Vital video: woman on disability convinced to vote Labour by party’s belief in community spirit

Labour will also abolish cruel PIP and Work Capability Assessments

Liverpool Labour candidate Ian Byrne has been devoting time to campaigning for Margaret Greenwood across the river in the marginal seat of Wirral West. Greenwood toppled the abysmal Tory Esther McVey in 2017.

Byrne made a video about an encounter with a voter in Wirral West who hadn’t made her mind up about which party she would support – even though she was ‘going through hell’ in the Tories’ brutal regime of constant disability reassessments that have led a huge number of disabled people to attempt suicide.

The woman didn’t know that Labour is going to abolish the despicable PIP and WCA assessments that have inflicted such misery – but she told Byrne she was inspired by hearing about the Fans Supporting Foodbanks initiative in Liverpool.

An initiative that Byrne co-founded – and as he talked to her about the belief in his working-class community that had driven him first to found FSF and now to stand for election as West Derby’s MP, she lit up and committed to voting Labour:

Labour stands for community pride and solidarity – and always has done, as the movement’s marching banners have shown throughout its history:

If Labour communicates that successfully – along with its incredible policies to end the misery of vulnerable millions – it will win.

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  1. We used to concentate on identifying Labour positive voters and possibles and collecting data.Now its becoming normal to spend more than the usual 3minutes on the doorstep convincing people to vote Labour even the victims of the Torys/libdems..I can only assume that the treacherous news outlets are the cause of this with a continuous stream of fake news and propoganda .We most certainly need to discuss this poisonous election campaign and that needs to happen after the election that we should win by a landslide but for the propaganda and downright lies that are far worse than just bias which we are used to..We would assum that any disabled person would unless wealthy would vote Labour.How much damage has the AS scam and the briefings from our Mps done to the Labour party…we should know very soon..and we must never forget that we are the only force for change in Britain.

    1. I absolutely agree with you. I find it astonishing that a disabled person who has been or who has seen others being put through “hell”s in order to get sufficient income to live, who is aware that disabled people who have been sanctioned have faced starvation ( one disabled man Steve Smith died of pneumonia following starvation) and eviction, should need to be coaxed to vote Labour. If this voter is typical then all hope is lost. However I am confident that she is not and most people whether disabled or not will not vote to enable the Tories to continue to inflict such cruelty on the sick and disabled

  2. The Guardian reported recently that Conservative activists are picking up concern about the U S trade deal’s cost to the NHS on the doorsteps.

    So that needs to be continually emphasised by canvassers.

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