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Liverpool centre opens doors Mon/Tues to help homeless register to vote

Liverpool sets example to give homeless people a voice

Liverpool groups including Clubmoor councillor Sarah Morton, Parr Studio 2 and Fans Supporting Foodbanks have set up an initiative to help homeless people have a voice in the general election.

Studio 2 will be open to people without a fixed address from noon to 5pm on Monday and 10am-3pm on Tuesday to help them register to vote. Food and drink will also be provided.

Studio 2 is located at 33-45 Parr Street, Liverpool L1 4JN.

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  1. What a truly inspirational way to make the excluded “incuded” .Typical of this great city and the wonderful people who know all about exclusion and poverty better than anyone.

    1. You can always rely on Liverpool to show the country what socialism’s about!

  2. Joseph, some need that inspiration also to “include” ALL who suffer, in need of help, and are vulnerable. Tories & LibDems are clearly deaf & blind to anyone in need.
    Sadly even amongst us, an odd obsession with niche self-virtue satisfying hobby horses, solvable with ongoing education and clear decisive implementation of eg “We afford needless bloody bombing of far away POOR countries with RICH RESOURCES we want to monopolise, SO we CAN AFFORD end period poverty”
    END OF‼️

    Instead some indulge in a pet projects, yet fail to see that burning issues like HOMELESSNESS, Exploited workers by WIDESPREAD OUTSOURCING, Flammable cladding on thousands of buildings like GRENFEL, a BROKEN JUSTICE SYSTEM, outrageous VAT on sanitary products, yet I believe NOT on PRIVATE JET & YACHT FUEL.

    Overarching TORY EVILS like those, affects ALL the people in pet projects, rather than the other way round.

    PRIORITISING / SEQUENCING: UNIVERSAL problems eg above, may be the ROOT causes of pet “virtuous” concerns. So prioritising and FIXING the universal SWIFTLY will benefit ALL of society including those who suffer from “period poverty”, “women’s issues” or for example those who need toilets they have a right to feel safe using. NOT the other way around.

    EVERY MP M U S T KNOW, number of homeless people NATIONWIDE, and in their own borough. OR your not knowing will be the clip of embarrassing failure to prioritise. The failures, MSM will put on loop.

    Time is always short so DEAL with the basics, the fundamentals. Have clear bullet points on your tablet, phone AND paper, for good measure. No one can be expected to memorise everything. Do not make drawn out unprofessional sounds while searching or thinking. Just say eg. WAIT. I have that here. DON’t be bullied. Point out that the presenter is being ill-mannered. BE ASSERTIVE.
    Also, don’t let presenters interrupt your responses, just as you don’t interrupt their questions. INSIST ON THAT. Let them know in clear terms and voice that they lack basic manners.

    NEVER go on NF’s, MN’s, CB’s & JOB’s progs on LBC. NEVER go on JHB’s, CF’s on Talkradio. They are all brow beating uncouth obnoxious creatures.

    ONLY do Mike Graham’s, Matthew Wright and Eamon Holmes on Talkradio, and Iain Dale and Ian Payne on LBC. They may not agree with you but they are fair and are polite enough not to bully and browbeat.

    Emma Barnet is an excellent interviewer on 5Live but she appears biased against Jeremy. So avoid if unprepared and pathetically lacking in assertiveness training. If you must, DO HAVE McCLUSKEY and the other union leaders as your guide. … Though even McC did not reiterate important points on his BRILLIANT lbc outing this weekend. McC should be on ALL the above programs above… even BBC, esp BBC Local Stations, Today Prog if you must. Though many incl me, avoid that which once seemed compulsory… until Tony Blair’s & Alastair Campbells WMD IRAQ dodgy murky bloodshedding and Dr DAVID KELLY being DELIBERATELY outed by Blair and Campbell, then FOUND DEAD IN THE FOREST. Dr Kelly had served this country well and with distinction so his treatment by Blair & Campbell was WORSE than disgraceful. It was CRIMINAL.

    Questions S T I L L to be answered. Answers STILL wanting, as they are from i believe TORY CONSERVATIVE supporting Prince Andrew and Sara Ferguson re having debts paid off by a CONVICTED sex trafficking child abusing rapists.

    Matters raised above are ALL connected. They are part of the SAME OLD – SAME OLD, that must be changed. It WILL be changed by OUR Jeremy Corbyn INSPIRED, VISIONARY, CENTRE GROUND MOVING, TRUE LABOUR. WE have WON the social, MORAL and ECONOMIC arguments🌹🌹🌹

  3. Good idea, and I don’t mean to put the mockers on it- but it would be of better avail outside of Liverpool, in seats where labour could do with the votes. Hopefully this is happening nationwide.

    (On a side note, me mam and her family were bombed out of their house in Parr Street during WWII. Moved to Tuebrook and were almost bombed out of there too – bomb(s) hit a couple of houses 100 yards away.)

  4. What a brilliant idea…Other authorities, please take note of this and follow suit….

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