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Video: Boris Johnson’s ‘welcome’ in Telford not what he hoped…

Locals give PM torrid time as he arrives for Shropshire PR stunt

Boris Johnson tried to sneak into Telford today for another tightly stage-managed PR stunt – but word leaked beforehand. Local people decided to let him know what they really think of him:

As ITV’s Robert Peston, who appears to have been travelling with Johnson’s group, observed – “it was not the welcoming party Boris Johnson chose”.

Johnson’s calamitous campaign – chased from towns and hospitals and a disaster on the rare occasions he meets the public – continues.

Vote Labour.

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  1. He won’t be taking any more questions from the public during this election. it will be carefulle choreographed with the BBC continuing to edit his blunders

    1. Don’t get too fixated on the Beeb (after all, Friday was, in practise, a take-down of Mr Toad). The point is that Johnson is in the position where he doesn’t need to do much, except shut down opportunities for another car-crash, and incidents like this are ‘chip paper’ journalism – forgotten as soon as seen. Don’t overestimate their effect – edited or not.

      So – you’re absolutely right. Johnson and his minders will try to make sure that he is not in any extended face-to-face encounters again. People shouting ‘Coward!’ at him will be as water off a duck’s back in comparison to the alternative risk.

  2. Just occurred to me that “Ohh, NOT Boris Johhhnson” would fit the “Ohh Jeremy Corrrrbyn” tune perfectly.
    Just a suggestion 🙂

  3. Boris’s speech was more than a little uninspiring. The best new announcement he could come up with was to copy a Labour policy.

    1. …and even that was not very accurate, of the 50,00 nurses apparently 12,000 would come from abroad, 14,000 would be new undergraduate students, 5,000 would do degree apprenticeships and 19,000 are nurses who would otherwise have left the profession, but who the Conservatives hope to “retain”.

    1. And this also:

      Statement by Jewish Socialists on the coming UK General Election

      …… We can see no evidence that a victorious Labour government would persecute, disadvantage, hurt, oppress or delegitimise Jewish citizens. On the contrary, the party’s commitment to equality and to challenging racism and discrimination, are key to its values and manifesto commitments. As are its commitments to benefit the majority of the population, especially the working poor, disabled people, those who are homeless, unemployed or young, as well as disadvantaged ethnic minority groups and refugees.

      1. And CENTRAL “to the party’s commitment to equality and to challenging racism and discrimination, are key to its values and manifesto commitments” IS JEREMY CORBYN.

        Thanks for speaking up and out. We MUST. All who feel able to endure the intimidation. Every day. Every hour on EVERY radio station. Expose the myths, and DANGEROUS LIES which damages our whole country. Demand SOUND EVIDENCE of allegations. Allegations are NOT proof.

        Give accusers an assignment to: “COMPARE and CONTRAST” the propensity for rampant racism, bigotry, Islamophobia and Anti-Semitism – including the addiction for Fancy Dress Nazi Uniforms & “Blacking Up” apparently compulsory for “a little fun”. Are those NASTY habits most rabid and entrenched in: A – The Conservative / Tory Party? B – The Liberal Democrat Party? or C – The Brexit Party?

        Why is the toxic racism RAMPANT in those parties so shamefully ignored by the MSM?

    2. Allan – Those are two good references, even if the demise of Netanyahu will acieve little in practical terms for the Palestinians.

      But I do wonder why you expend energy at other times pursuing fantasy conspiracy theories – ?

      1. And *I* can’t help but wonder why YOU – and several other regular posters – continually and persistently find fault with Jeremy and his colleagues and, as such, put a negative spin on so many things he/they do AND decline to acknowledge that the corporate media and the BBC are the Establishment’s propaganda machine and have total control of the narrative. And we both know of course – as do the other posters I’m referring to – that it’s the very power of that propaganda machine which has led to the astounding reality in which people believe, on average, that 34% of LP members have been reported for anti-semitism.

        And needless to say, THAT is testament to their effectiveness, and the effectiveness of their smear campaign during the course of the past four years, and I have no doubt that had the same question been asked four-and-a-half years ago, most people would have thought it was an odd question and, as such, responded that they weren’t aware that ANY Labour Party members had been reported for anti-semitism, and a relatively small percentage of them may have said something along the lines of “Well I’m sure anti-semitism is no greater amongst LP members than it is in society in general, and probably a lot less”.

        Jeremy has been demonised and slandered and vilified practically non-stop for the past four years, but he is still standing, and the reason he IS, is because he is a person of great integrity whose aspiration and desire to change society for the better – and his vision of that society – is the fuel that drives him and keeps him going, despite all that ‘THEY’ have thrown at him.

      2. But I do wonder why you expend energy at other times pursuing fantasy conspiracy theories – ?

        Cos he’s fucking mental, that’s why!

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