future years, the mass psychology of this period is going to be ‘interesting’.

  4. No he wont win. There are to many people in this country who are so shamefully been screwed by this govt. Johnson thinks all he has to do is be pleasant and affable and jobs done. I think a lot of people are so fed up how the tories getting away with it that they dont believe labour will win. Thankfully people have had enough of hearing what a danger Jeremy Corbyn is yet the papers are shameless. It will be good to have a prime minister picked by the people and not the press for a change.

    1. Be prepared for unforseen circumstances.

      If Boris can lie and cheat, if the BBC can lie and cheat, then the SIS and other “friends” can lie and cheat with the results…

  5. Ps I have noticed the setting up of former nationalized companies abroad, ..Perhaps somone has been tipped off about a Labour landslide and are stuffing the pensions and protecting the stolen propery that Labour will take back.

  6. Those are two deeply damaged individuals.
    BloJob I’m guessing by trying to fit in as a relative pauper at a school for princes – hence his desperation to please everyone by being the constant clown.
    The growing suspicion that the magic’s deserted him shows in his face – the hurt bafflement at the baying of the mob where there used to be applause is a joy to behold.

    Handcock looks like an evil mini-me on BloJob’s shoulder – a Chucky doll made from all the dark bits Johnson’s brain spat out to become the superficial clown.
    Only something unspeakably dark & troubling in his past would make a puny man with the face of a stamp collecting train spotter strive to appear as coldly menacing and threatening as a Bond villain.
    Perhaps he endured the unendurable at school?
    I do hope so.

    1. Hans Christian Andersen would be applauding Johnson, as his story has come to life

  7. According to the polls, the Tories are set to ‘walk it’. Oh wait a minuit, none of them have a category for the ‘don’t knows’ of which I heard on Dateline London, there is over 40%! Such a huge omission points to the role of the polls as a propaganda tool.

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