Massive own goal for Tories as manifesto launch has… no wifi

Tories have attacked Labour’s free national wifi plan but can’t even organise it at their own manifesto launch venue

The Tories have scored a massive own goal at their manifesto launch – by failing to arrange broadband for journalists, after wildly attacking Labour’s plan to provide free national broadband.

Including in hard-to-reach areas.

But BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg reported that she was unable to provide many updates from the launch because she often had no signal:

The Tories can’t be trusted to arrange a venue, let alone run a country. But their incompetence nicely illustrated why a Labour government will be so good for the nation.

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  1. We’ve seen previous examples, of the Tory’s project planning, like the infamous ferry contract.

  2. Sorry – but the phrase ‘Clutching at Straws’ comes to mind. The GBP won’t give a fuck. Let’s focus on what might make a difference.

  3. Fuck’s sake Jeremiah, don’t you EVER wake up feeling positive?
    Are you just a naturally miserable old git or are you being paid to sow seeds of doom & gloom?

    1. Takes one to know one, Jemmy. 🙂

      There’s a difference between positivity and distraction with irrelevancies.

      The latter are the real marker of pessimism – when things are too hard to face. You obviously haven’t bothered with my post elsewhere about what might make a real difference – if it’s seized before Tuesday.

      What I can’t be arsed with is irrelevant Ra-Ra chants. There’s two weeks to go. And yes – I am worried by the on-going legacy of past mis-steps and the inheritance of internal divisions – as well as the predictable influence of the propaganda industry.

      Blaming the messenger is always the marker of real despair.

      1. So your good purpose in sowing despondency is to save us from the disappointment of losing, whereas the MSM’s evil purpose is to make a Labour win appear so impossible that we might as well not even bother voting.

        Have you an equally good explanation of why the uber-capitalist Rees-Mogg and the uber-socialist Professor Danny arguing for exactly the same hard Brexit really isn’t suspicious at all?

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